Edinburgh Marriages 1751 - 1800

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Douglas, Agnes; William Anderson, saddler 13 Apr. 1760
„ Agnes; John Hounam 27 Aug. 1769
„ Agnes; Samuel George, servant 21 June 1800
„ Alexander journeyman baxter, and Jean, d. to George Henderson, farmer in p. of Longformacus, both in N. E. p. 27 May 1753
„ Alexander, chairman, and Christian, d. to deceast Finlay Stewart, farmer in Perthshire, both in Tron p. 27 May 1764
„ Sir Alexander, New Town of Edinburgh, and Miss Barbara, same p., d. to deceased James Carnagie of Finheaven 10 Sept. 1775
„ Alexander, weaver, St. Andrew p., and Isobel, same p., d. of James Reid, weaver in the Links of Kirkcaldy 9 Nov. 1785
,, Alexander, shoemaker, New Gray Friar's p., and Isobel, same
p., d. of Robert Hepburn, shoemaker in the Pleasance 13 Aug. 1788 „ Alexander, labourer, Old Grayfriar's p., and Jean, same p., d. of George Cown, wright in North Berwick 12 Sept. 1798
„ Andrew, wright, St. Andrew p., and Margaret, same p., d. of deceased John Jamieson, stabler 25 Nov. 1793
„ Ann; Alexander Ziglar, goldsmith 18 July 1762
„ Anne; William Blaikney, musician 29 Mar. 1767
„ Anne ; Thomas Sommers, glazier 18 Nov. 1770
„ Anne; Norman M'Kay, City Guard 11 Feb. 1790
„ Archibald, of Timpindean, and Miss Helen, d. to deceast Andw. Bennet of Chester, now in New Kirk p. 1 Sept. 1765 „ Archibald, writer, Tron p., and Margaret Dewer, College Kirk
p., d. of deceased William Ramsay, merchant 9 July 1778
„ Barbara; Peter Thomson, clockmaker 9 Dec. 1764
„ Barbara; Hume Deas, wright 17 Sept. 1769
„ Barbara; William M'Leod, soldier 27 Oct. 1788
„ Bouline, and Miss Ann M'Kenzie, d. of deceast . . . late Earl of Seaforth, both in Old Kirk p. 28 Feb. 1773
„ Charles, waiter, St. Andrew p., and Christian, College Kirk p., d. of Alexr. Wilson, wright in Wester Anstruther 22 Jan. 1794
„ Christian; Alexander Ker, shoemaker 13 May 1770
„ Christian; Nicol Lourie, servant 28 June 1793
„ Christian ; Leonard Westwick, soldier 29 Sept. 1800
Douglas, Miss Cicillia Maria Kinnear; John M'Donald, H.M. Customs
10 Mar. 1776
„ Daniel, vintner, St. Giles' p., and Christian, p. of Inverask, d. of deceased Alexr. Christal, vintner at Fisherow 25 Aug. 1784
„ David, vintner in South Queensferry, and Sophia Ferrier, relict of Thos. Duncan, stabler in New Grayfreir's p. 25 Aug. 1765
„ Donald, one of the Asylum for the Industrious Blind, New
North p., and Catharine, same p., d. of deceased Alexr. Campbell, smith at Glenelg, Invernessshire 29 Apr. 1795
„ Miss Eleanora ; Henry William Hardy 12 May 1796
„ Elizabeth; Andrew Robb, wright 7 Mar. 1799
„ George, indweller in Lady Yester's p., and Ann, d. to deceast Robert Barclayman, mason in Dysert, now in College Kirk p. 20 Nov. 1763
„ George, candlemaker in College Kirk p., and Agnes, d. to deceast Win. Yetts, workman in Restalrig, now in New
Grayfrier's p. 12 Feb. 1764
„ George, of Cavers, St. Andrew p., and the Rt. HonbJe. Lady
Grace Stewart, same p., d. of" the Rt. Honble. the Earl of Moray 6 July 1789
„ Grizel ; Patrick Grindlay, mason 19 Jan. 1755
„ Grizel; Robert Lindsay, tailor 9 Nov. 1766
„ Grissel; John Stewart, sailor 7 Apr. 1784
„ Hector, wright, St. Andrew p., and Elizabeth, same p., d. of deceased Robert Christie, weaver at Whitehillhead, p. of Tillicoutry 10 Nov. 1786
„ Helen; James Lauder, tailor 21 Dec. 1766
„ Helen; John Low, dyer 6 Dec. 1767
„ Helen; Adam Neill, printer 30 May 1773
„ Helen ; Andrew Tod, grocer 26 Oct. 1777
„~ Helen; Robert Ewan, gardener 29 Dec. 1787
„ Helen ; James Sinclair, wright - 9 Jan. 1790
