Biographies - Alphabetical Listing


The names listed below are those for whom there is a biography.  Many hundreds (thousands?) of other names, with dates of birth, etc, are recorded in these pages.  They may be found by using the search facility.

4th Lt John Douglas, living 1805
Admiral James Douglas, 1755-1839
Admiral John Leigh Douglas, 1741-1810
Admiral Sir James Douglas, 1704-1787
Andrew Douglas, bc1681
Archbishop John Douglas, c1494-1574
Bishop John Douglas, 1721-1807
Bishop John Douglass, 1743–1812
Brigadier General John W. Douglass
Captain James Postell Douglas, 1836 - 1901
Captain John Douglas, c1774 - 1796
Captain John Douglass, 1747-1840
Captain John Erskine Douglas R.N.
Captain Joseph Douglas, b1797
Captain Joseph Douglas, c1675-1754
Charles James Sholto Douglas, living 1867
Chief Jerry Douglas, 1939-2016
Col John Douglas, c1810-1871
Col John Douglas, k1651
Col Lord James Douglas, c1617-1645
Colonel John Douglas, 1636-1678
Commander John Douglas RN
Dr James Douglas Snr, b1769
Dr James Douglas, 1675-1742
Dr James Douglas, b1956
Dr James Douglas, d1897
Dr James Douglas,b1837
Dr James Douglass, d1859
Dr James Frederick Douglas, b1938
Dr James R. Douglas,1830-1902
Dr John Douglass, 1795-1870
Edward and Joseph Douglas, k1943
Gen Sir James Dawes Douglas, 1785-1862
Gen Sir John Douglas, 1817 - 1888
General John Douglas, 1734-1809
Giovani Filippo Gallarati Scotti, living 1785
Governor James Douglas, British Columbia, 1803 - 1877
Governor Jim Douglas, Vermont, 2005
Hon John Douglas, 1828 - 1904
Hon. John Douglas, 1756-1818
J. Alexander Douglas, living 2012
J. Archibald Douglas, born 1866
J. W. Douglas, Living 1856
J.D. Douglas, author, c1923-2003
J.S. Douglass, 1801 - ?
J.W. Douglas, b1818
Jack Douglas, 1908-1989
Jack Douglas, 1927-2008
Jack Douglas, born 1988
Jack Douglas, c1933-2012
Jack Douglas, living 2006
Jacques Théodore Sholto de Douglas, 1844-1925
Jahmene Douglas, b1990
James Achilles Douglas, d1889
James Archibald Douglas x3
James Archibald Douglas, b1866
James B. Douglas, abt 1821-2009
James Buster Douglas, b1960
James Charles Douglas-Whyte, 1819-1885
James Douglas (1790-1869)
James Douglas MP, d1751
James Douglas of Auchincassil, living 1483
James Douglas of Baads, 1793-?1875
James Douglas of Cornwall, d1785
James Douglas of Orchardton, 1747-1821
James Douglas, 10th Earl of Morton, d1686
James Douglas, 11th Earl of Morton
James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton
James Douglas, 1740-1816
James Douglas, 1757-1803
James Douglas, 1789-1854
James Douglas, 1810-1888
James Douglas, 1823-1894
James Douglas, 1826-1904
James Douglas, 1837-1920
James Douglas, 1858-1911
James Douglas, 1867-1949
James Douglas, 1867–1940
James Douglas, 1870-1958
James Douglas, 1878 - 1969
James Douglas, 1919 - 2004
James Douglas, 1932-2022
James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton -1493
James Douglas, 1st Lord Mordington
James Douglas, 1st Lord of Dalkeith
James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry
James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton, - c1550
James Douglas, 4th earl of Morton, c1525-1581
James Douglas, 5th Laird of Drumlanrig, d1498
James Douglas, 7th Laird of Drumlanrig, d1578
James Douglas, 8th Laird of Drumlanrig, d1615
James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas, d1488
James Douglas, b1821
James Douglas, b1865
James Douglas, b1933
James Douglas, Burgess of Jedburgh
James Douglas, c1733-1808
James Douglas, c1757-1803
James Douglas, Commendator of Melrose
James Douglas, d1780
James Douglas, d1785
James Douglas, d1873
James Douglas, d1992
James Douglas, died 1852
James Douglas, Earl of Angus, 1671-1692
James Douglas, Living 1572
James Douglas, living 1787
James Douglas, living 1795 - 1820
James Douglas, living 1824
