Religious Biographies - Alphabetical Listing


The names listed below are those for whom there is a biography.  Many hundreds (thousands?) of other names, with dates of birth, etc, are recorded in these pages.  They may be found by using the search facility.

Abbot Douglas, Living 940 & 1011
Alexander Douglas, living 1528
Alexander Jackson Douglas, 1827 - 1905
Alonzo Cline Douglass, 1866-1957
Archbishop John Douglas, c1494-1574
Archbishop Ranuccio (Ranuzio) Scotti Douglas, 1597-1659
Bishop Alexander Douglas, 1561-1623
Bishop Brice Douglas
Bishop Edward Douglas, 1901-1967
Bishop Frank Douglas, Jr, living 2013
Bishop Gerald Douglas, 1875-1934
Bishop Henry Alexander Douglas 1821-1875
Bishop Ian Douglas, b1958
Bishop John Douglas, 1721-1807
Bishop John Douglass, 1743–1812
Bishop Valentine Douglas, d1598
Blessed George Douglas, K1587
Canon Archibald Douglas, 1914-2004
Canon Charles Winfred Douglas, 1867-1944
Daniele Scotti
Deacon Isaac Douglas, b1838
Dr Robert Douglas, d1716
Elijah Putnam Douglas, b1938
Father Luc Charles Sholto Douglas, k1792
Fr. Edward Douglas, 1819-1898
Francis Vernon Douglas, 1910-1943
Gavin Douglas - poet & bishop, 1474 - 1522
George Douglas of Penziere, k1587
George Douglas, Bishop of Moray, d1589
George James Cosmo Douglas, 1889-1973
Gianbernardino Scotti, 1478-1568
Giovani Filippo Gallarati Scotti, living 1785
Gordon Douglas, living 1900
Hon Rev Charles Douglas of Earlsgift, 1791-1857
Ivor Douglas, pastor
James Douglas, d1780
James Moffat Douglas, 1839–1920
Leopold Colin Henry Douglas Campbell/Campbell, 6th Baron Blythswood, 1881–1940
Lloyd C Douglas, 1877 - 1951
Lord Blythswood
Lt Col Gavin Douglas, living 2006
Neil Douglas (Britannicus), 1750–1823
Pastor Fred Douglas, Living 2004
Rev Adam Black Douglas, d1862
Rev Alexander Douglas, 1807-1853
Rev Andrew Douglas d 2001
Rev Arthur Jeffreys Douglas, b1871
Rev Canon John Albert Douglas, 1868-1956
Rev Colin Douglas, Living 2005
Rev Dr Ian Douglas
Rev Elijah Douglas,
Rev George Douglas, 1825-1894
Rev George Robinson-Douglas, 1813-1878
Rev Hans Douglas
Rev Henry Douglas, 1811-1849
Rev Hiram Douglas, 1813-1865
Rev Hugh Osborne Douglas, 1911-1986
Rev James Douglas, 1753-1819
Rev James Douglas, 4th Baron Douglas of Douglas
Rev James Douglas, k1944
Rev James Douglas, living 1900
Rev James Struthers Douglas, 1817-1884
Rev John Douglas, 1809-1879
Rev John Douglas, 1853-1920
Rev John Douglas, 1d1768
Rev John Douglas, c 1817
Rev John Douglas, d1671
Rev Joseph Douglas, d1805
Rev Lord Archibald Douglas
Rev Louis Douglas, living 2004
Rev Philip Henry Douglas, living 1813
Rev Robert Douglas, 1594 - 1674
Rev Robert Douglas, 1747-1820
Rev Robert Douglas, c1796-1846
Rev Robert Douglas, d1742
Rev Robert Douglas, died 1867
Rev Robert Gresley Douglas, 1862 -
Rev Stair Douglas, c1805-1874
Rev Thomas Douglas, c1679
Rev Thomas Douglas, d1634
Rev William Douglas, 1708-1798
Rev William Douglas, 1768 -1818
Rev William Douglas, living 1874
Rev. Alexander Douglas, 1858-1922
Rev. Canon Archibald Douglas, 1947-2004
Rev. Charles Henry Douglass, d1916
Rev. Donald Macpherson Douglas, 1901-1970
Rev. Edward Archibald Douglas, c1780-1856
Rev. Hon. Henry Douglas B bef 1848
Rev. John Jordan Douglass, 1875-1940
Rev. Malcom Douglas, b1825
Rev. Philip Douglas,1758 – 1822
Rev. Robert Douglas, 1765-1806
Rev. Walter Douglas, 1674–1727)
Rev. William Frederic Douglas, d1874
Rev. William Keith Douglas, 1888-1943
Rev. William Willoughby Douglas, 1824-1898
Reverend Archibald William Douglas, 1870-1955
Robert Bulloch Douglas, b1869
Robert Douglas, Minister of Pencaitland
Robert Douglas, Provost of Lincluden, d 1609
Robert Noel Douglas, 1868-1957
Rt. Rev. the Hon. Arthur Gascoigne, 1827–1905
San Folco Scotti, 1165-1229
The Rev. Canon Kelly Brown Douglas
The Reverend Philip Carlton Douglas, 1922 - 2011
The Rev’d Charles Douglas, 1870-1955
The Venerable Hamilton Douglas-Hamilton 1853 - 1929
Thomas Douglas, Dean of Restalrig

