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Marriage Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press





('Here' is thought to be  Stranraer)


DOUGLAS, Alexander - M11/7/1845 - At Gatehouse, on the 11th instant, by the Rev. George Murray of Girthon, Alexander Douglas, of the Royal Engineers, to Annabella, third daughter of Bailie Munro, Blue Bell Inn there.

DOUGLAS, Ann - M25/4/1853 - Here, at Hanover Street, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. Mr Easton, Mr Peter Collins, Glasgow, to Ann, second daughter of Mr Douglas, innkeeper.

DOUGLAS, Ann Georgina - M11/12/1845 - At Charchover, Warwickshire, on the 11th inst., Chas. Home Drummond, Esq., to Lady Anne Georgina Douglas, youngest daughter of the late Marquis of Queensberry.

DOUGLAS, Anne - M12/8/1844 - At Maxwelltown, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Mr Rankin, Mr Archibald M'Turk, merchant, to Anne, daughter of the late Mr Douglas, of the Excise.

DOUGLAS, Cecilia - M19/2/1845 - At Edinburgh, on the 19th inst by the Rev. Dr. Muir, the Hon. Augustus George Frederick Jocelyn, Captain in her Majesty's Carabineers, son of the late, and brother of the present Earl of Roden, to Cecilia, second daughter of Major-General Sir Neil Douglas, K.C. B. & K.C.H., Commanding her Majesty's Forces in North Britain.

DOUGLAS, Elizabeth - M15/8/1854 - At Barrhill, on the 15th inst., John, eldest son of Mr William Galt, Waulkmill, Kildonnan, to Miss Jane Thompson.

DOUGLAS, Emma - M7/1/1861 - Here, at Greenvale Street, on the 7th instant, by (the) Rev. James Smellie, Mr John Greig shoemaker, (to) Emma Douglas.

DOUGLAS, Rev. Frederick - M30/4/1846 - On the 30th ult., the Rev. Frederick Douglas, rector of Scrayingham, Yorkshire, and third son of Sir Howard Douglas, M.P. for Liverpool, to Christiana Fanshawe, eldest daughter of Sir R. Stopford, Bart.

DOUGLAS, George - M26/11/1891 - At New-Luce, on the 26th ult., by the Rev. William Forsyth, George Douglas, to Agnes Murray Wright, youngest daughter of William Wright.

DOUGLAS, George Agnew - M27/7/1847 - At Liverpool, on the 27th ultimo, George Agnew Douglas, Esq., of Kirkland Hill, Wigtown, to Catherine Helena, eldest daughter of the late George Houghton, Esq., of Liverpool.

DOUGLAS, Helen - M25/3/1863 - At Wigtown, on the 25th ult., by the Rev. James Fleming, Whithorn, Mr James D. Fraser, youngest son of Mr Alexander Fraser, farmer, Kilsture, to Helen, only daughter of the late James Douglas, Esq., merchant, Rio de Janeiro.

DOUGLAS, Isabella - M9/7/1845 - Here, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. Mr Smellie, Mr T. M'Caig, of the British Linen Company's Bank, to Isabella, daughter of John Douglas, Esq., George Street.

DOUGLAS, Isabella - M12/7/1847 - At Shore Bank, Stranraer, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. Robert Donald, Mr Henry Robinson, of Whitehaven, to Isabella, youngest daughter of Mr Douglas, ship-builder, there.

DOUGLAS, James - M3/8/1852 - At Gatehouse, on the 3d instant, by the Rev. John Robertson, Mr James Douglas, saddler and harness maker there, to Barbara, daughter of the late Mr John Thomson, tanner, Kirkcudbright.

DOUGLAS, Jane - M29/1/1844 - Here, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. Wm. Smellie, Thomas M'Clelland, Esq., surgeon, to Jane, daughter of John Douglas, Esq., George Street.

DOUGLAS, Jane - M9/6/1846 -At Lochans, by Stranraer, on the 9th inst. by the Rev. Mr Simpson, Mr Burnie, farmer, Philbae, parish of Kirkmabreck, to Miss Jane Douglas, Bladnoch Bridge. (Hugh Burnie as per IGI)

DOUGLAS, Janet - M15/7/1847 - Here, at Hanover Street, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Mr M'Leod, Mr Alex Boyd, farmer, Port 0'Spittal to Janet, only daughter of the late John Douglas, farmer, Craigs.

