Early Douglass settlers in America

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Immigrant monument On October 8, 2011 an impressive monument to honour Scottish Immigration to America was unveiled on Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, by His Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell, 13th Duke of Argyll and The 28th MacCailein Mor, chief of Clan Campbell.

This monument came into fruition by the generosity of many members of the Society, by contributions from other St. Andrew’s Societies and their members, from clan societies and foundations, and from several firms in Scotland. His Grace said that the National Monument to Scottish Immigration stood for immigration from the mother country of Scots who brought their skills, talents, and energy not just to America but to many countries around the world. Though it represents a Highlander family arriving in Philadelphia in the mid-18th century full of hope for a new life in the New World, it also commemorates all of the Scots and Scots-Irish who have come to America in the past, now, and in the future. The duke took the idea further, saying it suitably represents brave, hardy, inventive Scots who carried Western culture to lands all around the globe and helped make their homeland one of the most important and revered nations in modern history.

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American Settlers

Name Date Place of arrival
Mr. Douglass 1821 Landed in Mobile, Alabama
Capt. Douglass 1851 Landed in San Francisco, California
A Douglass 1850 Landed in San Francisco
Alexander Douglass  1675 Landed in Maryland
Andrew Douglass 1815 Arrived in New York
Ann Douglass 1805 Not known
Campbell Douglass, aged 31 1812 Arrived in South Carolina
Collins Douglass 1789 Landed in Virginia
Daniel Douglass, aged 34 1812 Landed in New York
David Douglass 1740 Landed in Georgia
Eliza Graham Douglass 1839 Landed in New York
Francis Douglass 1652 Landed in Maryland
G B Douglass, 1851 Arrived in San Francisco, California
George Douglass 1819 Arrived in New York
G W Douglass 1850 Landed in San Francisco, California
H Douglass 1851 Landed in San Francisco, California
Hamilton Douglass 1888 Arrived in Washington County, Pennsylvania
Henry Douglass 1657 Landed in Massachusetts
Hugh Douglass, aged 5 1804 Arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
James Douglass 1819 Landed in New York
John Douglass 1879 Landed in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania
Joseph Douglass 1816 Arrived in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania
Livingston Douglass 1851 Arrived in San Francisco, California
Martha Douglass 1679 Arrived in Maryland
Mary Douglass 1679 Landed in Maryland
Robert Douglass 1640 Arrived in Maryland
Roger Douglass 1705 arrived in Virginia
Samuel Douglass 1730 Landed in New England
Thomas Douglass 1844 Arrived in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania
W Douglass 1851 Arrived in San Francisco, California
W G Douglass 1860 Landed in San Francisco, California
Will Douglass 1679 Arrived in Maryland
William Douglass 1640 Landed in Boston, Massachusetts
William E Douglass 1875 Landed in Mississippi

A later advertisement

The Snow JAMES and MARY, John Workman, Commander,
Burthen 250 Tuns [Tons?], will be clear to sail from
hence for the Ports aforesaid on the 15th July next.
All those who intend going as Passengers, Servants, or
Redemptioners, will meet with good Encouragement, by
applying to James McVickar, or John Moore of Larne;
John McVickar at Ballymena, who will agree on the
most reasonable Terms. Passengers may depend on the
best of Provisions being put on board, and Plenty of
Water. As the Character of the Vessel and Master is
well known, think it unnecessary to enlarge thereon.
At the Request of a Number of Passengers, the sailing
of the above Snow is put off to the 10th of August.
Larne, 22nd July. 1774.

The Snow(1) James & Mary sailed from Larne, Ireland, John Moore, Master, to Charleston, South Carolina, carrying 183 passengers in 1767/68.

At a meeting of the Charleston Council on January 12, 1768, the Clerk reported that he had in pursuance of his Excellency the Governors directions, he had been on board the James and Mary (John Moore Master) from Larne and administered the oaths to such of the poor protestants as were of age who had lately arrived in her into this Province on the encouragement and Bounty given by an Act of the General Assembly of this Province passed the 25th July 1761 agreeable. Amongst those were:

Douglass Agness, aged 50
Douglass James, 40
Douglass James, 34
Douglass Rose, 32
Douglass Mary, 16
Douglass Alexander, 14
Douglass Isabell, 12
Douglass Robert 11
Douglass Mary, 8
Douglass James, 4

1. A snow or snaw is a sailing vessel. A type of brig often referred to as a snow-brig, the snow was typically a merchant vessel, but was a common form of sailing rig for small two-masted sloops, especially during the first half of the eighteenth century. The James & Mary made numerous trans-Atlantic sailings, but also carried cargo, including red deal (pine) boards, oil, tar from Christiansound in Norway.

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