Dunfermline 18th Century Deeds


DOUGLAS, CHARLES AYTON (dec): of Kinglassie; Inventory of lands, 20 Feb 1744; Bond of Prov for yr children: Robert, Charles, John, James, Sholto, Helen, and Jean Douglas, 21 Mar 1744 [RH11/27/38 fol 211-13; 219-20] (See also William Ayton Douglas, below)

DOUGLAS, DAVID: portioner of Easter Gellet; Heritable Bonds to: Swintoun, 11 April 1708; to George, Andrew & John Turnbull, children of dec David Turnbull, portioner of Grange, 18 Feb 1710; to John Chalmers, late Bailie of Dunfermline, 18 Nov 1711 [RH11/27/31 fol 150-53; RH11/27/32 fol 24-26 and 159-62]; with Henry Douglas, tenant in Easter Gellet, Disp to Alexander Barclay, writer in Dunfermline, 20 April 1713 [RH11/27/32 fol 187-88]

 DOUGLAS, JAMES: son of umql James Douglas, late Bailie of Inverkeithing, & Janet Mudie, and GRIZELL GALLOWAY, dau of dec John Galloway, vintner in North Queensferry; Marriage Contract, 19 Aug 1700 [RH11/27/30 fol 25]

 DOUGLAS, JAMES: brother of Robert Douglas; 9-yr Tack from Mr Duncan White, schoolmaster; 17 June 1703 [RH11/27/30 fol 97-98]

 DOUGLAS, JANET: relict of dec Andrew Smith, portioner of North Fod and Mastertoun; Submision and Decreet Arbitral with Charles Black, baxter in North Queensferry, 19 Jan 1734 [RH11/27/37 Pp 215-22]; Discharge to William Black, Clerk to Regality of Dunfermline, 26 Jan 1742 [RH11/27/38 fol 89-90]

 DOUGLASS, JOHN jnr: son of John Douglass, portioner of North Ferry; 99 x 19-yr Tacks of 1/8th part of Ferryhills from Andrew Douglass, also portioner of North Ferry; 21 May 1744 [RH11/27/38 fol 223-24]

DOUGLAS, ROBERT: son of David Douglas of Easter Gellet; Indenture, app under Andrew Symson, clerk of Dunfermline, as writer, for 3 yrs from Whitsunday 1706; dated 24 May 1706 and rec 29 Nov 1708 [RH11/27/31 fol 167-68]

 DOUGLAS, WILLIAM AYTON: eldest son and heir of dec Charles Ayton Douglas of Kinglassie; Factorie to mother, Christian Hepburn, Lady Kinglassie; 21 Feb 1744 [RH11/27/38 fol 220-21
(See Charles Ayton Douglas, above, and also entry for Sir Charles Douglas)

ANDERSON, ANDREW: writer in Edinburgh, eldest son of James Anderson, late tenant of Camps of Carnock, and grandson of Andrew Anderson (d Ap4il 1786), indweller in Dunfermline; Discharge to David Anderson, clothier in Dunfermline, & James Douglas., writer there, his tutors [his uncle, John Anderson]; 15 April 1800 [B20/6/13 Pp 16-20] (see Hog, Thomas and Tweedale, George below)

BLACK, WILLIAM: Clerk of Regality of Dunfermline, and ELIZABETH WARDLAW, dau of David Wardlaw of Craighouse; Marriage Contract, dated 24 May 1718 & rec 5 March 1733 + Tack, 5 March 1733 [RH11/27/37 fol 82-91; 91-98]; Tack from John, Maquis of Tweeddale, 30 Nov 1724 [RH11/27/33 fol 304-07]; Disp to Andrew Wilson, 25 June 1726 [RH11/27/34 fol 50-59]; Bond of Relief to John Halkerston, clerk of Culross, 20 May 1728 [RH11/27/34 fol 129]; Trust Disp, 29 May 1731 [RH11/27/36 fol 73-78; Gift of Office of Hospital of St Leonards from John, Marquis of Tweeddale, 5 Sep 1731 [RH11/27/35 Pp 171-73]; Discharges to: Mr Robert Blackwood of Pirtreavoie, 27 Oct 1736; to Janet Douglas, relict of Andrew Smith, portioner of N Fod and Mastertoun, 14 Dec 1736 [RH11/27/26 Pp 20-22; 83-85]; Disp to James Peirson, residenter in Nethertoun, and his nephew, John Pearson, and his sppuse, Mgt Riddock, in life-rent, and latter's eldest son, James Pearson, in fee, 22 Nov 1739 [RH11/27/26 Pp 303-09]; Bond to Mgt Alexander, relict of dec James Hutton, tailor in Cocklaw and her children, William & Mgt Hutton, in fee, 28 June 1740 [RH11/27/38 fol 12-13]; 30-yr Sub-tack from Elspeth Anderson, relict of dec Robert Hutton, merchant Burgess of Dunfermline,, 29 May 1744 [RH11/27/38 fol 222-23]; Inventory [RH11/27/34 fol 85-95]

