A Miscellaneous Collection of Lists of Douglases


Lists of names from varying sources.

Where we have found details of persons on the lists, we have added links to the relevant section of the website.

If you can throw any light on where the other Douglases fit in, please let us know.  If you can add to them, please let us know the details.

Emigration from Scotland
Emigration records
Poorhouse residents
Teaching and education Biographies
16th century births in Dunfermline
1851 Scottish census extract
Accidental deaths
Airforce biographies
American Douglass Settlers
American justices
American politiicans
Australian arrivals and departures
Australian War Deaths
Baptisms - St Nicholas parish, Aberdeen 1838-1848
Biographies - religious
Biographies of Douglas actors and producers
Birth Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press
Births in Harbottle, Northumberland
Births, marriages and deaths in Argyll
Bishops of Moray
Bristol businesses
Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow – 1573 to 1750
Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow – 1751 to 1846
Burgesses  of Glasgow - Boer War
Burials in Co Durham 1813-1837
Cameronian Roll of Honour
Canadian Douglass Settlers
Ceylon connections
Chelsea Pensioners
Cockpen, Douglas births in
Commissariot Record of Edmburgh
Convicts shipped to Austrailia
Darien investors
Death by drowning
Douglas 17/18th C landowners in Burke County
Douglas and the Ionian Islands
Douglas baptisms in Jedburgh
Douglas entries in Morton Parish register
Douglas family in Mississippi
Douglas gardeners in Jedburgh
Douglas Gazeteer
Douglas House - List
Douglas in Anglesey
Douglas in South America
Douglas Indian war volunteers,
Douglas knights
Douglas marriages in South Africa
Douglas names to research further
Douglas settlers in America
Douglas Sports Biographies
Douglas used as a pseudonym
Douglas with West Indies connections
Douglas with West Indies connections
Douglases and the slave trade
Douglases in British Guyana
Douglases in Latin America
Douglases in the Baltic states
Douglases involved in the booktrade
Douglases of County Down
Douglases who used pseudonyms
Douglases who were at Waterlooo, 1815
Douglases with Burns connections
Douglass Death Notices 1819-1899 in Fredonia
Douglasses who were granted land in Kentucky
Dunfermline 18th C deeds
Dunfermline Abbey Burials
Durham Probate Records: 1840-1858
Durham Probate Records: Administration bonds 1726-1785
Durham Probate Records: probate bonds 1667-1725
Durham Probate Records: probate bonds 1786-1819
Durham Probate Records: probate bonds 1820-1839
Economist biographies
Edinburgh Academy
Edinburgh Burgesses
Edinburgh inhabitants, 1837
Edinburgh Marriages 1751 - 1800
Edinburgh, Pigot's List, 1837
Furniture makers
Gentleman of the Bedchamber
Gibson County Indiana burials
Glasgow merchants, 1787
Glasgow Pigots list, 1837
Glasgow Poorhouse residents in 1881
Glasgow Post Office Directory, 1906
Glasgow Roll of Honour
Gold and silversmiths
Golden Gate National Cemetery
Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Scotland
Guardians and Regents of Scotland
Harrow pupils and others
Indentured servants
Ireland Undertakers
Irish Death Notices
Irish Tithe Applotment, 1820s/1830s
Italian members of the Douglas family
Jedburgh Poorhouse Records
Journalist and broadcaster biographies
Knights of the Garter
Knights of the Thistle
Legal and judiciary biographies
Logierait burials
Logierait records
London Apprenticeship Abstracts 1442-1850
London Baptisms and marriages, 1742-1754
London Burials 1608 - 1689
London Merchants, etc
Lord Douglas - list
Lord provost of Edinburgh
Louisa County deeds
Marriages from the Ryton Registers (1750-1779)
Marriages in South Africa
Marriages in Tensas Parish, Louisiana
Marriages in Upper Canada
Medical and science biographies
Military deaths
Military memorials
Minigaff - births 1767-1773
Mormon migrants
Musician Biographies
Naval casualties, World War 1
New Zealand Casualties in WW1 and WW2
New Zealand settlers
New Zealand University Graduates 1870-1938
Newbattle, Douglas births in
Northumberland trades, 1827
Old Carthusians, 1800–1879
Old Harrovians, 1800-1911
Oxford university 1715-1886
Parliamentary Representatives
Pembroke College, Cambridge - Register of Alumni
Pilgrim pastors of Iowa
Politicians and Diplomats biographies
Pre_War Boxers
Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland
Reference Library
Register of testaments
Register of Testaments in Lanark
Register of wills in Jamaica
Representative peers
Rhode Island BMD
Rogues and vagabonds
Royal College of Surgeons England
Royal Hibernian Military School Staff and Pupils
Royal Navy casualties
Scottish MPs, 1357-1882
Sean Douglas - who are they?
Selkirk Records
Ships' captains
Slaves in Jamaica, 1819
SOE agents
Southern Alberta Pioneers And Their Descendants
St. George's chapel registers
Stewarts and Douglas in Ireland
Tasmanian paupers
Tax Commissioners - 1836
Tennessee early arrivals
Texas Physicians
The American Revolutionary War Troops in North Carolina
The Crimean War
The Douglas Archives Library
The Douglas Family in Musselburgh
The Douglas Generals
The Royal Company of Archers
Tradsmen in Perth, 1850
Uphall memorial stones
Vietnam Veterans
Virginia Tax Rolls
Wigtonshire Death Notices
Wigtonshire Marriage Notices
World War2 Royal Navy Casualties
Writers to the Signet
WW1 doctors


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