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Australian War Deaths






Australians who gave their lives in two World Wars.
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Service Number Unit Location Date of death
Douglas, Alan Edward* Alan Edward Douglas 848 20th Battalion (Infantry)  France 30 July 1916
Douglas, Albert Edward   3087 28th Battalion (Infantry) France 29 July 1916
Douglas, Albert Henry*   1747 11th Battalion (Infantry) France 30 May 1916
Douglas, Albert William Henry   VX18190 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion Syria 17 June 1941
Douglas, Alfred Lionel   3032 48th Battalion (Infantry) France 8 August 1916
Douglas, Allan Arthur*   NX36165 2/14th Field Company RAE Papua 27 November 1942
Douglas, Andrew*   622 25th Battalion (Infantry) France 27 April 1916
Douglas, Arol Bryce*   2765 45th Battalion (Infantry) Belgium  7 June 1917
Douglas, Arthur   3146 52nd Battalion (Infantry) France 24 April 1918
Douglas, Arthur Albert*   3145 6th Field Ambulance Australian Army Medical Corps Malta 25 December 1915
Douglas, Arthur Christopher   23683 HMAS Cessnock Possibly Middle East. 29 March 1943
Douglas, Charles Keith* Charles Keith Douglas 4778 12th Battalion (Infantry) Belgium 115 March 1918
Douglas, Claude Campbell Telford*   438 14th Battalion (Infantry) Gallipoli, Turkey 21 August 1915
Douglas, Colin Langslow*   397 4th Light Horse Gallipoli, Turkey 7 August 1915
Douglas, David   2170 11th Brigade Australian Field Artillery Ypres, Belgium 1 October 1917
Douglas, David   2595 11th Brigade Australian Field Artillery Ypres, Belgium 1 October 1917
Douglas, David   2598 4th Battalion (Infantry) France 24 July 1916
Douglas, David   14128 2 Field Company Engineers Bedford Park Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia 9 September 1920
Douglas, Edward*   N238752 11th Garrison Battalion Australia 28 March 1942
Douglas, Ernest Thompson   WX32626 28th Battalion (Infantry) Western Australia 1 May 1947
Douglas, Francis William Francis William Douglas 425692 46 Squadron RAF France 24 March 1945
Douglas, Frank John   NX95806 2/33rd Battalion (Infantry) New Guinea 15 September 1943
Douglas, Frank Percival*   WX5660 2/16th Battalion (Infantry) Syria 13 June 1941
Douglas, Frederick Charles   3498 58th Battalion (Infantry) France 14 July 1916
Douglas, Frederick James*   6543 19th Battalion (Infantry) St Quentin, France 31 August 1918
Douglas, George   1074 31st Battalion (Infantry) France 6 October 1917
Douglas, George   2161 47th Battalion (Infantry) Halifax Cemetery, Queensland 12 September 1920
Douglas, George Dudley   NX174745 15th Battalion (Infantry) Bougainville Island 8 January 1945
Douglas, George Robert   3508 2nd Battalion (Infantry) Belgium 27 October 1917
Douglas, Gilbert Stanley   6009 3rd Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Lance Sergeant Gordon Leslie Douglas* Lance Sergeant Gordon Leslie Douglas 2879 17th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Hamilton Alexander   405843 54 Operational Training RAF   1939-1945
Douglas, Harold Graham   VX8864 2/2nd Field Company RAE   1939-1945
Douglas, Harold James   WX41525 2/12th Battalion (Infantry)   1939-1945
Douglas, Harold Lancelot   2633 51st Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Harry William John   4027 30th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Hector James   6999 14th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Hector James   QX10696 2/7th Cavalry Regiment   1939-1945
Douglas, Henry Beirne   404562 1 Service Flying Training School (RCAF)   1939-1945
Douglas, Henry Charles   3339 6th Field Company Engineers   1914-1918
Douglas, Henry George   NX70533 1 Ordinance Workshops AAOC   1939-1945
Douglas, Henry Penghana Harry Douglas  434 12th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Hugh Maxwell     47th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Hugh Peter   VX23958 2/22nd Battalion (Infantry)   1939-1945
Douglas, James   2361 58th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, James Alexander   3391 12th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, James Burgess   5579 18th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, James Kenneth   260280 1 Squadron   1939-1945
Douglas, James Mutch   3620 35th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, James Watkins   424566 625 Squadron RAF   1939-1945
