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Charles Henry James Douglas  


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The following covers only the early life of the subject, and is extracted from his won genealogy work.


Charles Henry James Douglas, born in Westerly, Rhode Island, USA on 13th May 1856, was the son of Henry Francis Douglas. He compiled Family records and Biographical sketches by Charles Henry James Douglas, from which this biography is taken.

He enjoyed the advantages of the best select schools of his native village, and at the opening of the graded public schools of the town, in the fall of 1869, he entered the second grammar school. At an early age he showed a taste for music, and was placed under a competent instructor. He continued the study of music with the best teachers, such as Dr. Eben Tourjee, B. J. Lang and Carl Zerrahu, teaching much of the time, until the demands of his regular studies obliged him to relinquish it, in 1874.

During a great part of the time he was in the Westerly high school he acted as local correspondent of various newspapers. In May, 1873, he became connected, as regular correspondent, with the Norwich Daily Adver ttset\ which relation he continued until he accepted a more advantageous offer from the Norwich Daily Bulletin with which paper he remained until a change was made in the management. He was editor, for the class of 1875, of the school paper, the Elm Leaf. He was also elected salutatorian of his class, but declined the honor. He graduated from the Westerly high school in June, 1875, on which occasion he received the second Martha C. Babcock Memorial prize, for an essay on "Novels: their bane and benefit."

After studying further with the Rev. James Paterson (Edinburgh University) and with Dr. John W. Gorham (Harvard University), he entered, in September, 1875, the freshman class of Brown University, in the regular course for the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He was elected a member of the Brown chapter of the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity March 24, 1876; secretary, June 2, 1876; corresponding secretary, June 8, 1877 ; president, Dec. 14, 1878.

He was elected a member of the New England Historic, Genealogical Society, May 2, 1877, and of the Worcester Society of Antiquity, June 9, 1877. At the annual declamation of the sophomore class for the Carpenter prizes in elocution, in June, 1877, he received the second prize. He was appointed a speaker at the junior exhibition, April, 1878. In June, 1878, he was elected a senior editor of the college paper, the Brunonian. In October, 1878, he became college organist. During the last two years of his college course he occupied the position of instructor in elocution in the University grammar school.

During the winter of 1878-9, he also taught in the city evening schools. These duties, together with the regular college work and the collection of materials for and publication of the present volume, wwhich has extended over the entire four years of the college course, have fully occupied his time. Graduating in June, 1879, he hopes to begin the study of law the succeeding fall.



Sources for this article include:
  • Family records and Biographical sketches by Charles Henry James Douglas

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