„ Helen; Alexander Young, wright 29 Jan. 1799
„ Lieut. Howard, of the Royal Artillery, St. Andrew p., and Miss Ann, same p., d. of late Capt. James Dundas of the Earl Fitzwilliam, East Indiman 4 July 1799
„ Hugh, mariner, High Church p., and Janet, same p., d.. of Daniel Stewart, founder 30 Jan. 1799
„ Isobel; James Newbigging, writer 14 Jan. 1759
„ Isobel; Francis Cameron, hatmaker 17 Feb. 1760
„ James, tailor in the College Kirk p., and Jean, d. to George Spankie, barber in Dundee 25 Feb 1759
„ James, farmer in Brooksburn in p. of Uphall, and Marion, d. to deceast John Cleghorn, farmer at Currie, now in Lady Yester's p. 11 Nov. 1759
„ James, shoemaker, and Janet, d. to deceast William Douglas, coupar in Inverness, both in College Kirk p. 18 Nov. 1759
„ James, tailor in College Kirk p., and Euphen, d. to deceast George Dickson, farmer in p. of Stow 28 Aug. 1763
„ Sir James, of Springwood Park, Rear-Admiral of the White, in College Kirk p., and the Right Honble. Lady Helen Boyle,
' d. of deceast John, Earl of Glasgow, now in the Canongate p. 30 Oct. 1768
„ James, porter in Lady Yester's p., and Isobel, d. to Alexander Stewart, farmer in p. of Kinmarie, now in New Kirk p. 18 Nov. 1770
„ James, wright, Tron p., and Margaret, same p., d. of Alexr. Robertson, farmer at Logierait 14 Mar. 1778 „ James, shoemaker, New Gray Friar's p., and Marrion, New North p., d. of David Moffat, skinner in Mussleburgh 25 July 1781
„ James, mason, College Kirk p., and Elizabeth, St. Andrew p., d. of deceased Daniel Malcom, farmer at Dennet, county of Sutherland 3 July 1787
Douglas, James, mason in St. Andrew p., and Helen, same p., d. of deceased John Forrest, day labourer in Linlithgow 13 Apr. 1792
„ Capt. James, of Lieut.-Coll. Commandant Hay Ferrier's Battalion
of the Scotch Brigade, Edinburgh Castle, and Miss Janet, St. Andrew p., only d. of late Baillie James Torry,
merchant 29 May 1795 Mar. by the Rev. Dr. Henry Grieve.
„ Janet; James Douglas, shoemaker 18 Nov. 1759
„ Janet; George Adamson, shoemaker 15 Nov. 1761
„ Janet; Alexander Mar, smith 8 Sept. 1771
„ Janet; Henry Messenger, soldier 24 Aug. 1780
„ Janet; Alexander Crawford, soldier 10 Dec. 1783
„ Janet; John Ewing, servant 26 May 1787
„ Janet ; Thomas Davie, printer 3 July 1798
„ Jean; William Guthrie, shoemaker 27 Jan. 1765
„ Jean; James Maclachlan 18 Feb. 1770
„ Jean; Thomas Pringle, joiner 24 Apr. 1787
„ Jean; James Millar, servant 25 Jan. 1790
„ John, jun., cordiner, burges in Canongate p., and Ann Gordon, servitrix to Mrs. Sanders, vintner in N. K. p. 4 Mar. 1753
„ John, hatter, and Rachael, d. to James Thomson, messenger, both in Colledge Kirk p. 8 Jan. 1764
„ John, officer of Excise in Tolbooth p., and Elizabeth, d. of deceased Alexander Cleland, salt officer at Torry Burn, now in the Old Greyfriar's p. 22 May 1774
„ John, gentleman's servant, New Grayfriar's p., and Mary, same p., d. of Charles Lyon, shoemaker in Stirling 20 Oct. 1789
„ John, tailor, New Grayfriar's p., and Helen, Old Kirk p., d. of James Loudon, residenter at Newcastle 27 Nov. 1795
„ Mr. John, probationer in Divinity, St. Andrew p., and Miss Helen, same p., d. of deceased Mr. Patrick Wilson, town clerk of St. Andrews, Fife! 28 May 1796
„ John, smith, St. Andrew p., and Mary, same p., d. of Thomas Turner, labourer 14 Oct. 1800
„ Katherine; George Izet, carpenter 3 June 1799
„ Miss Lucy; Thomas Anderson, surgeon 20 Oct. 1771 „ Margaret; James Blair, lieut. 17 Dec. 1752
„ Margaret; John Stevenson, gilder 12 Feb. 1758
„ Margaret; John Morton, schoolmaster 19 June 1768
,, Margaret; John M'Culloch, shoemaker 13 June 1773