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Douglases - Priests and ministers of religion

Bishop Douglas ' 8 March 1794 'of Centario-Delegate of the Holy See for Saint Domingo
Appointed Chaplain to the Irish Brigade
Adam Douglas 1594 In Hume and Crailing
Adam Douglas   Son of Rev William (St Andrews); minister in Crailing and Nisbet 1588 and Yetholm 1594. Succeeded by his sister, so unmarried?

Alain Douglas


Stipendiary Curate West Itchenor

? Douglas 1841 Vicar of Shalford, Essex

Alexander Douglas


Bishop of Moray
Parson of Elgin 1606

Alexander Douglas c1691 & 1706 Minister of Logie, Stirling; He built a new manse. Son of Very Rev Robert Douglass of Edinburgh,
Alexander Houston Douglas 1841 M.A., Gordon Square; of Baads; ?and of Craigs who died 21 June 1852

Alexander Douglas


Canon of Spynie and Vicar of Elgin

Alexander Douglas 1577 Minister (still) in Yarrow 1594

Rev Alexander Douglas (of Baads)


Minister in 1718 at Skirling, Scotland. He was the Minister in 1725 at East Calder, Midlothian, Scotland.

Rev. Alexander Douglas

?vicar of St john Baptist, Bathwick

Alexander Douglas class of 1607 after working as janitor for the Town College in Edinburgh was ordained in 1612. Will and testament dated 1654;
w: 1st Agnes Messer s: William, Archibald w: 2nd Janet Paterson s: James d: Helen, Agnes
Alexander Douglas c1649-1704 Prior of Coldingham; son of Samuel (below)
Alexander Douglas (Dowglas, Duglas) c 1655 Minister at Coldingham; listed as a Covenanter (Same as above?)
Andrew Douglas class of 1599 First minister of Hownam; died 1607
Andrew Douglas 1900-1818  United Free Church, Invergordon; then Glasgow; then Nassau, Bahamas; wife Emma, son Alexander k1918
Archibald Douglas 1643-46 Minister in Baro, East Lothian

Archibald Douglas

d. 1696

Minister of Salton, and grandfather of the Bishop of Salisbury, was the third son of Mr. James Douglass, of Inchmarlo, and Isobell Ramsay. Married Janet Carmichael, daughter of William former schoolmaster in Colinton, minister in Wamphray

Archibald Douglas c. 1600 Archdeacon of Glasgow and minister in Peebles; father of John (below)
The Very Reverend Lord Archibald Canon Douglas    the Presbytery, Girvan Sacred Hearts
Archibald Douglas c 1650 of Newbattle; listed as a Covenanter
Rev. Archibald Douglas   of Dornoch;  Portrait painted between 1762-1837 Or of Dornock?

