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2Lt Andrew Douglas, k1916
A. E. (Andrew Ellicott) Douglass, 1867-1962
Aaron Douglas, 1900 - 1979
Aaron Douglas, b1971
Abdul Hadi Daghlas, killed 2003
Abel Douglas, 1841-1908
Ada Christine Lightsey Douglas, 1874–1955
Adam Thompson Douglas, d1870
Adele Douglas, Living 2004
Admiral Archibald Lucius Douglas, 1842-1913
Adrian Akers-Douglas
Adrian Bugeja Douglas, living 2014
Adrian Douglas, d2013
Agnes Douglas, Countess of Argyll, 1574–1607
Alan Douglas, 1918-1974
Alan Douglas, b1946
Alan Douglas, b1951
Alan Douglas, Living 2010
Alan Douglas, Musician, Living 2004
Alan G. Douglas, living 1973
Alan George Sholto Douglas-Pennant, 1890-1914
Alanson Douglas, 1779-1856
Alasdair Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, b1939
Alasdair Sholto-Douglas, b1960
Alastair Stephen Douglas, fl2006
Albert Bruce Douglas, 1912-1971
Albert Douglas, 1852-1935
Alberto Scotti,c1252-1318
Alex Douglas MP, Living 2011
Alex Douglas, b1958
Alex Douglas, Living 2010
Alexander "Sandy" Shafto Douglas CBE, 1921 -l 2010
Alexander Douglas Douglas, 1843 - 1914
Alexander Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 16th Duke of Hamilton, 1978-
Alexander Douglas of Baads, 1731-1787
Alexander Douglas RN
Alexander Douglas WS, fl c1800
Alexander Douglas, 1585 - 1661
Alexander Douglas, 1625 -
Alexander Douglas, c1800
Alexander Douglas, d1718
Alexander Douglas, living 1528
Alexander Gawain Douglas, 1895-1916
Alexander Jackson Douglas, 1827 - 1905
Alexander Scott Douglas, 1833-1914
Alexander Sholto Douglas, 1884-1934
Alexander Stark Douglas, d1918
Alexander Stuart Douglas, 1921-1977
Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton, 1776 - 1852
Alexander, 1st Earl of Home d1619
Alexandre-Pierre de Mackenzie-Douglas, 1713-1765
Alfred Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 13th Duke of Hamilton
Alfred Douglas-Hamilton, 13th Duke of Hamilton, 1862– 1940)
Alfred Douglass, d.1885
Alice Blacker-Douglas, nee McGeogh, 1869-1956
Alice May Douglas, 1865–1943
Alistair Anderson Bremner Douglas, 1942-2006
Allan Douglas, b1958
Allan Douglas, b1987
Allan Shaw Douglas, 1846-1889
Allen Edmund Douglas, 1835-1894
Allison Douglas, d2005
Alton Douglas, Living 2005
Amanda Minnie Douglas, 1831 - 1916
Amelia Douglas, 1812-1890
Andrew A. Douglas, A.R.S.A. (1870-1934)
Andrew and Stuart Douglas
Andrew and Stuart Douglas, photographers
Andrew Beveridge Douglas
Andrew Douglas of Hermiston, dc1277
Andrew Douglas, 1870-1935
Andrew Douglas, 1893-1915
Andrew Douglas, 1967 -
Andrew Douglas, b1998
Andrew Douglas, d1725
Andrew Douglas, k1916
Andrew Douglas, Living 1856
Andrew Douglas, Living 2002
Andrew Douglas, rugby coach
Andrew Douglas-Home, b1950
Andrew Ellicott Douglas, b1819
Andrew Grant Douglas, b1932
Andrew Halliday Douglas, 1819-1908
Andrew Snape Douglas, 1789-1869
Andy Douglas, b1978
Andy Douglas, living 2014
Angela Douglas, b1940
Angela Douglas, Living 2005
Angus Douglas, 1889-1918
Angus Douglas-Hamilton, 15th Duke of Hamilton, 1938-2010
Angus MacMillan-Douglas, Living 2004
Angus William Sholto Douglas
Ann Douglas, Living 2003
Anna Dawson Douglas, fl. 1894-1910
Anne Douglas, Living 2004
Anne Douglas,  b. 1948
Anne Hamilton, 2nd Countess of Ruglen, 1698–1748
Anne Hamilton, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton
Annibal Dieudonné Scotti, 1676-1752
Annie Douglas Green Robinson, 1842-1913
Anthony Douglas,Living 2004
Anthony Kerns Douglas, b1858
Antoine Douglas, living 1622
Archibald Campbell Campbell (Douglas), 1835–1908
Archibald Douglas - Coshogil and Dalveen
Archibald Douglas 13th of Cavers, d1741
Archibald Douglas and the Legend of the Signet Ring
Archibald Douglas Bryce-Douglas, 1840-1891
Archibald Douglas of Blythswood,1809-1868
Archibald Douglas of Cavers, Living 1464
Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie
Archibald Douglas of New Orchard, 1759-1810
Archibald Douglas of Spott, dc1647
