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Index of first names

Douglas Families






This collection of family names could be listed as branches, but I have just brought them together in this folder for convenience.


A more complete list may be found in 'People'.


Baron Blythswood12/07/2018
Barons Montagu of Beaulieu10/20/2020
Count of Longueville05/18/2018
Douglas familes in Ireland 01/15/2021
Douglas Families in Perthshire05/23/2021
Douglas families in the Carolinas10/20/2020
Douglas families in the Falklands01/07/2020
Douglas family in Italy07/15/2020
Douglas family in Italy10/07/2019
Douglas family in Lurgan04/27/2021
Douglas family in Mississippi08/07/2020
Douglas family in Palestine 01/06/2021
Douglas family in Pennsylvania07/24/2021
Douglas Family in South Africa11/02/2020
Douglas family in Yorkshire08/07/2018
Douglas Family Trees05/02/2021
Douglas in Brittany, Haute-Picardie and Bugey05/19/2019
Douglas in Ulston07/01/2021
Douglas of Adderston03/21/2018
Douglas of Arkland04/13/2018
Douglas of Baads04/10/2020
Douglas of Baitford07/07/2020
Douglas of Barloch05/20/2019
Douglas of Blackmiln03/21/2018
Douglas of Blaydon05/07/2021
Douglas of Bonjedward08/08/2021
Douglas of Borg07/29/2020
Douglas of Bridgeford05/27/2019
Douglas of Brigton12/29/2020
Douglas of Burford03/21/2018
Douglas of Carr09/16/2018
Douglas of Cashogle 07/15/2020
Douglas of Cavers11/25/2020
Douglas of Clapperton05/04/2019
Douglas of Cliftonhall11/14/2018
Douglas of Cruixton03/21/2018
Douglas of Dervock03/23/2020
Douglas of Dornock07/12/2021
Douglas of Douglas03/21/2018
Douglas of Druimfin, Isle of Mull03/21/2018
Douglas of Drumlanrig07/15/2020
Douglas of Dundarrach07/15/2020
Douglas of Earnslaw03/21/2018
Douglas of Edrington12/29/2018
Douglas of Fingland03/21/2018
Douglas of Friarshaw07/14/2021
Douglas of Garrallan07/15/2020
Douglas of Garvald06/30/2020
Douglas of Glenbervie10/22/2020
Douglas of Glendinning08/27/2018
Douglas of Glenfinart12/03/2019
Douglas of Grace Hall 01/04/2021
Douglas of Grangemuir08/07/2020
Douglas of Greenlaw07/07/2020
Douglas of Gyrn03/21/2018
Douglas of Hawthornden11/07/2015
Douglas of Hermiston03/21/2018
Douglas of Kilhead03/21/2018
Douglas of Killiewarren03/27/2020
Douglas of Kilspindie11/30/2020
Douglas of Kinglassie 03/18/2020
Douglas of Kirkness06/30/2020
Douglas of Knightsridge03/21/2018
Douglas of Leswalt02/28/2020
Douglas of Lethcamrach05/20/2019
Douglas of Lindisfarne04/03/2018
Douglas of Lochleven09/30/2020
Douglas of Lockerbie07/02/2019
Douglas of Longniddry07/29/2020
Douglas of Luce03/21/2018
Douglas of Mains03/16/2020
Douglas of Maxwell01/27/2016
Douglas of Mordington01/03/2019
Douglas of Morton08/17/2019
Douglas of Mountain Lodge01/15/2021
Douglas of Mouswald01/06/2019
Douglas of Muldearg03/21/2018
Douglas of Neidpath06/29/2015
Douglas of Nether Howden06/25/2020
Douglas of Parkhead06/04/2020
Douglas of Penzearie07/15/2020
Douglas of Pierston 08/31/2019
Douglas of Pinkerton03/21/2018
Douglas of Pittendreich07/29/2020
Douglas of Pumpherston03/21/2018
Douglas of Ralston03/21/2018
Douglas of Rathobyres03/21/2018
Douglas of Rungallie09/20/2018
Douglas of Salwarpe07/15/2020
Douglas of Spott12/29/2018
Douglas of Springwood 07/29/2021
Douglas of Spynie07/12/2021
Douglas of Stenhouse03/21/2018
Douglas of Stonypath01/23/2019
Douglas of Strathbrock07/30/2018
Douglas of Strathendry06/20/2019
Douglas of Swinside03/06/2019
Douglas of Swynside 03/21/2018
Douglas of Tibbers06/29/2015
Douglas of Tilquhillie08/09/2021
Douglas of Timpendean07/16/2020
Douglas of Toftis11/23/2018
Douglas of Torthorwald01/06/2019
Douglas of Wakefield05/12/2018
Douglas of West Calder11/14/2018
Douglas of Whiterigs03/21/2018
Douglas of Whittinghame07/17/2016
Douglas Scotti of Agazzano04/25/2020
Douglas Scotti of Sarmato11/27/2019
Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno07/15/2020
Douglas Scotto in Sicily03/27/2020
Douglas-Hamilton 04/03/2020
Douglas-Mann family03/21/2018
Douglas-Pennant family08/11/2019
Douglases in Carlisle05/25/2020
Douglases in Elgin07/15/2020
Douglases in Georgia, USA08/12/2020
Douglases in the Baltic states03/21/2018
Douglases of Iowa03/21/2018
Douglases of Moray10/31/2018
Douglases of Ontario10/21/2016
Douglass family of Missouri04/19/2018
Duke of Dover04/03/2020
Duke of Touraine04/03/2020
Dukes of Buccleuch03/21/2018
Earl of Ormond03/21/2018
Earls of Douglas09/03/2018
Earls of Home02/11/2020
European Douglas Families03/22/2020
Grimaldi of Monaco01/24/2020
Robert Douglas, 3rd of Brigton, 1773-183503/21/2018
Scotti Douglas family03/07/2019
Sholto-Douglas Family of South Africa03/06/2019
The Cowan-Douglas family07/17/2020
The Douglas Earls of Ruglen01/11/2020
The Douglas Earls of Wigton11/19/2018
The Douglas family in France02/13/2021
The Douglas family in Germany01/16/2020
The Douglas Family in Musselburgh08/03/2018
The Douglas-Haw family of South Africa04/30/2021
The Douglases of the Standard Theatre04/23/2020
The Earls of Angus02/19/2021
The Earls of Morton 07/15/2020
The Lords Carlyle01/06/2019
The Lords Dalkeith08/06/2019
The Marquesses of Douglas04/12/2019
The Montagu Douglas Scotts03/21/2018
The Swedish branch07/15/2020
William Douglas, 4th of Brigton, 1803-186903/21/2018


For Douglas of Chesterhouse and Douglas of Gateshaw, see Cowan-Douglas family


See also:

  • Family trees
  • A history of the Douglas family who’s Ulster roots are from Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland and surrounding Townlands.  [pdf]
    •  A Synopsis of the Genealogy of the Brigantes or Douglas family in Spain [pdf]




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