Rev. Archibald Edward Douglas (Archy)


Rector of Cootehill, Ireland  Archibald Edward Douglas of Carnalloway & Outragh (b 1778, d 12.02.1855, rector of Drumgoon) m. (23.08.1809) Susan Murray (d 04.1826, dau of 4th Earl of Dunmore, widow of Joseph Thorp then John Drew)
Son of Captain Archibald Martin John Douglas of Darnock (b 21.04.1747, d 1787) and m. (24.03.1774) Mary Elizabeth Crosbie (d 1824, dau of Sir Paul Crosbie, 4th Bart of Crosbie Park)

Rev Archibald James Douglas, 1848-1897 Vicar of Mathon, Worcestershire, son of Stewart Douglas, of Gorbals House

Rev. Arthur Jeffries Douglas

Rector of Salwarpe; and of the Universities Mission to Central Africa. Son of William Willoughby Douglas, below

Archdeacon Douglas


thought to be of Zanzibar

Brice Douglas


Bishop of Moray

Bryce Kerr Douglas 1837-1915 By 1880 he was a Presbyterian Clergyman in Otsego, New York. In 1885 he was ordained at Paterson City, New Jersey. Son of Walter, the watchmaker

Rev Carstairs Douglas


Carstairs was also a son of Rev Robert Douglas.  He was a missionary - see

Rev Charles Douglas   MA Glasgow University 1764; Appointed to Church in 1773 with a stipend of £75  probably son of Maj James Douglas
Rev Charles Douglas   Minister in Lockerbie

Rev. Charles Geoffrey Douglas

Vicar of Crewe Green, Cheshire

Rev Charles Douglas bef 1748 Minister of Cavers. He married Isobel, daughter of Rev Walter Douglas of Bonjedward.

Rev Hon Charles Douglas


Rector of Donagheady and of Rippingale Grandson of 14th earl of Morton (Married Lady Isabella Gore, dau of 2nd Earl of Arran)

Daniel Douglas 1650 Minister in Hilton 1650-1652; born 1619, son of John Douglas, minister in Crail; a 'protester', resied in Halland for a while

David Douglas

c 1530

Abbot of Holyrood, 1530-1531

Rev. Edwin Albert Douglas  (10 Sep 1861, West Lodge, Crook, Darlington - 1942, Reigate) Cambridge Alumni, son of Thomas.
Edwin was a missionary in Southern India and later Vicar and Rural Dean of Stockton-on-Tees
Evelyn Keith Douglas 1859-1920 Priest in charge of Eton College Mission (1889), Rector av Cleveley, Cambridgeshire (1895), Rural Dean (1903), Honnorary Canon av Ely (1913); son of Stewart Douglas and Catherine Wood

Fr Francis Douglas

d bef 2008

Catholic priest from Australia; Fr Francis Douglas and Fr Max Douglas were brothers now deceased

Francis Sandford Keith Douglas 1857-1892 Priest Sao Paulo, Brasil, son of John More Douglas

Rev. Francis William Gresley Douglas


Vicar of St George, Walsal  See Douglas of Salwarpe

Sir Frederic Douglas-Hamilton

1816 - 1893


Freskin Douglas


Dean of Moray

George Douglas


Bishop of Elgin 1573

Rev. George Douglas c 1823 Parish minister of Kirkwall and then Tain, died 12/10/1823 aged 76 years, father of Robert Douglas of Fyrish

Bishop George Douglas

Bishop of Moray.
Illegitimate son of Archibald, 6th Earl of Angus.

Gerald Wybergh Douglas


Universities' Mission to Central Africa missionary and Bishop of Nyasaland. Son of William Willoughby Douglas, below.