Douglas, John   6315 26th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, John Alexander   1674 60th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, John Andrew   400 5th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, John Angus   420924 29 Operational Training RAF   1939-1945
Douglas, John Charles   353 1 Division Train Headquarters Australian Army Service Corps   1914-1918
Douglas, John Keith   NX100329 2/14 Field Regiment RAA   1939-1945
Douglas, John Keith JKD 403564 467 Squadron RAAF   1939-1945
Douglas, John Marshall Noad   409674 RAAF att RCAF Station Trenton   1939-1945
Douglas, John Robert   4493 15th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, John Singers   281 12th Company Australian Machine Gun Corps   1914-1918
Douglas, Johnstone Matthewson   3644 26th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Joseph   3033 9th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Joseph Howard   7459 2nd Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Kenneth   VX89748 58/59th Battalion (Infantry)   1939-1945
Douglas, Kenneth George* Kenneth George Douglas  1800 17th Battalion (Infantry) Belgium  1914-1918
Douglas, Leslie Victor   517 29th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Morton Osborne(1)   1209 4th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Osborne Henry   5876 22nd Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Percy   537 3rd Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Reginald Alexander   WX6658 2/28th Battalion (Infantry)   1939-1945
Douglas, Robert   1892 47th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Robert   NX190322 AAOC 3 AUST DIV MOBILE LAUNDRY   1939-1945
Douglas, Robert Burns   409389 73 Operational Training RAF   1939-1945
Douglas, Robert James   426559 1660 Conversion RAF   1939-1945
Douglas, Robert Patrick   1171A 46th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Roger     Australian Flying Corps   1914-1918
Douglas, Ronald Norvel   5338 17th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Roy Lyndhurst   429 4th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Stanley Alison   3454 16th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Thomas George   NX201879 2/5th Battalion (Infantry)   1939-1945
Douglas, Thomas Ian   PM3146 HMAS Brisbane   1939-1945
Douglas, Thomas Leslie   1527 28th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Victor   VX40426 2/23rd Battalion (Infantry)   1939-1945
Douglas, Vincent John   B2917 HMAS Perth   1939-1945
Douglas, Wallace Gordon   3011 1st Pioneer Battalion   1914-1918
Douglas, Walter Aberdeen   7183 34th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, Wilfred Ernest   2591A 51st Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, William   4104 5th Company Australian Machine Gun Corps   1914-1918
Douglas, William   NX30840 ENGRS TRG DEPOT   1939-1945
Douglas, William Bowman     3rd Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, William Charles   4190 9th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglas, William Edward* William Edward Douglas QX2431 No 2 Company AASC   1939-1945
Douglass, Allyn Clive   404374 7 Operational Training Tocumwal   1939-1945
Douglass, Clarence Henry   5365 2nd Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglass, Claud   3637 18th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglass, George Henry   S212512 AASC (CENTRAL AUST MT COLN) CAMT   1939-1945
Douglass, Horace Surry   2085 1st Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglass, Neil   VX21234 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion   1939-1945
Douglass, Roy Andrew   6012 14th Battalion (Infantry)   1914-1918
Douglass, Walter Ernest   19529 HMAS Perth   1939-1945


Notes: * indicates details held in the genealogy database.


1. Morton Osborne Douglas was christened on 27 Feb 1880, the son of Henry William Douglas, born on 1 Sep 1843 in Launceston, Tasmania, and Jane Franklin Gunn. They had married on 22 Jul 1869 at Launceston.

Morton married Susanna Elizabeth Adams at St Johns Church of England, Launceston on 13 Jan 1904. He served in the First World War and died at Gallipoli on 6 Aug 1915. They had a son: Kenneth Morton Douglas, born on 2 Aug 1910 and died on 11 Jan 1961 at age 50, and a daughter, Marjorie Jean. Kenneth married Marion Beaumont Gibson. Marion was born on 31 Aug 1904 and died on 21 Mar 1985 in Launceston at age 80. They had one son: Alastair Stephen Douglas.


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