Biographies - Alphabetical Listing


The names listed below are those for whom there is a biography.  Many hundreds (thousands?) of other names, with dates of birth, etc, are recorded in these pages.  They may be found by using the search facility.

Abbot Douglas, Living 940 & 1011
Admiral William Douglas 1749 - 1817
Air Marshall William Douglas of Kirtleside 1893 - 1969
Brigadier General William M. Douglass, 1942 -
Brigadier William Charles Douglas, 1862-
Canon Charles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944
Captain Walter Douglas
Captain William Bloomfield Douglas, 1822 - 1906
Captain William Douglas, d1741
Captain William Grant Douglas, 1824-1898
Captain William Henry Douglas, living 1813
Colonel William Douglas, 1742 - 1777
Commander William Manners Wellington Douglas 1814 - 1865
Deacon William Douglas, 1610 - 1682
Descendants of Wilhem Douglas, Living 1824
Dr William Douglas, 1845-1929
Dr William Douglas, living 1746
Dr William K. Douglas
Genearal William Douglas, abt 1825 - abt 1877
General William Douglas, d1747
Governor Walter Douglas of Antigua
Hon William Sholto Douglas, 1886 - 1932
James Douglas, 4th Duke of Hamilton, 1658-1712
John Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, 1886-1929
Judge Walter Bond Douglas, 1851-1920
Justice William Orville Douglas, 1898-1980
Lieutenant-Colonel Lord William Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 1896-1958
Lord William Robert Keith Douglas, 1783–1859
Lt William H. Douglas RN, k1797
Maj.-Gen. William Douglas-Maclean-Clephane, 1759-1803
Major General Sir William Douglas, 1770-1834
Major General Sir William Douglas, 1858-1920
Major Walter Gordon Douglas-Willan, k1918
Major William Hew Sholto Douglas, b1947
Major William Sholto Douglas, 1875-1914
Provost William Douglas of Forfar, Living 1726
Rev William Douglas, 1708-1798
Rev William Douglas, 1768 -1818
Rev William Douglas, living 1874
Rev. Walter Douglas, 1674–1727)
Rev. William Frederic Douglas, d1874
Rev. William Keith Douglas, 1888-1943
Rev. William Willoughby Douglas, 1824-1898
Sir Wiliam Longleg Douglas, c1200 - c1274
Sir William de Douglas (1174 - 1213)
Sir William Douglas Hamilton, 1730 - 1803
Sir William Douglas of Castle Douglas, d 1809
Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig, d1572
Sir William Douglas of Hawick, Living 1615
Sir William Douglas of Kelhead, d1673
Sir William Douglas, 2nd Bt of Kelhead
Sir William Douglas, 4th Bt of Kelhead, c1730-1783
Sir William Douglas, Lord of Nithsdale, Living 1387
Sir William Randolph Douglas, 1921 - 2003
Sir William Scott Douglas,1890–1953
Thomas, William and James Drysdale
Vice Admiral Sir William Henry Douglas, 1763-1809
W.W. Douglas, b. bef 1905
Waddell Cunningham Douglas, 1809-1896
Walburga Habsburg Douglas, b1958
Wallace B. Douglas, 1852-1930
Wallace Douglas, 1911-1990
Walt Douglas, Living 2013
Walter Donald Douglas, 1861 - 1912
Walter Douglas Campbell of Innis Chonain, 1850 - 9 Mar 1914
Walter Douglas of Kaigtown, bc1580
Walter Douglas, 1917–2013
Walter Douglas, b1961
Walter Douglas, living 2016
Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch
Walter Johnstone Douglas, 1886–1972
Walter, 8th Duke of Buccleuch, 1894-1973
Warren Douglas, 1911-1997
Washington Gideon Douglas, 1857-1947
Wayne Douglas, k 1995
Whetu Douglas, b1991
Wiley J. Douglass, born 1792
Wilf Douglas, 1917-2004
Wilhelm Graf Douglas, Living 1965
Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Graf von Douglas, 1849-1908