Rev Gawn Douglas

C1886 & 1910

minister of Reformed/ Covenanters Presbyterian Church in Loughbrickland in 1886 & 1910  ?? J. Gawn-Douglas?   b. Ballenon, Co. Armagh, 1832; ed. O.C.B. and R.P. Theological Hall; lic. by Southern Presbytery; ord. Creevagh, 3rd March, 1863; res. May, 1883; inst. Loughbrickland, 6th May, 1884; died 15th March, 1915; m. 1865 daughter of Francis Scott, Drumguilla, Castleblayney 
?? Gawn, Rev. John Douglas, Lissington, Lincoln.?

George Douglas


Born about 1566 as the son of Alexander Douglas, the Provost of the royal burgh of Elgin in Moray. In 1588 he held the living of the parish at Dallas (Presbytery of Forres) just nine miles southwest of Elgin. He studied in Edinburgh and graduated in 1599 under the regency of William Craig. He was admitted to his next charge in 1601 in Cullen with Deskford also in the charge. w: 1st unknown s: Alexander w: 2nd Jean Stewart s: George d: Elizabeth, Marie

George Douglas


Hobkirk and Hoperule; Southdene; Died 1609 aged about 30

Pastor George Douglas


In Manchuria, China during the Boxer rebellion in 1901 (?same as below) He appealed, successfully, to the Court of Emperor Kuang Hsu after the Boxer Rebellion ended in 1901 for peace between Christians and civilians.

Rev George Douglas MA


Missionary in charge of the United Free Church of Scotland Mission in Lioayang, China in 1908 (?same as above)  head of the Wesleyan Manchurian mission at Lioa Yang

Rev George Douglas

Parish minister of Kirkwall and then Tain. Father of six, his daughter, Elizabeth, married (1802) a Demerara sugar merchant, Joseph Julian Labalmondiere. 

Rev George Douglas


Minister in Walker-on-Tyne, son of Rev Hugh Douglas (Alloway)

Rev George Cunningham Monteath Douglas


Reverend Principal of the Scottish Free Church College, also a son of Rev Robert Douglas

Sir George Douglas of Clappertoun


 Subdein in ye Quenis Grace chapel royall in Striviling, and parson of Kinner and Kirhowan

Rev. George Robinson-Douglas

1813 - 30 Jan 1878

of Orchardton, and Almorness, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

Rev Hazel R. Douglas 1919-1955 Buried:Douglas Cemetery, Oswego, Campbell County, Tennessee, USA
Son: Rev HR Douglas
Hector Douglas 1578 Deemed unsuitable Prebeterey of Jedburgh

Henry Douglas


Canon of Spynie and Clerk of Bishop

Canon Henry Douglas

d. 1859

Canon of Durham, father of William Willoughby Douglas, and Rev James Douglas, of Blomfontein,below

Henry Douglas 1841 M.A. Prebendary of Durham, and Rector of Whickham. (?same as above)

Rev. Henry S. Douglas


Rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Oxford

Rev Henry Charles Douglass d. 13 Aug 1916  first Vicar of St Matthew’s Church, Ealing Common, from 1884 -1916. Formerly curate there. Educated at Corpus Christi, Cambridge. Father of Dorothea, the tennis champion and 3 daughters who performed in The Standard Theatre, London
Henry Douglas 1830  At Clearwell a chapel of ease, dedicated to ST. PETER, was built in 1830 through the efforts of the vicar Henry Douglas

Rev Henry Douglas 

b: 12 DEC 1822
d. 1907

Canon of Worcester

Rev. Herman Douglas


Vicar of Sandal Magna and patron of the S???? vicarage of Chapelthorpe. Father of Robert, of St James's, below

Canon Henry Douglas

d. 1859

Canon of Durham, father of William Willoughby Douglas, and Rev James Douglas, of Bleomfontein, below

Rev. Henry Archibald Douglas-Irvine BA MA 1883–1962 A Douglas of Grangemuir; Vicar between 1932 and 1937 at Salton, Yorkshire, England (Holmfirth, West Yorkshire in 1917)

