Biographies - Alphabetical Listing


The names listed below are those for whom there is a biography.  Many hundreds (thousands?) of other names, with dates of birth, etc, are recorded in these pages.  They may be found by using the search facility.

(Constance) Mona Douglas, 1898–1987
Admiral Hon. Charles Douglas-Hamilton 1747 - 1825
Admiral Lord Charles Thomas Montagu Douglas Scott, 1839-1911
Admiral Sir Charles Douglas of Carr, Bt d1789
Admiral The Honourable Sir Cyril Eustace Douglas-Pennant, 1894 – 1961
Baron Caspar Breugel-Douglas, born 1752
Brigadier General Clarence J. Douglas, Jr.
C K M Douglas, meteorologist
C. Douglas, b1951 artist
C.H. 'Pickles' Douglas,
C.R. Douglas, bc 1966
Caimin Douglas, b1977
Cameron Douglas, b1957
Cameron Douglas, bc1979
Campbell Douglas, 1828-1910
Campbell Mellis Douglas VC, 1840-1909
Canon Charles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944
Captain Charles Robert George Douglas, k 1857
Carl Douglas, b1942
Carl Douglas, Living 2009
Carl Ludvig Douglas, Count, 1908-1961
Carlo Centurione Scotto,1877-1958
Carlo Scotti, d1582
Carlos Lavalette Douglass, 1827-1898
Carol Douglas, b1948
Carole Nelson Douglas - author
Caroline Douglas, 1821–1904
Carstairs Douglas, 1830-1877
Catherine Bean Douglas, 1852-1926
Catherine Douglas - Katy Barlass
Catherine Elizabeth ("Kate") Middleton, b1982
Catriona Dhughlas, 1893-1965
Cecil Francis Johnstone-Douglas, 1847-1894
Cecil ‘Robin’ Douglas-Home, 1932-1968
Cecilia Douglas, 1772-1862
Chad Douglas, living 2011
Charles 'Chuck' Douglas 1923 - 1998
Charles 7th earl of Selkirk,1847-1886
Charles Allan Douglas
Charles Cospatrick Douglas-Home, 1937-1985
Charles Douglas MC, 1886-1971
Charles Douglas, 1689-1750
Charles Douglas, 3rd Duke of Quensberry (1698 - 1778)
Charles Douglas, 5th Lord Mordington, d1755
Charles Douglas, Earl of Drumlanrig (1726 - 1756)
Charles Douglas, living1786
Charles Douglas-Compton, 3rd Marquess of Northampton 1816-1877
Charles Douglas-Home, 13th Earl of Home
Charles Douglas-Pennant, k1914
Charles Edward Douglas, 1840-1916
Charles Edward Douglas, b 1935
Charles Eurwicke Douglas, 1806-1887
Charles François Xavier, Comte de Douglas, 1758-1842
Charles Gywnne "Chuck" Douglas III, b1942
Charles Gywnne Douglas, 1942 -
Charles Gywnne Douglas, b1942
Charles Henry James Douglas, b1856
Charles Hill Douglas, 1824-1898
Charles Joseph de Douglas, k1748
Charles Keith Douglas, 1897-1918
Charles Kerr Douglas, bc1865
Charles MacKinnon Douglas MP, 1865-1924
Charles Montagu-Scott, 4th Duke of Buccleuch, 1772-1819
Charles Pye-Douglas, 1767-1844
Charles Remond Douglass, b1844
Charles Rolland "Charley" Douglass, 1910-2003
Charles Stanford Douglas, 1852-1917
Charles William Douglas, 1963-2009
Charles William Sholto Douglas
Charles, 12th earl of Home, 1834-1918
Charles, 2nd earl of Selkirk, 1661-1738
Charles, 3rd Lord Douglas,1775-1848
Charlie Douglas MBE, 1929-2009
Charlie Douglas, abt 1933-2011
Charlie Douglas, d2011
Charlotte Douglas, living 2010
Chip Douglas
Chris Douglas, b1974
Chris Douglas, b1989
Christina Douglas Hamilton (1907 -
Christoph Archibald Ludwig Friedrich Graf Douglas, 1948-2016
Christopher Douglas (born c.1955
Cindy Douglas, living 2012
Claire Douglas
Clare Douglas, living 2006
Claude Douglas, 1852-1945
Claude Gordon Douglas, 1882–1963
Clemintina Johannes Sobieska Douglas, 1746-1771
Clifford Hugh Douglas, 1879 - 1952
Clive Martin Douglas, musician, 1903-1977
Colette Douglas Home, living 2014
Colin Douglas - bankrupt
Colin Douglas b1945
Colin Douglas, 1912-1991
Colin Douglas, b1962
Colin Douglas, convicted gunman
Colin Douglass, immigrant
Columbus C. Douglass, 1912-1874
Commander Charles Henry Douglas, Living 1844
Cornelius Marinus Douglas, 1791-1872
Cosmo Alec Onslow Douglas, b1884
Cospatrick, 11th Earl of Home
Courtney. C. Douglas, b1862
Craig Douglas, 1941 -
Curtis Noble Douglas, 1856-1919
Curtis Noble Douglas, 1856-1919
Cyrus Douglas, b1831
Dr Callum Watson
Dr Carstairs Douglas, 1866-
Dr Charles Douglas, living 2012
Dr Charles Douglas, living 2016
Dr Charles Edward Douglas, d1943
Dr. Charles James Douglas, 1856-1943
General Sir Charles Horsley Douglas, 1815-1940
George Prattman Douglas, 1837-1910
Hon Rev Charles Douglas of Earlsgift, 1791-1857
Judge Carolyn Douglas
Justice Chuck Douglas, Living 2005
Kima Douglas, 1942-2013
Kitty, Duchess of Queensberry, 1701–1777
Lady Cecily Douglas, b1902
Lt Colin Douglas RN, living 1838
Lt General Charles Douglas,1814-1885
Major Charles Douglas, c1807 - 1847
Professor Charles Douglas, 1921-
Professor Charles P.Douglas, living 1965
Rev Colin Douglas, Living 2005
S/Sgt Charles Douglas, 1947 - 1967
Sir Charles of Kelhead, 6th Marquess of Queensberry
The Rev’d Charles Douglas, 1870-1955