Wilhelm Ludwig Karl von Douglas, 1849-1908
William 'Alec' Douglas, b1929
William 'Le Hardi' Douglas
William 'Le Hardi' Douglas
William (Bill) Douglas (b. 1967)
William 1st Duke of Queensberry, 1637-1695
William A Douglas, 1939-
William Archer Sholto Douglas, 1886-1951
William Archibald Douglas, d1799
William Boone Douglas, b1864
William Campbell Douglass II
William Campbell Douglass III
William D. Douglass, 1805-1866
William Dewhurst Douglas, 1921 - 2022
William Dexter Douglass, 1929-2013
William Douglas 14th of Cavers,  c. 1688 – 1748
William Douglas of Almorness, abt1745-1821
William Douglas of Dornock, Living 1707
William Douglas of Egilsay, living 1667
William Douglas of Hermiston, Living 1277
William Douglas of Leith
William Douglas of Leswalt, Living 1390
William Douglas of Liddesdale, c1300-1353
William Douglas of Loudon, d 1782
William Douglas of Whittinghame, c1540-1598
William Douglas, 10th earl of Angus, 1552-1611
William Douglas, 12th Duke of Hamilton
William Douglas, 1745-1810
William Douglas, 1780-1832
William Douglas, 1812-1858
William Douglas, 1812-1874
William Douglas, 1863-1932
William Douglas, 1st baron of Drumlanrig, b1427
William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas
William Douglas, 1st of Glenbervie
William Douglas, 2nd earl of Angus, c1398-1497
William Douglas, 2nd Laird of Drumlanrig, d1458
William Douglas, 3rd Laird of Drumlanrig, d1464
William Douglas, 4th Duke of Hamilton
William Douglas, 4th Laird of Drumlanrig, k1484
William Douglas, 4th of Brigton, 1803-1869
William Douglas, 6th Laird of Drumlanrig, d1513
William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton
William Douglas, 9th Earl of Morton, d1681
William Douglas, b bef 1884
William Douglas, bc 1758
William Douglas, born 1921
William Douglas, convict, 1763-1835
William Douglas, Covenanter
William Douglas, d1791
William Douglas, drowned 1839
William Douglas, house painter
William Douglas, Journalist, Living 2004
William Douglas, living 1835
William Douglas, Living 1907
William Douglas, living 1918
William Douglas, Living 1965
William Douglas, Living 2004
William Douglas, Living 2004
William Douglas, Living 2004
William Douglas, Lord of Nithsdale, c1390 - 1480
William Douglas, murderer, bc1982
William Douglas, musician, Living 2003
William Douglas-Home, 1912-1992
William Douglas-Pennant, Lord Penrhyn (1908 - 2003)
William Douglass, 1831-1923
William Douglass, c1691 - 1752
William E. Douglas
William Fettes Douglas, 1822–1891
William Gregg Douglas, 1863-1936
William Henry Douglas, watch maker
William Howard Douglass, 1782-1834
William Huggett Douglas, b1895
William Joseph Douglas, c1871-1938
William Keener Douglas, 1825 - 1908
William Lewis Douglas, 1845-1924
William Morales Douglas, c1819-1897
William of Glenbervie, 9th Earl of Angus, c1532 - 1591
William Proctor Douglas, b1842
William R Douglas
William Reid Douglas, living 1860
William Reid Douglas, living 1898
William Scott Douglas, 1815-1883
William Scott Douglas, 1867-1915
William Selby Douglas, b1826
William T. Douglass, 1857-1913
William Thomas Douglas, b abt 1949
William Y. Douglass, b1877
William, 11th Duke of Hamilton, 1811-1863
William, 2nd Lord Mordington ( - c1677)
William, 3rd Duke of Hamilton, 1634-1694
William, 4th Duke Queensberry, 1724-1810
William, 6th Duke of Buccleugh
William, 6th Earl of Douglas
William, 6th Earl of Morton
William, 8th Earl of Douglas, k1542
William, Earl of Queensberry, c1582 - 1640
william, Lord of Douglas k1333
Willie Douglas (1940-2018)