Hugh Douglas


Dean of Brechin Cathedral, son of earl of Ormond

Hugh Douglas


Archdeacon of Moray

Rev Hugh Douglas 1830

21st December 1830 The Rev Hugh Douglas, parish of Dryfesdale and Ann Primrose in this parish (?Lockerbie)were regularly proclaimed and married

Rev Hugh Douglas 1801-1864 Minister in Alloway, father of Rev George Douglas of Walker-on-Tyne

Rev. Dr. Ian T. Douglas

alive 2003

Professor of Mission and World Christianity at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Reverend Mr. J. Douglas  March 1767 Minister of the Gospel in Jedburgh 

Reverend J. Douglas


 of Blackheath - His wife's portrait is in the Royal collection

Rev. J. Sholto Douglas May 1958 appointed to the benefice of Plympton St. Maurice, in the diocese of Exeter. For the past 71/2 years he has been Vicar of St. Anne's, Derby.
Sir James Douglas 14th September 1528 Canon of the Cathedral of Ross and Rector of "Lynnalar" (? "Lymnalar" -- i.e., Lumlair) (resigned)
James Douglas 1647 iStill n St Andrews April 1658
James Douglas 1652 Son of William of Bonjedard; Minister in Hobkirk and Abbotrule; died 1665

Rev. James Douglas


Canon of Bloemfontein

James Douglas   Son of Robert Douglas, soapboiler; minister in Stow
Rev. James Douglas, D.D died 1780 Prebendary of Durham Cathedral. He was served heir to Archibald Douglas of Cunziertoun 28th September 1736. He married Jean, daughter of Halyburton of Pitcur, but had no issue.
Hon. James Douglas 1841 Rec. of Broughton, Nptonsh. & Marsh Gibbon, Bucks

Rev. James Douglas


Canon of Bloemfontein

Rev James Douglas

died 1826

Minister of the parish of Stewarton; His wife, Anabella, may have married Rev. Tod, minister in Kilsyth, and died there in 1846.
Burgess and Guild Brother of Glasgow, 1823

Father (?James) Douglas Probably dead by Oct.1894  of Modderpoort, ?same as of Bloemfontein, above? Is this 'Uncle Jem'?
Prior James Douglas 1581 Prior of Pluscarden; son of 4th earl of Morton
Rev. James douglas 1817 Vicar of Kenton, Suffolk, previously Rector of Middleton, Sussex, He collected fossils
Rev John Douglas c. 1655 Broughshane 1st was originally called Braid, and had for its first minister the Rev. John Douglass, who was ordained there in August, 1655

Bishop John Douglass

d 1812

Vicar Apostolic of the London District, 1790 - 1812 died in office

Rev John Douglas 1829, 1841 perp curate of Nether Wasdale, Cumberland
Ordained 3 Aug 1817; curate in Coniston, 1816; curate St Bees, 1825; perpetual curate Nether Wasdale, 1827

Rev John Douglas

died Oct. 1576

Principal of St Mary's College, St Andrews ; pres. by James VI. 6th Aug. 1571 ; consecrated 10th Feb. 1572; . He was the first to hold a Protestant Episcopate .in Scotland.

