Biographies - Alphabetical Listing


The names listed below are those for whom there is a biography.  Many hundreds (thousands?) of other names, with dates of birth, etc, are recorded in these pages.  They may be found by using the search facility.

Admiral Robert Gordon Douglas, 1829-1910
Alexander Sholto Douglas (x3)
Archbishop Ranuccio (Ranuzio) Scotti Douglas, 1597-1659
Bob Douglas, 1920-1979
Bob Douglas, living 1912
Capt Richard Douglas, 1788-1866
Captain Richard Douglas, US Army
Cecil ‘Robin’ Douglas-Home, 1932-1968
Col Robert Douglas of Strathendry,
Col. Robert Douglas, k.1745
Commander Roddam Douglas, c1807-1813
Consul Ron Douglas, Living 2004
Count Rossii Scotti of Perugia
Douglas of Kangaroo Point
Dr Robert Douglas, d1716
Flying Officer Robert Douglas, GC
G. Ross Douglas, 1939-
General Robert Douglas, 1778-1871
General Robert Douglas, Count of Skenninge
Harry R. Douglas, 1862-1934
Holyrood Palace
Hon (Archibald) Roderick Douglas
James Douglas, 1925 - 2006
Judge Robert A. Douglas, bc1940
King Robert II, c1315 - 1390
Lt General Sir Robert Douglas, abt 1745 - 1827
Major General Robert Douglas of Garlston, c1744 - 1798
Major General Robert Douglas, 1727-1809
Major General Robert Douglas, d1828
Major General Robert W. Douglass 1900 - 1976
Major General Sir Robert Percy Douglas, 1804-1891
Prime Minister Roosevelt Douglas, 1941 - 2000
Prof Robert Matheson Douglas, b1936
Professor Rob Douglas, Living 2001
Professor Robert Langton Douglas
Rab Douglas, Footballer, Living 2008
Rachel Douglas, living 2014
Rachel Douglas-Home, 27th Baroness Dacre, 1929-2012
Ralph Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 4th Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, b1961
Ralph Waddell Douglass, 1895—1971
Randolph Douglas - Randini, 1926-1956
Raymond Dunckley Douglas, 1893-1920
Raymond E. Douglas, 1948 – 2007
Regent James Douglas of Morton, d1542
Rene Douglas, b1967
Rev Robert Douglas, 1594 - 1674
Rev Robert Douglas, 1747-1820
Rev Robert Douglas, c1796-1846
Rev Robert Douglas, d1742
Rev Robert Douglas, died 1867
Rev Robert Gresley Douglas, 1862 -
Rev. Robert Douglas, 1765-1806
Richard 'Dixie' Douglas, 1860-1994
Richard Brooks Douglas, 1963-2020
Richard Douglas, b1987
Richard Douglas-Green, Living 2006
Richard Douglass, 1746–1828
Richard Douglass, b1828
Richard Giles "Dick" Douglas, b1932
Richard John Hardy Douglas, 1831-1913
Richard Philip Douglas, b1956
Richard Roy Douglas, 1907-2015
Richard Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott, 10th Duke of Buccleuch, b1954
Richard William Glode Douglas, 1798-1862
Richardo Keens-Douglas
Rob Douglas, 1882-1979
Rob Douglas, living 2011
Rob Douglas, Living 2017
Robert (Bob) Oliver Douglas, 1932-2012
Robert Albert Douglas, 1887-1959
Robert Andrews Mackenzie-Douglas, 1837-1910
Robert Archibald Graf von Douglas, 1754-1818
Robert Blyth Douglas, 1868-1953
Robert Bulloch Douglas, b1869
Robert Claude Gresley Douglas, 1898-1982
Robert Dick Douglas, 1875-1960
Robert Douglas of Ardrossan, 1759-1847
Robert Douglas of Fyrish, d1826
Robert Douglas of Leith
Robert Douglas, 12th Earl of Morton
Robert Douglas, 1740-1776
Robert Douglas, 1859 - 1929
Robert Douglas, 1871-1948
Robert Douglas, 1909-1999
Robert Douglas, 1909-1999
Robert Douglas, 1930-2010
Robert Douglas, 1st Viscount Belhaven, c1572 - 1639
Robert Douglas, 3rd of Brigton, 1773-1835
Robert Douglas, 4th Earl of Buchan
Robert Douglas, b abt 1940
Robert Douglas, b1812
Robert Douglas, b1822
Robert Douglas, b1982
Robert Douglas, c1745
Robert Douglas, Engineer, b1822
Robert Douglas, k1917
Robert Douglas, living 1667
Robert Douglas, Living 1850
Robert Douglas, living 1980
Robert Douglas, Living 2004
Robert Douglas, Living 2005
Robert Douglas, Master of Morton
Robert Douglas, Master of Morton
Robert Douglas, Minister of Pencaitland
Robert Douglas, Provost of Lincluden, d 1609
Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
Robert Gilchrist Douglas, b1947
Robert Ingi Douglas, 1973
Robert James Douglas, b1972
Robert Jeffray Douglas, k1916
Robert Johnston Douglas, 1877-1972
Robert Kennaway Douglas
Robert Martin Douglas, 1849-1917
Robert Noel Douglas, 1868-1957
Robert Ramsay Douglas, 1944-2002
Robert Scott Douglas, arsonist
Robert Smeaton Douglas, 1863 - 1912
Robert St John Blacker-Douglass, 1893-1915
Robert Stuart Douglas
Robert The Bruce
Robert Wilhelm Douglas, 1724-1778
Robert, 8th Earl of Morton
Robert, Baron van Breugel Douglas, 1791-1873
Robin Douglas, living 2011
Robyn Douglas, Living 2004
Roddam Hulke Douglas, 1817 - 1902
Roderick Douglas, 1908-1990
Rodlyn Douglas-Kirkwood, 1949-2010
Roger Douglas, 1894-1919
Ronald Campbell Gunn Douglas, 1870-1921
Ronald Douglas, 1890-1922
Ronald George Douglas, b1938
Ronald Irvine Douglas, 1899-1973
Ronald MacDonald Douglas, Author and Patriot
Rose Douglas, artist
Rosina Drew, 1811-1912
Rosita Spencer-Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
Rowley Douglas, b1977
Roy Douglas, b1924
Ruben Enrique Douglas, b 1979
Rupert Douglas, c1658
Rupert Douglas-Bate, b.1963
Ryan Douglas, b1993
Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven, abt1515-1547
Sir Robert Douglas, 1899-1996
Sir Robert Douglas, 3rd of Glenbervie, k1692
Sir Robert Douglas, 6th Bart of Glenbervie, 1694-1770
Sir Robert Douglas, laird of Blackerston
Sir Roger Owen Douglas, b1937