DOUGLAS, Jessie Carson - M19/10/1946 - At Dumfries, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Freeland of St. Mary's, Mr David Latta, Glasgow, to Jessie Carson, eldest daughter of Mr H.R. Douglas, Dumfries.

DOUGLAS, Major John - M1/6/1843 - At Inverleith House, on the 1st inst., by the Very Rev. E.B. Ramsay, Dean of Edinburgh, Major John Douglas, eldest son of Major-General Sir Neil Douglas, K.C.B., Commander of the Forces in Scotland, to the Hon Elizabeth Cathcart, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General Lord Greenock.

DOUGLAS, John - M26/9/1843 - At Doon Park Cottage, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 26th inst., by the Rev. Mr Jenkins of Castle-Douglas, Mr John Douglas, aged 77 years, to Miss Barbara Rae of Carse, aged 36.

DOUGLAS, John - M22/12/1843 - At Auchenflower Hill, Tinwald, on the 22d ult., by the Rev. J. M'Dermid, Mr John Douglas, Brickfield, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr Ross, farmer, Hightown, Tinwald.

DOUGLAS, John - M24/3/1845 - Here, on the 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr Hogarth, Mr John Douglas, joiner, to Jane, daughter of Mr John M'Dowall, vintner, Lochans.

DOUGLAS, Margaret - M16/7/1844 - At Ardwell, Newabbey, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. James Hamilton, Mr James Boyle, to Miss Douglas, eldest daughter of Mr James Douglas, late of Riddingwood, now resident in Melbourne, Port Philip, New South Wales. (James Boyle to Margaret Douglas on July 16, 1844 at New Abbey, Kirkcudbright as per the IGI)

DOUGLAS, Margaret - M13/3/1878 - At Broughton Skeog, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. J. Gorrie, F.C., minister of Sorbie, John Potts, to Margaret Douglas.

DOUGLAS, Mary - M14/2/1878 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. W. M'Lean, John Kevan, Portwilliam, to Mary Douglas.

DOUGLAS, Mary Gaw - M25/4/1871 - At Garliestown, on the 25th ult., by the Rev. James Fleming, U.P. Church, Whithorn, Mr G. Nisbet wine and spirit merchant, to Mary Gaw, third daughter of Mr John Douglas. (George Nisbet as per Diana)

DOUGLAS, Nancy - M6/6/1843 - At New Galloway, on the 6th inst., Mr John M'Cormick, to Nancy, fourth daughter of Archibald Douglas, Esq., surgeon there.

DOUGLAS, Nicholas - M1/9/1845 - At the Commercial Inn, Kirkcudbright, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. John M'Millan, of the Free church, Mr Charles Stewart, to Miss Nicholas Douglas.

DOUGLAS, Captain Peter - M7/4/1846 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. Samuel Richardson, Captain Peter Douglas, of Liverpool, to Jeanie, youngest daughter of the late William Kevan, Esq., of Corsbie West.

DOUGLAS, Robert - M17/8/1844 - At the Independent Chapel, Walsall, on the17th inst., by the Rev. S. Jackson, Mr Robert Douglas, draper, Walsall, son of Mr Robert Douglas, Chaplecroft, near Castle-Douglas, to Miss Mary Middlemore, Walsall.

DOUGLAS, Robert M. - M8/2/1864 - Here, at Agnew Crescent, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. George Sherwood, Mr Robert M. Douglas, Inland Revenue, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr Andrew Cumming.

DOUGLAS, Thomas - M19/2/1874 - Here, at Greenvale street, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Robert Hogarth, Mr Thomas Douglas, shoemaker to Miss Harriett Perrie.

DOUGLAS, Wm. - M17/4/1849 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 17th inst., Wm. Douglas of Somerhill, Crossmichael, to Miss M'Queen.

DOUGLAS, Wm. - M15/8/1860 - At Quay Head, here, on the15th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Smellie, Mr Wm. Douglas, to Jessie, third daughter of Mr Wm Bruce, Iron Merchant, Stranraer.






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