Douglas Royal Navy Casualties - World War 2


DOUGLAS, Albert, Able Seaman, V/9393 (RCNVR), Ottawa (RCN), 13 September 1942, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, Alexander A B, Able Seaman, C/JX 234846, Sceptre, 11 September 1944, accident (Forth, O/P), killed

DOUGLAS, Alexander D, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 616144, Dragon (Po), 8 July 1944, torpedoed, killed

DOUGLAS, Allan, Stoker 1c, P/KX 98815, RN Auxiliary Hospital Sherborne, 8 December 1944, illness, died

DOUGLAS, Andrew B, Ty/Corporal, RM, CH/X 101945, RM 2nd CA Regt, 31 December 1943, DOW

DOUGLAS, Arthur, b1913, son of George and Henrietta Douglas, of Plymouth, was an Able Seaman on Light cruiser HMS Galatea. He was killed when it was attacked on 15 Dec 1941 by U-557.

DOUGLAS, Arthur C, Telegraphist, 23683 (RAN), Cessnock (RAN), 29 March 1943, illness, died

DOUGLAS, Berwick M, Commander, Rtd, Yin Ping, 15 February 1942, ship loss, killed

DOUGLAS, Davd, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2257, Beverley, 11 April 1943, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, David, Gunner, RA, 1808721, 3 Maritime Regt, RA, 11 March 1943, killed

DOUGLAS, Edward W, Leading Supply Assistant, D/DX 148, Drake, 1 August 1942, illness, died

DOUGLAS, Eric S W, Able Seaman, D/JX 153174, Hermes, 9 April 1942, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, Henry P, Vice Admiral, Pembroke, 4 November 1939, illness, died

DOUGLAS, James, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 186585, Wistaria, 28 January 1945, DOWS

DOUGLAS, James, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Airman, FAA/FX 86988, FAA, 828 Sqn, Implacable, 1 October 1944, air crash, killed

DOUGLAS, James A, Stoker 1c, C/SS 121813, Cyclops, 21 April 1941, died

DOUGLAS, James F, Lieutenant (E), RCNR, Naden (RCN), 17 January 1945, died

DOUGLAS, John, b1914, son of John and Charlotte Douglas; husband of Desdamona Douglas, of Blyth, Northumberland, was an Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) on Steam merchant Empire Prairie. He was killed when it was attacked on 10 Apr 1942 by U-654.

DOUGLAS, John, b1923, son of John and Mary Douglas, of Edinburgh. Cook was killed when destroyer HMS Martin was attacked on 10 Nov 1942 by U-431.

DOUGLAS, John B, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 140686, Fiji, 22 May 1941, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, John McK, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNZNVR, FAA, 816 Sqn, Daedalus, 9 December 1942, air crash, DOI

DOUGLAS, Lionel P, Ty/Lieutenant, RCNVR, ML.1069, 20 June 1942, ML captured, MPK

DOUGLAS, Neil A, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR, Stockport, steamship, 25 February 1943, (Spartiate, O/P), killed

DOUGLAS, Neil H, Able Seaman, P/SSX 31498, Hood, 24 May 1941, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, R  (initial only) H, Ty/Paymaster Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, Sultan, 16 February 1942, Singapore evacuation, killed

DOUGLAS, Robert G, Signalman, C/JX 224194, Curacoa, 2 October 1942, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, Royce, b1921, son of W.E. and Kate Douglas, of Clee, Lincolnshire, was an Ordinary Seaman on Destroyer HMS Stanley. He was killed when it was attacked on 19 Dec 1941 by U-574.

DOUGLAS, Stanwix, Telegraphist, D/WRX 1261, Punjabi, 1 May 1942, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, Thomas I, Writer, PM 3146 (RANR), Madang (RAN), 5 March 1942, illness, died

DOUGLAS, Vincent J, Able Seaman, B 2917 (RANR), Perth (RAN), 27 December 1943, as POW, died

DOUGLAS, Wilfred J, Cook, D/MX 63150, Repulse, 10 December 1941, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS, William M, Gunner, RA, 1548076, Benvenue, steamship, 15 May 1941, (4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

DOUGLAS, Woodrow C, Ty/Leading Steward, D/LX 24527, Tigris, 27 February 1943, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLAS-MATHESON, Alan A, Ty/Midshipman (A), RNVR, FAA, 836 Flt Rapana, 6 December 1943, air crash, killed

DOUGLASS, George E, Able Seaman, RNVR, C/TD/X 1451, Willamette Valley, 29 June 1940, ship loss, killed

DOUGLASS, Mark R, Boy 1c, P/JX 162386, Hood, 24 May 1941, ship loss, MPK

DOUGLASS, Walter E, Bandmaster, 19529 (RAN), Perth (RAN), 1 March 1942, ship loss, MPK


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