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Index of first names

Name Ship Place and date of arrival
Frederick Douglass Inflexible Auckland in 1870

The Aloe departed from Gravesend on 5th February, 1863 and arrived in Auckland on 7th June 1863.
Captain Tregoning was in command.

DOUGLAS , William
DOUGLAS , William

The ARAWA departed London on 23 June, 1911 and arrived in Wellington on 9 August, 1911.
Captain Clayden was in command.

The following passengers were embarked at LONDON:-
Mrs. Douglas, 48, Housewife, Scotch
Miss B. Douglas, 11, Nil, Scotch
Miss S. Douglas, 8, Nil, Scotch
Miss J. Douglas, 2½, Nil, Scotch
Miss M. Douglas, 17, Domestic, Scotch

Mr. Douglas, 27, Miner, Scotch
Mrs. Douglas, 25, Housewife, Scotch
Miss M. Douglas, 2½, Nil, Scotch
Master J. Douglas, 1½, Nil, Scotch

Mr. J. Douglas, 49, Miner, Scotch
Mr. H. Douglas, 25, Miner, Scotch
Mr. T. Douglas, 23, Grocer, Scotch
Mr. J. Douglas, 21, Miner, Scotch

The British Queen departed from London on 28th January, 1883 and arrived in Lyttelton on Thursday, 17th May, 1883.
having come out via Plymouth and Wellington.
Captain S Nowell was in command.

DOUGLAS , Donald
DOUGLAS , Donald
DOUGLAS , Frederick

The OXFORD sailed from Gravesend 3 December 1881 and arrived in Auckland
10 March 1882. The voyage took 98 days with Captain Braddock in command.

A Mr Douglas was a Saloon class passenger

The Blue Jacket departed from Liverpool on 23rd September, 1860 and arrived in Auckland on 22nd January 1861,
via Melbourne. Captain James White was in command.

Elizabeth, Wm. John, Anne, Mary and Catherine DOUGLAS were among the passengers.

The RMS COPTIC departed London on 30 September, 1893 and arrived in Wellington on 8 November, 1893.

H. MORDLEY-DOUGLAS was a First Saloon passenger.

The Gala departed from Gravesend on 2nd September, 1865 and arrived in Auckland on 24th December, 1865.
Captain Thomas Shaw was in command.

John Douglas was an 'Assisted' passenger.

The MOERAKI departed Sydney on Saturday, 19th October, 1907 and arrived in Wellington
on Wednesday, 23rd October, 1907, with Captain Worrail in command.

There was one passneger named Mr Douglas aboard.

The MEROPE, a 'fine new composite clipper ship', departed London on 29 July, 1870, and arrived in Lyttleton on 27 October,
1870, with Captain Rose in command.

Aboard were Ellen (aged 15) and Josephine (17) Douglas, both 'general servants' from Middlesex.

The Corinthic departed London on 11 September, 1913 and arrived in Wellington on 27 October, 1913 via Teneriffe,
Capetown & Hobart.
Captain Frank Hart was in command.

Mr James Douglas, 21, an English Gardener from London was onboard.

The DINAPORE departed Gravesend on 17 April, 1857 and arrived in Auckland on 5 August, 1857. Captain James Loutit was in command.

George Douglas travelled Steerage.

The barque GEELONG departed London on 21 March, 1862 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 5 August, 1862, with Captain
Wallace in command.

Elizabeth Douglas travelled Steerage.

The AYRSHIRE departed Liverpool on 10 April 1905 and arrived at Port Chalmers, via Adelaide,
Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Lyttelton, on 15 July 1905.
Captain Benjamin Coull was in command.

John W Douglas, a 26 year old Irish Salesman and Ruth Douglas, also irish, disembarked in Sydney.

The RMS RIMUTAKA departed London on 1 September, 1909 and arrived in Wellington, via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown
and Hobart, on 20 October, 1909, with Captain Smith in command.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Douglas were Saloon passengers.

The TURAKINA, the New Zealand Shipping Company's new steamer, departed London on 11 September, 1902 and arrived at
Lyttelton on 30 October, 1902.

Mr R. M. Douglas travelled on to Auckland

The ANNIE WILSON departed from Gravesend, London on 28th May, 1863 and arrived in Auckland on 21st September 1863.
Captain John Duckett was in command.

Among the passengers were Mary, Janet, William, Hugh, Elizabeth, Jane, Annie, Archibald, John, Mrs Carberry and Elizabeth Douglas

The Gertude departed from London on 4th November, 1862 and arrived in Auckland on 9th February, 1863.
Captain J C Congdon was in command.

Rachael Douglas was one of the passengers.

The ATHENIC departed London on 8 January 1909 and arrived in Wellington via Plymouth, Teneriffe, Capetown and Hobart,
on 20 February 1909. Captain Charles H Kempson was in command.

On board was F. S. Douglas, for Port Chalmers

The Auckland departed from Glasgow on 20th September, 1879 and arrived in Port Chalmers
on 24th December, 1879. There were 7 deaths and 5 births during the voyage.
Captain McDougall was in command.

John Douglas was among the passengers.

The QUEEN OF BEAUTY departed Gravesend on 6 May, 1863 and arrived in Auckland on 9 August, 1863. During the voyage,
she was boarded from the Confederate steamer 'Alabama,' by the second officer, who examined the papers, and after taking
a glass of grog, went away. Previous to Captain Chapman rounding his ship to, the ‘Alabama' fired three shots, the last two
with blank cartridge, to which no attention was paid, but the third sent a shot skipping across her bows, when it was
thought advisable to heave to. It was about 7 o'clock in the evening, and the Captain describes the ‘Alabama' as a splendid
looking craft, barque rigged; a model of naval architecture.
Captain Chapman was in command.

Samuel Douglas was a Steerage passenger.

The PLEIONE departed London on 15 August, 1880 and arrived at Wellington on 28th November, 1880.
Captain Renaut was in command.

Mary A Douglas (19), a general servant from Forfar was aboard.

The HUDSON departed London on 20 November 1874 and arrived in Napier on
12 February 1875, with Captain Trewyn in command.

H M Douglas (27) a single man from Perth, carpenter was aboard.

The FERNGLEN departed London on 9 December, 1876 and arrived at Napier
on 20 March 1877. Captain Fraser was in command.

Robert Douglas 921), a Farm Labourer from Monaghan was aboard.

The TRIUMPH departed London on 23 September, 1883 and arrived at Auckland on 26 November, 1883.
The Triumph was under the command of Captain Brotherton.
A total of 356 passengers arrived on this voyage.

Martha DOUGLAS was listed as a immigrant.

The WAIWERA departed London on 4th April, 1906 and arrived in Wellington via Plymouth, Capetown and Hobart,
on 27th May, 1906. Captain R D Lowden was in command.

Thos. G. Douglas, a Navvy (31), single, English from London was on board.

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