Archibald Douglas of Whittinghame, c1540-c1587
Archibald Douglas, 13th of Cavers, d1741
Archibald Douglas, 1776-1860
Archibald Douglas, 1872-1943
Archibald Douglas, 1896-1916
Archibald Douglas, 1929-2013
Archibald Douglas, 1st Earl of Forfar, 1653-1712
Archibald Douglas, 2nd Earl of Forfar, Living 1716
Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas, 1369 - 1424
Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus (1449 – 1513)
Archibald Douglas, 5th earl of Douglas, C1391-1439
Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of Angus, c. 1489-1557
Archibald Douglas, 8th earl of Angus, 5th earl of Morton c1555-1558
Archibald Douglas, b1665
Archibald Douglas, Duke of Douglas, 1694-1761
Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus and Ormond, c1609-1655
Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray ( -1455)
Archibald Douglas, Silversmith
Archibald Douglas-Campbell, 4th Baron Blythswood, 1870-1929
Archibald Douglass, 1770-1815
Archibald Douglass, 1859-1949
Archibald Godfrey Douglas, bc1849
Archibald H. Douglas, 1895-1978
Archibald Murray Douglas, 1790-1872
Archibald Palmer Douglas C1906
Archibald Ramsey Douglas(Miss)1807-1886
Archibald William, 8th Marquess of Queensberry
Archibald, 1st Baron Douglas, 1748-1827
Archibald, 2nd Lord Douglas,1773-1884
Archibald, 9th Duke of Hamilton
Archie Douglas, 1867-1953
Archie William Douglas, 1880-1936
Aretas Akers-Douglas, 1st Viscount Chilston 1851 - 1926
Aretas Akers-Douglas, 2nd Viscount Chilston 1876 - 1947
Arthur C. Douglas, living 2011
Arthur Coates Douglas, 1902-1937
Arthur Douglas,1843-1925
Arthur Henry Johnstone Douglas, 1846-1923
Arthur S. Douglas, 1860-1949
Asa Douglas, 1713  - 1792
Ashanti Douglas, 1980-
Augusta Viktoria, Countess Robert Douglas, 1890-1966
Baron Douglas of Douglas
Bishop Alexander Douglas, 1561-1623
Brigadier General Archibald Campbell Douglas c1886
Canon Archibald Douglas, 1914-2004
Capt Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, MP
Captain Alexander Douglas, abt 1840
Captain Alexander Douglas, RN, 1756-1793
Captain Andrew Douglas of Mains
Captain Andrew Snape Douglas RN, 1761-1797
Captain Archibald Douglas, k1667
Captain Archibald Philip Douglas, - 1863
Chief Alabo Graham-Douglas, b1939
Col Allan Douglas, living 2017
Col Archibald Douglas, living 1688
Count Alberto Douglas Scotti, 1763-1841
Count Axel Archibald Douglas, 1949 -
Douglas Brothers (Andrew and Stuart)
Dr Alex Douglas, 1556
Dr Alexander Douglas of Downies, c1590-1663
Dr Allie Douglas, 1894-1988
Dr. Alexander Douglasse, living 1640
Edward Algernon Stuart Douglas (fl. 1880 - 1892)
G. Archibald Douglas, d1992
Hon. Arthur James Douglas, 1802-1864
J. Archibald Douglas, born 1866
L/Cpl Allan Douglas, K2006
Lady Alice Douglas, 1965 -
Lady Anne Howard
Lord Alfred Douglas, 1870-1945
Lord Archibald Douglas
Lord Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, 1673-1754
Lt Adam Douglas, - 1812
Lt Archibald Henry Douglas, living 1846
Lt Gen Archibald Douglas, 1707-1778
Major Angus Douglas-Hamilton, VC 1863 - 1915
Major General Archibald Douglas, 1896-1981
Prime Minister Alexander Douglas-Home, 1903 - 1995
Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, 1901-2004
Rev Adam Black Douglas, d1862
Rev Alexander Douglas, 1807-1853
Rev Andrew Douglas d 2001
Rev Arthur Jeffreys Douglas, b1871
Rev Lord Archibald Douglas
Rev. Alexander Douglas, 1858-1922
Rev. Canon Archibald Douglas, 1914-2004
Reverend Archibald William Douglas, 1870-1955
Rt. Rev. the Hon. Arthur Gascoigne, 1827–1905
Sir Adye Douglas, 1815-1906
Sir Alexander Douglas, 1738-1812
Sir Archibald de Douglas, 1213 - 1240
Sir Archibald Douglas - Regent of Scotland, k1333
Sir Archibald Douglas, 7th of Tilquhillie
Sir Arthur Percy Douglas, 1845-
Surgeon Andrew Douglas, c1735-1836
Vilhelm Archibald Douglas, 1883-1960
William 'Alec' Douglas, b1929

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