Biographies - Alphabetical Listing


The names listed below are those for whom there is a biography.  Many hundreds (thousands?) of other names, with dates of birth, etc, are recorded in these pages.  They may be found by using the search facility.

Admiral George Douglas-Hamilton, 1906-1994
Bishop Gerald Douglas, 1875-1934
Blessed George Douglas, K1587
Capt. Hon. George Douglas, 1738-1838
Captain George Amelius Douglas, 1832-1900
Dr George Douglas, 1809-1864
Dr George Keith Douglas, abt 1621-2011
G. Archibald Douglas, d1992
G. Ross Douglas, 1939-
Gabby Douglas, b1995
Gary Douglas, living 2011
Gavin Douglas
Gavin Douglas - poet & bishop, 1474 - 1522
Gavin Douglas, Living 1489
Gawain Thomas Alexander Douglas, b1914
Geoffrey Douglas, b1944
Geoffrey G. Douglass, 1942-2005
Georg Douglas, b1945
George Alexander Douglas, d1908
George Boyce Douglas d1905
George Bullock-Douglas, 1911-1958
George Cameron Douglas, d1915
George Douglas Brown - author
George Douglas of Chilston Park, d1833
George Douglas of Leswalt, d1463
George Douglas of Lochleven, d1568
George Douglas of Longniddry, d1610
George Douglas of Penziere, k1587
George Douglas of Pittendreich
George Douglas of Rodinghead
George Douglas, 13th Earl of Morton, 1662-1738
George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton
George Douglas, 1749-1799
George Douglas, 1772 - 1865
George Douglas, 1816 - 1884
George Douglas, 1871-1903
George Douglas, 1922-2010
George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus, 1380–1403
George Douglas, 1st Earl of Dumbarton, 1635 - 1691/2
George Douglas, 2nd Earl of Dumbarton, 1687 - 1748/9
George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus, c1417-1463
George Douglas, 4th Lord Mordington, d. 1741
George Douglas, b1792
George Douglas, b1867
George Douglas, Bishop of Moray, d1589
George Douglas, c1692-1754
George Douglas, d2008
George Douglas, Master of Angus, k1513
George Douglas-Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney c1666 - 1737
George Douglas-Pennant, 2nd Baron Penryn, 1836-1907
George Douglass, 1726-1799
George Douglass, 1790-1869
George E. Douglas, 1929-2000
George Edward Douglas, bc 1835
George H. Douglas, living 1845
George Henry Douglas-Pennant, k1915
George James Cosmo Douglas, 1889-1973
George Lyon Douglass
George Mellis Douglas, 1875-1963
George Norman Douglas, 1868-1952
George Sholto Douglas, 17th Earl of Morton, 1789 - 1858
George Vibert Douglas, 1892-1955
George William Douglas, 1859–1947
George William Douglas, living 2007
George, 10th Earl of Selkirk
Gerald Sholto Douglas, 1891-1965
Gerry (Gerald) Douglas, Living 2004
Gerry Brawn-Douglas, Living 2004
Gianbernardino Scotti, 1478-1568
Gilbert Douglas, 1749-1807
Gilbert Douglas, Living 2004
Gilean Douglas, 1900-1993
Gladys (Arnett) Douglas, 1908-2005
Glen Douglas, 1927-2011...
Glenn Douglas
Goldde Douglas, Living 2004
Goram Douglas, 1920-1976
Gordon Douglas, 1907–1993
Gordon Douglas, born 1882
Gordon Douglas, living 1900
Gordon K. Sandy Douglas, 1904-1992
Gordon Oxenbury Douglas, 1914-1999
Gp Capt Gilbert Eric Douglas, 1902-1970
Graeme Douglas, living 2012
Guen Douglas, living 2011
Gustaf Archibald Siegwart Douglas
Gustav Douglas, 1648-1705
Gustav Douglas, 1938-
Gustav Otto greve Douglas, 1687 - 1771
Lord Gawain Douglas, b1948
Lt Col Gavin Douglas, living 2006
Major George Douglas, 1819-1845
Master Gunner George Douglas, c1755
Private George Douglas, 1893 - 1918
Prof. Gillian Douglas, living 2013
Rear Admiral George Henry Douglas
Rev George CM Douglas, 1826-1904
Rev George Douglas, 1825-1894
Rev George Robinson-Douglas, 1813-1878
Seaman 1st Class General Preston Douglas, k1943
Sir George Brisbane Douglas, d1935
Sir George Douglas, d1821
Sir George Henry Scott Douglas d1885
Sir GeorgeDouglas
Sir Graeme Douglas,bc1929
Troopers George and thomas Douglas, KIA 1915