James Douglas, Living 1871
James Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Earl of Hamilton
James Douglas-Mann, living 2014
James Fife 'Jock' Douglas, d1947
James Green Douglas, 1887-1954
James H. Douglas, 1846-1933
James Hardie-Douglas
James Henderson Douglas, 1899-1964
James Henry Douglas, d1905
James Holley Douglas, b1951
James Kennedy Douglas, 1780-1860
James L. Douglas, 1941-2014
James Lester Douglas, 1881 - 1950
James Marsh Douglas, , d1790
James Marsh Douglas, 1896-1974
James McCrie Douglas, 1867-1950
James Moffat Douglas, 1839–1920
James S. Douglas, 3 generations
James Sandilands Douglas (1872- )
James Sholto Cameron Douglas, 1879-1931
James Sholto Gordon Douglas, b1872
James Shoto Douglas, Living 1821
James Stewart, Lord of Douglas
James Stuart Douglass, 1838-1890
James the Gross Douglas, 7th earl of Douglas, 1371-1444
James Thomas Archibald Douglas-Home 28th Baron Dacre, 1952-2014
James Thomas Douglas, c1851-1928
James W. Douglas, b bef 1940
James White Douglas, 1876-1916
James William Douglas, 1851-1883
James, 2nd Earl of Douglas and Mar,c1358-1388
James, 2nd Earl of Queensberry, d1671
James, 2nd Lord of Dalkeith
James, 2nd Marquess of Douglas
James, 3rd Lord Mordingdon (1651 - c1706)
James, 3rd Marquess of Queensberry (1697 - 1715)
James, 5th Duke of Hamilton
James, 6th Duke of Hamilton,
James-George Douglas-Hamilton, 7th Duke of Hamilton
James-George Douglas-Hamilton, 7th Duke of Hamilton
Jamie Douglas - Drag queen
Jane (Mother) Douglas, c1700-1761
Janet Douglas (seer)
Janet Douglas, living 1677
Janet Douglas, living 2016
Janice (Jan) Douglas, 1939 - 2015
Jason Douglas, 1980
Jason Douglas, actor
Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry, living 2017
Jeff Douglas, b1971
Jeff Douglas, living 2006
Jennifer Douglas, b1964
Jenny Dawn Douglas, b1957
Jenny Douglas, b 1991
Jenny Douglas, dancer
Jenny Douglas-Foote, b19??
Jeroen Douglas, living 2013
Jerry Douglas, 1943-2013
Jerry Flux Douglas - guitarist
Jerzy Hardie-Douglas, b1951
Jess Douglas, Living 2020
Jesse Douglas, 1897-1965
Jesse T. Douglas and family
Jessica Douglas-Home, b1944
Jessie Douglas, b 1856
Jessie Douglas, b1854
Jill Douglas living 2016, BBC sports presenter
Jill, Duchess of Hamilton
Jim Douglas, living 2013
Jimmy Douglas
Jimmy Douglas, 1898-1972
Jimmy Douglas, b.1948
Jimmy Douglas, b1859
Jimmy Douglass, living 1969
Joanna Douglas, b1983
Joel Douglas, b1812
John 'Jack' Douglas, 1930-2003
John Andrew Douglas-Hamilton, 12th Earl of Selkirk
John B. Douglas, 1830
John B. Douglas, Living 2001
John Brown Douglas, c1855-1935
John Charles Sholto Douglas, 21st Earl of Morton
John Cowan-Douglas, 1893-1970
John Douglas (1759)
John Douglas - Vicar of Kirkconnell
John Douglas 14th of Tilquhillie, 1803-1870
John Douglas and Eddi Reader
John Douglas of Broughton, d1732
John Douglas of Bruntwood Hall, 1819-1963
John Douglas of Newcastle
John Douglas of the Barras, - 1618
John Douglas, 15th of Tilquhillie, 1835-1874
John Douglas, 1707 - 1762
John Douglas, 1778-1850
John Douglas, 1813-1893
John Douglas, 1829-1903
John Douglas, 1830-1911
John Douglas, 1834-1916
John Douglas, 1946-2016
John Douglas, 2010
John Douglas, abt 1802-1838
John Douglas, artist
John Douglas, author, d2007
John Douglas, author, living 1996
John Douglas, b 1840
John Douglas, b abt 1664
John Douglas, b1835
John Douglas, bc 1745
John Douglas, born 1934
John Douglas, c1901
John Douglas, d1759
John Douglas, d1778
John Douglas, d1839
John Douglas, k1915
John Douglas, living 1746
John Douglas, living 1916
John Douglas, living 2004
John Douglas, living 2010
John Douglas, living 2011
John Douglas, Lord of Balvenie, 1433–1463
John Douglas, MP, abt 1774-1838
John Douglas, shipmaster, living 1595
John Douglas, surgeon, d1743