John Douglas 1576 Hopkirk and Abbotrule
John Douglas 1661 Brother of George Douglas of Bonjedward; Minister in Crailing and Nisbett; died 1674
John Douglas Graduated 1601
Died 1641
may have given pulpit supply in several churches prior to settling down at the parish of Kilpatrick-in-the-Muir (Presbytery of Dumfries). He was presented to this parish by James VI on 20th April 1610 Son and heir of Archibald Douglas, the archdeacon of Glasgow and minister in Peebles
John Douglas 1606 minister in Canonbie, Longformacus, Morton and Wauchope; son of William Douglas of Whittingehame
John Douglass c1619 Minister in Crail, father of Daniel (above)
John Douglass Died 1812 Bp. of Centurio, cons. Dec. 19, 1790 at Lulworth; died May 8, 1812 (Bishop John Douglas, above)
John Douglas Graduated 1602 son of John Douglas of Parkhead   ? same as above.
John Douglas Graduated 1587 son of William Douglas of Wittingham and Elizabeth Maitland; father of Robert;
Probably the above.
John Douglas of Kilbucho Graduated 1603 Broughton (Biggar); son of Archibald Douglas, archdeacon of Glasgow; w: Margaret Douglas s: William, James
John Douglas 1740 Kenmore and Jedburgh
John Douglas 1707 Minister in Kirkton; died unmarried 1751 aged about 71
Rev John Abbott Douglass 1821 Ordained to Congregational Church of Warerford, Maine, USA. Possibly husband of Mrs LA Douglass
John Donald Douglas Ordained 1883 Minister in Foulden, tansferrd to Belahouston 29Jun 1886
John Henry Douglas 1832-1919 Quaker minister who worked to establish Quaker meetings in Iowa and later in California
Born in Wayne, Indiana on 27 November 1832; died on 12 December 1919.
Rev Joseph Douglas bc 1780 of Pittsburg, son of Henry Douglas, elder brother of Samuel Douglas
Rev Joseph Douglass d. 14 Dec 1799 Ordained Devrock, Ireland April 9th, 1751;  possibly also minister at Clough/Dunaghy
Father Luc Charles Sholto Douglas bc1760 Succeeded his uncle, Pierre Valentine Douglas in Auch, France.  Said to have been executed for supporting the King during the French Revolution.
Sir Ninian Douglas fl 1550s-1560s vicar of Stobo (predecessor of Robert Douglas)and chaplain of the holy rood in the church of Dalkeit
Matthew Douglas 1829-1869 Campbell, Tennessee, United States

Fr Max Douglas

d bef 2008

Catholic priest from Australia; Fr Francis Douglas and Fr Max Douglas were brothers now deceased

Rev Mellis Stuart Douglas


Vicar of Whitchurch

Rev Moses Douglas


Probably Ireland. Son of Hillary and Mary Douglas

Ninian Dowglas 20 Nov 1644 minister at Sanot Bryde alias Traquair (?son of James Douglas in Lugtoun)
P.H. Douglas 1841 Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.
Patrick Douglas 1574  minister of the kirks of Kyneduard (Drainie) and Essil, (and Alex. Douglas was reader at Essil)
Rev Percy Douglas 1894 Licensed as a curate to St. Peter, Huuslet Moor
Rev Percy Douglas 1900 Hooton, Little Sutton, Chester. South Africa Conciliation Committee March 1900.
Rev Percy Douglas 1900-1925

Vicar of St John's, Great Sutton from 1900 to 1925. (Same as above?) Son of Rev Robert Douglas; Father of 2lt Percy Douglas

Rev Percy Douglas 1903 St. Paul's Church, Hooton, Cheshire - conducted marriage ceremony
Rev Percy Douglas 1894 Assistant chaplain Church of Holy Trinity, Nice
Rev. Percy Sholto Douglas 1937

MA 1913, New College, Oxford

1937 Minister and Canon, All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad

The Reverend Philip Carlton Douglas d2011, aged 88 of Brunette Island, New Bedford (Grace Episcopal Church)

Rev. Philip Douglas D.D.

14 Feb 1797

Vicar of Gedney, Lincoln, void by the death of Thomas Wilson, clerk, the last insumbant

Rev. Philip Douglas D.D.

Master of Corpus Christi, Cambridge

Rev. Philip Henry Douglas

Vicar of Thrumpton, Rural Dean of Bingham; son of Rev William Philip Douglas, descendant of Douglas of Fingland.

Rev. Philip Henry Douglas

not the above! Possibly Rev Philip Henry Douglas of Epsom, Surrey who married Susannah (formerly Susannah Aplin) as his 1st wife.