„ Margaret; John Smith, gardener 13 Nov. 1778
„ Margaret; John Small, grocer 4 July 1785
„ Margaret; James Leslie, labourer 20 July 1789
„ Margaret; Simon Fraser, labourer 2 Oct. 1792
„ Miss Margaret; John Phillipps 26 Mar. 1798
. „ Marion; Mr. James Liddel, surgeon 4 Nov. 1770
„ Miss Mark; William Macewan, W.S. 30 Oct. 1757
„ Mary Eupham ; Rev. James Stodart 14 Sept. 1755
„ Mary; David Millar, merchant 22 Mar. 1772
„ Mary; Luke Ouram, merchant 20 July 1790
„ Miss Mary; Archibald Sinclair, merchant 3oJunei79i
„ Mary; William Stenhouse, writer 4 Dec. 1800
„ The Rev. Mr. Neil, Tolbooth p., and Mary, Old Church p., d. of James M'Morin, farmer near Dumfries 24 May 1800
„ Peter, mason, and Mary, both in St. Andrew p., d. of deceased David Greig, smith in Leith 7 June 1797
„ Rachel; Alexander Mortimer, upholsterer 1 Sept. 1754
„ Rachel; Alexander Morton, upholsterer 1 Sept. 1754
„ Mrs. Rachel; Prof. John Young 10 Aug. 1766
„ Richard, tobacconist in Lady Yester's p., and Jean, d. to deceast John Manners, carpenter in Prestonpans, now in Tolboothp. 28 Dec. 1760
Douglas, Richd., mariner, now in St. Andrew p., and Christian, same p., d. of deceased Peter Brown, labourer 14 July 1795
„ Richard, tobacconist, Old Church p., and Janet (say Forrest), same p., d. of Thomas Robertson, labourer in Silvermills 18 July 1798
„ Robert, weaver in New Grayfrier's p., and Agnes Scott, relict of Robert Scot, farmer in p. of Moneyfieth in Angus, now in Tolbooth p. 2 June 1765
„ Robert, stationer in Old Kirk p., and Isobel, d. to Jas. Ker, merchant in Old Grayfreir's p. 3 Nov. 1765
„ Robert, coachman in Lady Yester's p., and Jean, in said p., d. of deceast John Moffat, wheelwright 5 Dec. 1773
„ Robert, gentleman's servant, St. Giles' p., and Anne, same p., d. of YVilliam Hunter, farmer at Bo'ness 16 May 1783
„ Rodrick, gentleman's servant in Tolbooth p., and Margt., d. to Alexr. Blaikie, labouring man in Libberton p., now in Old Grayfriar's p. 5 June 1763
„ Thomas, shoemaker, and Betty Guthrie, relict of John Lawson, weaver, both in Lady Yester's p. 16 Oct. 1774
„ Thomas, wright in Fisherow, and Euphan, d. to deceased David Scott, wright in Duddingston, now in New North p. 23 April 1775
„ Thomas, labourer, College Kirk p., and Margaret, Lady Yester's p., d. of deceased Andrew Steedman, labourer in Lochgelly, Fife 12 Apr. 1794
„ William, baxter in S. E. p., and Elizabeth, d. to Alexr. Ramsay,
sclater in Canongate 5 May 175 1 „ William, Carrick Pursevant, S. S. W. p., and Ann, d. to John Corstorphin, late of Nydie, now in N. E. p. 1 July 1753
„ William, shoemaker in Tron p., and Robina, d. to deceast John Caitcheon, indweller, now in New Kirk p. 26 June 1763
„ William, merchant in Tolbooth p., and Christian, d. to deceast
Alexr. Paton, baxter in Linlithgow, now in New North p. 8 July 1764
„ William, merchant in Old Kirk p., and Miss Elizth., d. to Thos.
Trotter of Mortonhall, now in Canongate p. 26 May 1765
„ William, gentleman's servant, Toll Booth p., and Marion, d. of John Hardie, carrier 26 Oct. 1777
„ William, plasterer, Old Grayfriar's p., and Margaret, same p., d. of deceased John Brown, schoolmaster at St. Ninian's, county of Stirling 29 Sept. 1789
„ William, herald, Tolbooth p., and Janet, same p., d. of Thomas Howison, wright in Mid Calder 28 June 1798
„ William, waiter, St. Andrew p., and Margaret, same p., d. of John M'Mercer, farmer in Whitehaven 14 June 1800


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• The register of marriages for the parish of Edinburgh, 1595- (Volume 53)

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