John Douglass of Cornwall, Addison County
John Douglass, abt1764-1839
John Douglass, b1853
John E. Douglas, fl1918
John Edward Douglas, b1945
John Fleming Douglas, b1864
John Hancock Douglas, 1824 -
John Harold Douglas, 1912–1982
John Henry Douglas, 1851-1930
John Henry Douglas, 1851-1930
John Henry Douglas, living 2017
John Home-Douglas, 1926-2012
John James Douglas, 1792-1836
John Joseph Douglass, 1873–1939
John Keith Douglas, 1921-1945
John Keith Elers Douglas, b1918
John Monroe Douglas, d2006
John North Douglas, 1880-1947
John Raymond Douglas, b1951
John Richard Douglas, living 2004
John Sharp Douglas, c1792-1847
John Sholto Douglas, b1904
John Sholto, 9th Marquess of Queensberry
John St Leger Douglas d1783
John Thomas Douglass, 1847–1886
John Watkinson Douglass, 1827-1909
John Webb Douglas, b1852
John William Douglas, 1814-1905
John William Douglas, 1814-1905
John Woolman Douglas, 1921-2010
John, 2nd Earl of Morton
John, 3rd earl of Selkirk, 1655-1744
John, 7th Duke of Buccleuch, 1864-1935
John, 7th Marquess of Queensberry
Johnny Douglas, 1920-2003
Johnny Douglas, boxer and cricketer, 1882-1930
Johnny Douglas, Living 2000
Johnstone Mathewson Douglas, k1916
Jon Alexander Douglas, 1936-2010
Jonathan Douglas, b1981
Jonathan Douglas, of Lamoille County, Vermont
Jonathon Douglas, b1962
Jonathon Douglas, living 2006
Josalee Douglas,
Joseph Douglas, 1926 -
Joseph Douglas,convict,d1865
Joseph Douglass, 1896-1918
Joseph Henry Douglas, 1871–1935
Joseph W. Douglas, b1838
Josepha Williams Douglas, 1860-1938
Joshua Douglas, b1826
Joy Eleanor Douglas, b1959
Julia Douglas, living 2018
Julian Akers-Douglas, b1950
Julie Douglas, Living 2004
Julius Preston Douglas, b1815
King James IV, 1488 - 1513
Lady Jane Douglas - who was she?
Lady Jane Douglas,d 1753
Lady Janet Douglas of Glamis, K1537
Lieutenant-Commander James Sholto Douglas, d1981
Lord James Douglas-Hamilton (1942-2023)
Lord John Douglas Montagu Scott, 1809-60
Lt James Douglas, K1879
Lt James Henry Douglas ( - 1879)
Lt John Alex Douglas RN, Living 1802
Lt John Douglas RN, Living 1780
Lt John Douglas, b bef 1835
Lt John Graham Douglas RN
Lt-Commander James Sholto Douglas, 1889-1917
Lt. J. Douglas
Maj. Gen. John Douglas-Withers, 1919-1997
Major General James Archibald Douglas, 1862-1932
Major General John Primrose Douglas 1908-1975
Major James Mainwaring Douglas, - 1887
Major James Torry Douglas, 1758-1820
Major John M. Douglas, d1907
Mayor John Douglas, Living 2004
Mrs Henry Downs
Prof James Douglas, living 1872
Prof. James Archibald Douglas (1811-1868)
Professor J. Yellowlees Douglas
Professor James Alexandre Thomas Douglas, 1919-2004
Rev Canon John Albert Douglas, 1868-1956
Rev James Douglas, 1753-1819
Rev James Douglas, 4th Baron Douglas of Douglas
Rev James Douglas, k1944
Rev James Douglas, living 1900
Rev James Struthers Douglas, 1817-1884
Rev John Douglas, 1809-1879
Rev John Douglas, 1853-1920
Rev John Douglas, 1d1768
Rev John Douglas, c 1817
Rev John Douglas, d1671
Rev Joseph Douglas, d1805
Rev. John Jordan Douglass, 1875-1940
Robert Douglas,living 1715
Robert Jeffray Douglas, k1916
Sgt John Douglas, Royal Scots
Sir James Douglas (c1839)
Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith
Sir James Douglas of Lothian
Sir James Douglas of Spott, Living 1610
Sir James Douglas, 1st Bt of Kelhead
Sir James Douglas, d1795
Sir James Douglass, 1826-1898
Sir James Louis Fitzroy Scott Douglas, Living 1935
Sir James Scott Douglas, d2004
Sir James Stewart Douglas, 6th Bt. 1859-1940
Sir James, 1st baronet Douglas, 1707 - 1787
Sir John Douglas of Lothian
Sir John Douglas, 3rd Bt of Kelhead, abt1708-1778
Stewart Douglas, 22nd Earl of Morton, b1952
The Good Sir James Douglas, k1330
The Slaying of John Douglas at Little Moccasin Gap, 1776
Thomas, William and James Drysdale