BURN, ROBERT: present tenant in Easter Gellet, and David Douglas, portioner of Easter Gellet; 3-yr Tack of lands of Easter Gellet belonging to James Moyes, writer in Kirkcaldy; 3 July 1710 [RH11/27/32 fol 35-37]

BURNE, WILLIAM: eldest son of John Burne, sometime baxter in Edinburgh, now living in Newcastle in England; Disp & Translation to David Douglas in Easter Gellet; 2 April 1711 [RH11/27/32 fol 83-85]

CHRISTIE, JOHN: of Holl, and ALISON DOUGLAS, 2nd dau and one of the heir portioners of dec Alexander Douglas, portioner of Mastertoun; Marriage Contract, dated 27 Aug 1708 & rec 2 July 1737; Disp to Andrew Smith, portioner of Mastertoun, and his spouse, Janet Douglas, 2 July 1737 [RH11/27/26 Pp 149-58 and 158-63]

EIZAT, JANET: relict of dec Robert Douglas, sometime merchant Burgess of Dunfermline; Transumpt in favour of David Durie, carpetner in Leith, and Elspeth Durie, relict of dec Andrew Robertson, sometime merchant in Edinburgh; 14 Aug 1695 [B20/6/3

HOG, THOMAS: of Newliston; Factorie to James Douglas, writer in Dunfermline; 3 Feb 1795 [B20/6/12 Pp 89-91] (see Anderson, Andrew above and Tweedale, George below)

MALCOLM, JOHN: gardener in North Queensferry; 19-yr Tack of 3/16th parts of Cruicks called Walldean from John Douglass, portioner of North Queensferry; 1 March 1733 [RH11/27/37 Pp 78-82]

MAXWELL, JOHN: only son of David Maxwell, master of the woollen manufactory of Newmilns, and Mary Hutton, and BARBARA SHIOCH, 2nd dau of dec Patrick Sheoch, Town Clerk of Haddington, and Barbara Douglas; Marriage Contract, dated 7 Nov 1719 & rec 15 Nov 1745 [RH11/27/39 fol 57-63]

SMITH, ALISON: 3rd dau of dec Andrew Smith, portioner of North Fod and Mastertoun, and Janet Douglas, and spouse of Charles Black, baxter Burgess in Dunfermline; Contract of Sale betwixt and p; 18 Nov 1736 [RH11/27/26 PP 53-60]

SMITH, ALESON: sp of Charles Black, baxter in S Queensferry, SMITH, KATHARINE: sp of James Gibson, wadsetter of Lethrau miln, SMITH, ELIZABETH: sp of John Turnbull of Grange, SMITH, MGT: sp of Alexander Blackwood, brewer in Inverkeithing, SMITH, SARAH: sp of David Crawford, tenant in Mastertoun, SMITH, JANET (dec): mother of Andrew Paton, tenant in Drymiln, SMITH, HELEN (dec): sp of James Murgan of Milnetoun; being the 7 daus and heir portioners of dec Andrew Smith, portioner of North Fod and Mastertoun, and dec Janet Douglas; Submission and Decreet Arbitral; 26 April 1745 [RH11/27/39 fol 46-50]; Factorie to p, 24 May 1745 [RH11/27/39 fol 50-52]

SMITH, ANDREW: portioner of North Fod, eldest son of Andrew Smith, and JANET DOUGLASS, eldest dau and one of the heir portioners served and retoured to dec Alexander Douglass, portioner of Mastertoun; Marriage Contract, dated 25 Oct 1699 and rec 15 Nov 1731 [RH11/27/36 fol 43-51]

SMITH, ELISABETH: 5th dau of dec Andrew Smith, portioner of North Fod and Mastertoun, and Janet Douglas, and spouse of Jhn Turnbull of Grange; Disp & Assig to William Black, Clerk of Regality of Dunfermline, 18 Nov 1736 + Discharge, 25 Nov 1736 as presently possessed by him226 PP 60-67 & 69-72]