Rev. Philip William Douglas

1786 -1867

Vicar of Bonby and Horkstow; almost certainly same as below

Rev. Philip William Douglas 1841 M.aA P. C. of Escot, Ottery St. Mary, Devonsh. (Tarlaton.)
Pierre Valentine Douglas bc1730 Canon and Vicar General in Auch, France - succeeded by his nephew, Luc Charles Sholto Douglas
Rev Robert Douglas 1798 Minister of Galashiels; Minister in Hadington;
'Father of Galashiels'; sold land to Sir Walter Scott on which Abbotsford was built
Author of A General View of Agriculture in the Counties of Roxburgh and Selkirk

Bishop Robert Douglas

 c1626 - 1716

of Brechin and of Dunblane, 1684 - 1688

Rev Robert Douglas


of Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, father of Reverend George Cunningham Monteath Douglas and Carstairs Douglas

Rev. R. B. Douglas, M.A., B.D. 1910 United Free Church of Scotland, Jalna

Rev Robert Bulloch Douglas

b. 14 April 1869

Graduate of Glasgow University, 1890
Free Church Missionary to Johannesburg, South Africa
Moderator of the Church in Southern Africa

Robert Douglas 1567 Exhorter in Fishwick and Horndean 1567-1572
Robert Douglas bef 1801-1846 son of James D. of Barloch, Stirlingshire ; educated at Univ. of Glasgow

Robert Douglas

1875 - 1898

St. James's, Chapelthorpe. Owing to a breakdown in his health, the living was voided by the Commissioners in 1898 and he retired with a pension of £65 a year for life. son of Herman Douglas vicar of Sandal, above.

Rev. Robert Douglas died 28 Sep 1742 Minister of Portmoak; Helen his wife was the sister of Isobel Douglas, of Kirkness

Rev. Robert Douglas

Rector at Odell, Bedfordshire, England, father of Prof RL Douglas

Rev. Robert Douglas LL.B

1765 -

Rector of Salwarpe and Hampton Lovett

Rev. Robert Gresley Douglas

1862 -

Vicar of Fichsberg, Rector of Beaconsfield and Rondesbach, South Africa 

Robert Primrose Douglas b. 1844 Presbyterian minister. He was born in Dumfries; 'from Lockerbie'; minister in Campbeltown, Ardersier in 1871
Robert Douglas of Pumpherston 1570 min. of Strathbrock, [now Uphall]
Right Reverend Mr. Robert Douglas 1650 minister at Edinburgh, moderator of 'ye Commission of ye generall assembly'
l r. Robert Douglas 1954 parish priest at Halfway, Cambuslang.  Brother of Bishop Edward Douglas
Roddam Douglas 1841 Curate of Trimdon, Durham
Samuel Douglas c1641 Minister of Coldingham, Drumoak and Edron; father of Alxander (above)
Rev. Samuel Porter "Sam" Douglas 1815-1891 Campbell Co., Tennessee; first born son of Matthew Douglas (1791-1845) and Nancy Ann (King) Douglas (1792-1861).

Fr Sholto Douglas

Nephew of Francis and Max above,
an Oblate missionary in Kenya, 2008

Stair Douglas 1841 Sennicots and Chidham, Funtington, Sussex.
Rev. Thomas Douglas 1679 Covenanter; Preached at Shotts
Thomas Douglas of Clapperton 1573 Dean of (College Kirk of) Restalrig, min. of Strabock, Dalkeith, Lasswade, and Glencorse; son of Robert Douglas of Pumpherston (above)
Walter Douglas 1738 Minister in Legerwood; Died unmarried 1752
Rev Walter Douglas of Bonjedward bef 1748 His daughter Isobel married Rev Charles Douglas, minister of Cavers.

Rev. William Frederick Douglas

1846 (Married)

Rector of Scrayingham, Yorkshire, and third son of Sir Howard Douglas, M.P. for Liverpool,

Rev William Douglas


Possible son of Moses Douglas, of Kinnigo, Co Armargh.

