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Index of first names

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Decendants of 1st Earl of Queensberry, d1640
Descendants of 1st Duke of Hamilton
Descendants of James Douglas, 1755 - 1860
Descendants of King Robert II
Descendants of the 9th Earl of Angus, d1591
Descendants of Wilhem Douglas, Living 1824
Descendants of William of Douglas, c1177
Douglas descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden
Douglas Montagu Scott Family Tree
Douglas of Friarshaw
Douglas of Whittinghame
Family trees with a Northamptonshire connection
Henderson Douglas family tree
Nettie Washington Douglas family tree
Northamptonshire Family Trees
Scotti Douglas of Fombio and Sarmato tree (Italy)
Scotti feudal lords of Varsi (Italy)
Vigoleno family tree

•  The Morton succession
•  Black Douglas family tree
•  Descendants of Andrew Douglas, 4th Lord of Friarshaw
•  Descendants of Hosea Dugliss (Douglas) (1793 - 1864)
•  Dundarrach family tree
•  Descendants of William 'long legs'
•  Douglas of Garrallan
•  Douglas of Tilquhillie
•  Swinton-Hepburn family tree
•  Douglas families of Stoneykirk and Two Mark, Wigtonshire [pdf] (Links with the family below)
•  Ancestors of Alexander Douglas, 1855-1922 [pdf]
•  Genealogy tree from the earliest times, taken from Synopsis de la genealogia de la antiquissima y nobilissima familia Brigantina o Douglas, as held in the Spanish National Library [pdf]
•  Descendants of William Douglas, 6th of Drumlanrig [pdf]
•  Douglas of Castle Douglas
•  Douglas of Friarshaw
•  Ancestors of the Duke of Hamilton (27mb)
•  Descendants of Walter Douglas, Governor of the Leeward Islands
•  Kirk Douglas family tree
•  Descendants of John Silver
•  Origins of the Douglas Scotto of Italy
•  Descendants of William Douglas and Grizel McKeand (1)
•  Descendants of William Douglas and Grizel McKeand (2)
•  Burkes Peerage entry for John Douglas, 21st Earl of Morton
•  Descent to children of James Charles Douglas Tree and Penelope Puckle {pdf}

The following charts are from Percy Adams's 'A history of the Douglas Family'.
•  Chart 1 - Douglas of Drumlanrig & Morton in Nithsdale
•  Chart 2 - Douglas of Morton in Nithsdale (Dumfriesshire) & Fingland (Kirkcudbrightshire)
•  Chart 3 - Douglas of Dalkeith, Borgue, Corheid, Langnidry & Moffat, etc 1305-1580
•  Chart 4 - Johnstone of Annandale, Barcleuch, Corheid & Lochhouse
•  Chart 5 - Johnstone of Cragoburn and Corheid
•  Chart 6 - Douglas of Fingland (Kirkcudbrightshire) & and their descendants of Witham & Salwarpe (Worcestershire)
•  Chart 7 - Gresley of Drakelow (Staffordshire & Derbyshire) & Salwarpe (Worcestershire)

See also:

• The Early Douglases
• Descendants
• Douglas family tree (Main Branches)



If you have a family tree we could link to, or include, please forward the details to The Douglas Archives



1.  The chart duplicates and lists William Douglas, Lord of Liddesdale as a separate person from William Douglas, Knight of Liddesdale and makes the Knight the son of the Good Sir James. The Good Sir James and his 2nd cousin, James Douglas of Lothian are often confused as being one and the same. As always, it is a case of caveat lector.

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