SMITH, HELEN: 2nd dau of dec Andrew Smith, portioner of North Fod and Mastertoun, and Janet Douglas, and spouse of James Murgan yr of Milton; Contract of Sale and judicial ratification betwixt and William Black, Clerk of Regality of Dunfermline; 12 Nov 1736 [RH11/27/26 Pp 44-52]

SPENCE, THOMAS: tenant in Duloch; 9-yr Tack of © of Town and Lands of North Fod, commonly called Smith's quarter from Janet Douglass, relict of Andrew Smith, portioner of North Fod and Mastertoun; 14 Dec 1736 [RH11/27/26 Pp 1-4]

STENHOUSE, CHRISTIAN: wife of John Douglas, servant on farm of Leckerstone; Deed of Ratification, Exoneration, and Discharge to James Stenhouse, tenant of Grange, and others; 28 March 1832 [B20/7/2 fol 94-98]

STANHOUSE, JOHN: of South Fod; Bonds to: William Hodge, Baxter Burgess of Inverkeithing, and his spouse, Mgt Douglass, 11 March 1734; to John Wilkie, late Bailie of Inverkeithing, 29 March 1735; to John Young of Waroch, 11 Aug 1735; Disp to William Black, Clerk of Regality of Dunfermline, and his spouse, Mgt Stedman, 13 Dec 1734 [RH11/27/37 Pp 224-25; 349-58; 451-53; 510-12]; Contract with Patrick Allan, tacksman of Town Coal of Dunfermline, 19 Jan 1710 [RH11/27/32 fol 21]

STOBIE, WILLIAM: weaver in Dunfermline; ADAM MORISON, merchant there; JOHN KIRK, wright there; and JAMES DOUGLAS, writer there 18-yr Tack of from John Adie, merchant in Dunfermline; 20 Sep 1773 [B20/6/8 Pp 79-84]

TWEEDALE, GEORGE, Marquis of Tweedale; Commission and Factorie to James and Robert Douglas, writers in Dunfermline, 15 May 1809 & 9 Feb 1827 [B20/6/14 Pp 419-32 & B20/7/1 fol 252-54] (See also entries above)

TWEEDALE, JOHN, Marquis of: Tack by way of Contract, + Subtack with Lord Charles Hay of Yester, 14 June 1732 [RH11/27/36 fol 125-30; 130-33]; Disp to James Douglas, late Bailie in Inverkeithing, 24 April 1711 [RH11/27/32 fol 88-89]; Factorie to William Black, Clerk of Regality of Dunfermline, 23 Jan 1716 [RH11/27/32 fol 279-80], 4 April 1727 & 8 March 1728 [RH11/27/34 fol 78-79 and 119]

WAUGH, JAMES: shoemaker Burgess in Dunfermline, m to Mgt Douglas; Disps to sons, Joseph & Nicol Waugh, and daus, Mary, Janet & Rachell Waugh; 26 Nov 1755 [B20/6/4 Pp 312-15; 316-19; and 319-24]

WAUGH, JANET: dau of umql James Waugh, shoemaker Burgess of Dunfermline, and Mgt Douglas, and spouse of John Ross, miner at Carthal, nr Gilmoretown, presently working at Earl of Morton's lead-mines nr Inverkeithing; Disp & Assig to William Wellwood, shoemaker in Dunfermline, and Joseph Waugh [her brother], weaver there; 16 May 1760 [B20/6/5 Pp 265-73]

WELLWOOD, JAMES: skipper/sailor in North Queensferry; Factorie to spouse, Helen Jamisone, 19 Aug 1700; Discharge to James Livingstone, milner in Cleish, 15 Jan 1702 [RH11/27/30 fol 23-24; 50-51]; 7-yr Tack of 3/16th parts of Crocks wester lying in Waldean [Inverkeithing] from James Douglas, only son and heir apparent of dec Robert Douglas, burgess in Inverkeithing;; 28 March 1711 [RH11/27/32 fol 77-79]

YOUNG, ROBERT: mason in Dunfermline; Trust Disp & Settlement in favour of dau, Janet Young (w of William Douglas, weaver in Dunfermline), in life-rent, after which the property was to be sold by public roup or private bargain, and ¸ proceeds of sale to his grandson, Robert Douglas, and the other ¸ to the children of his late dau, Mgt Young [another dau was Mary Young, w of John Cunnings, weaver in Dunfermline); 11 Jan 1825 [B20/7/1 fol 170-75]

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