Rev William Douglas Died 29 May 1794 Ordained Billy (or Bushmills) Ireland on the 1st of February, 1783

William Douglas MA


Archdeacon of Wiltshire 1799-1804

Rev. William Henry Brown Douglas


Newton Stewart

Rev. William Keith Douglas MC c1918 Tasmanian chaplain in WW1; son of Archibald and Helen Douglas

Rev. William Willoughby Douglas


Rector of Salwarpe, Canon of Worcester

Rev. William Douglas

living 1834

The fifth Negro to receive Anglican Orders in America, was made a deacon at St. Stephen's Church North Sassafras Parish, Cecil County, Maryland on June 22nd 1834

Rev. William Douglas

17th C

Minister of Aboyne, descendant of Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie by Elizabeth Irvine, father of Rev William, of Midmar

Rev. William Douglas (of Midmar)

17th C

son of Rev William, of Aboyne

Rev William Magee Douglas 1854-1940 Methodist minister / missionary from Ireland who settled in South Africa. Rev Douglas was the grandson of Rev William Douglas, an early Methodist Minister in Ireland

Rev Wm Douglas


 prebendary of Westminster, etc`

Rev William Douglas c1811 Probably in Great Urswick's church of St Mary. (Formerly Lancashire, now Cumbria) ?Is this the same church as St Mary's, Ulverston which also had a rev William Douglas in 1818/1820?

Rev William Douglas


Son of Bishop John Douglas.  Chancellor of the Diocese of Sarum and Canon Residentiary

Rev William Douglas Died 22/2/1874   At the Free Church Manse, Muthill, on the 22nd inst., the Rev. William Douglas

William Douglas

c. 1526

Abbot of Holyrood, 1526-1528. Son of George Douglas, master of Angus.

Rev. Willie J. Douglas born 5 May 1896 Rev. William James Douglas; Baptist, Ordained in 1937 in 1924 in Edmonson Co., Kentucky
Rev. William Douglas 1708-1798 Tutor of young Thomas Jefferson
Bishop William Desmond Douglas 1912-2006 Son of Roderick Hawksley Douglas and Dorothy Mary Ellen Swift; South Africa
Grandson of William Magee Douglas (above)
W.P. Douglas 1841 Lockbere, Devonshire



Edinburgh ministerial graduates’ first charge
Name Year of graduation Parish of the first charge Presbytery of
John Douglas 1587 Longformachus Duns
Andrew Douglas 1595 Southdean Southdean
George Douglas 1599 Dallas Forres
George Douglas 1599 Hobkirk [Hopekirk] Jedburgh
John Douglas 1601 Kirkpatrick-Durham (Dorand) formerly Kilpatrick-in-theMuir Dumfries
John Douglas 1602 army chaplain  
John Douglas 1603 Kilbucho Biggar
Alexander Douglas 1607 Whittingehame Dunbar

Edinburgh graduates
Name Date of graduation Designation
Douglas, Archibaldus 30 June 1617 class 29  
Douglas, Gulielmus 24 July 1619 class 31  
Douglas, Hugo 22 February 1602  
Douglas, Joannes 1587 class 1 minister verbi
Douglas, Johannes 30 July 1601 class 14  
Douglas, Richardus 27 July 1611 class 23  
Douglas, Robertus 22 July 1615 class 27  
Douglase, Georgius 24 July 1619 class 31  
Douglass, Robetrus 30 July 1597 class 10  
Douglassius, Jacobus 25 July 1618 class 30  
Dowgall, Georgius 31 July 1613 class 25  
Dowglas, Alexander 25 July 1607 class 20 minister verb
Dowglas, Andreas 10 August 1595 class 8 minister verb
Dowglas, Joannes 29 July 1603 class 16  
Dowglass, Georgius 28 July 1599 class 12 minister verbi

Wesleyan Methodist Ministers
Name Date & Entered Date &
Place Born Ministry Place Died
Douglas, George   1793 1853
Douglas, Moses   1860 1913
Douglas, William M. B.A.   1877 1940
Douglass, Francis   1854 1902
Douglass, William   1796 1860
Douglass, William   1873 1892



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