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Index of first names

The Rulers of Scotland












Robert I and Isabella of Mar Robert I and Isabella of Mar Robert I Robert II Stewart
Robert I and
Isabella of Mar
King Robert I
'The Bruce'
Robert II
  and Euphemia
Robert II Stewart
Robert III and Annabella Drummond Robert3 of Scotland Alexander III James IV
Robert III and
Annabella Drummond
Robert 3rd
of Scotland
Alexander III
of Scotland
James IV and
Margaret Tudor
Robert III and Annabella Drummond king William 1    
Alexander I William I    

1040 - 1057
Douglas 833-838 The 67th King (Buchanan, Rerum Scoticarum Historia)

Solvathius, The LXIV King, himself the Son of Eugenius the 8th, was succeeded by Achaius, The LXV King.
ACHAIVS was the Son of Etfinus and was succeeded by Congallus III, The Sixty Sixth King.
CONGALLVS, his Cousin German, reigned five years and was succeeded by Dongallus (or Douglas, The Sixty Seventh King.(Buchanan)
Kenneth I 843 - 858
Donald I 858 - 862
Constantine I 862 - 878
Aedh 878 - 879
Eochaid 879 - 889
Donald II 889 - 900
Constantine II 900 - 942
Malcolm I 942 - 954
Indulph 954 - 962
Dubh/Duff 962 - 966
Culen/Cuilean/Colin 966 - 971
Kenneth II 971 - 995
Constantine III 995 - 997
Kenneth III 997 - 1005
Malcolm II 1005 - 1034 Malcolm killed his cousin, Kenneth III, to become king in 1005 . He was the first King of Scots for almost a century who died in his bed.
Duncan I 1034 - 1040
Macbeth 1040 - 1057
Lulach 1057 - 1058
Malcolm III 1058 - 1093 Malcolm killed Macbeth at Lumphanan in Aberdeenshire and Macbeth's stepson some months later to become King of the Scots.
Donald III 1093 - 1094
Duncan II 1094 May to November
Donald III 1094 - 1097
 Edgar 1097 - 1107 Variously reported as third or fourth son of Malcolm III ?Was he the third son of the second marriage, Duncan II being a child of the 1st marriage?.
Alexander I 1107 - 1124 Alexander was Alexander was the son of Malcolm III by Malcolm's second wife Margaret. He married Sybilla, one of Henry I's illegitimate daughters. Alexander had no children who could succeed him, so he was succeeded by his brother David I who during Alexander's reign had controlled much of Scotland 's southern territories.
David I 1124 - 1153 David was the youngest son of Malcolm Canmore and Margaret. He was educated at the court of Henry I, and married Maud de Senlis to become the Earl of Huntingdon. From 1136 he assisted his niece, Matilda with her claim to the English crown, but was beaten at the Battle of Standard in 1138 by Stephen. During his reign he greatly increased his territories and in 1141 and later occupied the whole of the north of England to the Ribble and the Tees .
Malcolm IV 1153 - 1165
William I 1165 - 1214 The Lion, or Lyon
Alexander II 1214 - 1249 Alexander was successful in regaining control on the more outer reaches of the kingdom and attempted to regain land that had been taken by the English. This attempt was abandoned in 1237 with the Treaty of York. Alexander died attempting to regain the Western Isles from control by the Norwegians. He was followed by his son, Alexander III.
Alexander III 1249 - 1286 Alexander married Margaret one of Henry III's daughters. Although Margaret had children, they all died before Alexander, and Alexander's second wife had no children. Alexander had a granddaughter called Margaret who did succeed him. Margaret was known as the Maid of Norway.
Margaret 1286 - 1290 Maid of Norway
First Interregnum 1290 - 1292
John Balliol 1292 - 1296 Chosen by Edward I at Berwick, but revolts against Edward. In July 1296 Edward defeats Balliol but lets him retire to France .
Second Interregnum 1296 - 1306
Robert I (the Bruce) 1306 - 1329 Son of Robert Bruce. when he died in 1329, his body was interred at Dunfermline Abbey, the resting place of other Scottish monarchs, and his heart was taken by Sir James Douglas to the Holy Land . However, Douglas was killed in one of the many battles of the Crusades before he could reach his destination.
David II 1329 - 1332 David II was the elder and only surviving son of Robert I and his second wife, Elizabeth de Burgh, born on 5 March 1324 after his parents had been married for 22 years. He was only four when he himself was married to Princess Joanna of England in accordance with the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton.
Edward Balliol 1332 November to December.  Edward was the eldest son of John Balliol, the king of the Scots. With help from Edward III, king of England , Edward Balliol claimed the Scottish throne after defeating David II at Dupplin Muir in 1332. He was forced to relinquish the throne a few months later, but was helped back into power in 1333 by Edward III.
 David II 1332 - 1333 December 1332 to June 1333
 Edward Balliol 1333 - 1336   As above
David II 1336 - 1371 When David died childless in 1371, his nephew Robert the Steward became king.
Robert II 1371 - 1390
Robert III
1390 - 1406 Robert III, a cripple and an invalid, succeeding his father on the throne, the government of the kingdom was conducted first by his brother, the Duke of Albany, then for two years by the king's elder son, the Duke of Rothesay.
James I 1406 - 1437
James II 1437 - 1460
James III
1460 - 1488
James IV 1488 - 1513
James V  1513 - 1542   After James IV died at Flodden , his son, James V, was just 17 months old when he was crowned. By the Will of James IV, his wife, Margaret Tudor was to be the Regent so long as she remained unwed. Margaret had remarried in 1514 to Archibald Douglas, the 6th Earl of Angus. Angus took control over the boy king and the realm until James V was old enough to run him out of Scotland .
Mary Queen of Scots  1542 - 1587 Mary was a baby when she was crowned at Stirling Castle , the only legitimate child of James V who died immediately after her birth. Not only was she Queen of Scotland , but as the granddaughter of Margaret Tudor, she was in line for the throne of England after the children of Henry VIII. 
James VI 1567 - 1603 James VI of Scotland was the only child of Mary, Queen of Scots. James' father was Lord Darnley (Henry Stewart) who had been killed in a suspicious explosion, the rumour being that the explosion was caused by Mary and Lord Bothwell, whom she would later marry. At thirteen months when Mary was forced to abdicate in favour of James, he became the King of Scotland and never saw his mother again.


The royal Stewart family tree, showing the Douglas connections:


Stewart-Douglas tree 




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