Mormon Migrants

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Between 1847 and 1868, Mormon emigrants traveling in more than 300 companies departed from various places and headed for the Salt Lake Valley. More than 60,000 LDS Church members travelled in these companies -- some travelling by foot, some in wagons, and some pulling handcarts.

Note that records are variously transcribed as Douglas and Douglass. The two should be taken as interchangeable.
  • Ann Douglas Robins (Aged 20 on departure) She travelled in the John Parker Company (1852)
  • Agnes Douglass (2) Brigham Young Company (1848)
  • Agnes Ann Douglas Agnes (29) came to Utah by 1854. The first documentation to place her in Utah is her marriage in August 1855 which was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration. unknown company
  • Agnes Cross Douglass (30) Brigham Young Company (1848)
  • David Douglass (11) Son of Adeline Brown Douglass Teney. Brigham Young Company (1848)
  • Elizabeth Ann Douglass (infant) John Parker Company (1852)
  • Elizabeth Wadsworth Douglass (18) John Parker Company (1852)
  • Ellen Douglass (2) John Parker Company (1852)
  • George B. Douglass (14) John Parker Company (1852)
  • Isabella Douglass Pincock (abt 18) John Parker Company (1852)
  • James Douglas (nk) Jonathan H. Holmes/Samuel Thompson Company (1848)
  • Janet McGhie Douglas First documentation to place Janet in Utah is the birth of her first child, David Perry Douglas born 17 June 1863, according to Grantsville Ward records. Family Tree indicates she married David Douglas in Ohio. 1861 England census shows her with her family. In her household is William H. Dame, who was in England at the time as a missionary. She sailed on the ship Manchester, arriving in New York on 14 May 1861. It is likely she travelled in 1861.
  • John Douglass (41) Edward Martin Company (1856)
  • Margaret Sarah Douglass (4) Her travel to Utah is mentioned in the obituary of William John Douglass. Brigham Young Company (1848)
  • Mary Douglass (17) John Parker Company (1852)
  • Mary Dyson Billingham Douglass (36) She also came with her daughter, Eliza Billingham, who died on July 18 at Rock Island, Illinois, before the company set out from Iowa City. Eliza was called "Sister Douglass". Edward Martin Company (1856)
  • Ralph Douglass (22) Surname from a form in Book of the Pioneers that was filled out by the pioneer in 1897. Mormon Battalion Sick Detachments (1847)
  • Richard Douglass (42) came with his wife, two daughters (Ellen and Elizabeth) and his mother's husband and family. In some sources, the surname is spelled "Douglas." John Parker Company (1852)
  • Vilate Ellen Douglass (Aged 11 on departure) John Parker Company (1852)
  • William John Douglass (Infant) William was born en route. Brigham Young Company (1848)
  • William Douglass (14) He died en route. He was the son of John and Ann Douglass. Edward Martin Company (1856)

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