Lt. Col. Cornelius Marinus Douglas

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Cornelius Marinus Douglas. Born 's-Hertogenbosch (North-Brabant) 9, baptised Wallon church 17 April 1791. Witness: Cornelie Marie, Baroness van Borselen, nee de Brauw,

He was the son of Archibald and grandson of Lt Gen Robert Douglas and Helena de Brauw

1807-1810 Educated Royal Military School at Hondsholredijk (South-Holland) and the Artillery and Genie School at Amersfoort (Utrecht).
1811-1812 employed by s'Lands index.
1813, 30 November, 1st Lieutenant of 1st company of volunteers under BarorVan Heemstra and present at the siege of the bastions of Delfzijl (Groningen) and Coevorden (Drenthe).
1814, 3 December, 2nd Lieutenant, 4th Batallion, 1st Company Artillery 0= the National Milition at Dordrecht (South-Holland), Maastricht (Limburg) and 's-Hertogenbosch (North-Brabant). Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, at Maastricht and Venlo (Limburg).
1815 1st Lieutenant and Adjudant 6th Batallion Artillery of the Nationa: Milition at Dordrecht.
1816-1817 obtaining a military leave for 9 months to visit his plantations, "Mannheim" and "Elk het Zijne" on the Cottica river and the deserted plantation "New Java" in Dutch Guyana (now Suriname) . in which he participated for resp. 1/2 and 1/4 part. "New Java" was a coffee and cocoa plantation while the other 2 had coffee and banana trees.
1822, 22 July, 2nd Captain, 2nd Batallion Field Artillery at Mons (Hainault), Belgium.
1825 Captain, 2nd Batallion Field Artillery.
1830 transferred to the Staff of the Artillery a la suite.
1830-1831 Prisoner of War at Tournaix.
1831 6th Batallion National Milition (?Milita) at Bergen op Zoom.
1832 Metal Cross for the defence of the bastions during the "10 daagse veldtocht" (10 days of action).
1841 Captain 2nd regiment Artillery being attached to the Genieschool Amersfoort, (Utrecht).
1843, 24 October, Major and Provincial Adjudant North-Holland
1844 Medal for 35 years of service.
1848 Knight in the Order of the Oak Crown of Luxemburg. (1841) N.B. The Kings of the Netherlands were also Grandduke of Luxemburg. The flags of the 2 countries are still the same. only the Luxemburgian blue is of a lighter shade.
1865 Hon. Medal for the restoration of the Dutch independence, 1813-1815.
1865 Retired as Major of the Artillery.

Cornelius died in Nijmegen (Guelders) 4 June 1872.

Cornelius Married firstly Bergen op Zoom 26 August 1820, Agnieta Petronella Geertruyd, born Maastricht, (Limburg), 26, baptised 28 August 1793, died Mons, (Hainault), Belgium, 11 January 1829. daughter of Antony van den Heuvel and Christina Adriana Stuten.
They had issue :
a. Alexander Justus Robert, Born Bergen/Mons (Hainault), Belgium, 25 August 1821, died Palembang, South-Sumatra, D.E.I. 30 September 1853. Unmarried 1835, 11 September, Cannoneer 2nd class. (4) 1836, 26 November, Corporal 6th Batallion Artillery, National Militia. 1837, 27 November, Sergeant same Batallion. 1841, 7 July, transferred to the Dutch East-Indian army and arrived 20 July at the general depot. 29 October, embarked on board the "Europa" at Hellevoetsluis (South-Holland) . 6 May, disembarked at Batavia, Java (D.E.I.). 2nd Lieutenant Artillery at Batavia, D.E.I. 21 December, transferred from the personal to the material department of the artillery. 1849, 9 May, to the personal department of the same. 1850, 24 March, 1st Lieutenant Royal Dutch Indies Army.
b. Anthony, Born Mons, (Hainault), Belgium 28 March 1823, died Nijmegen (Guelders), 25 August 1897.
c. Burchard Joan, Born Mons, (Hainault), Belgium, 6 July 1827, died Epe, (Guelders), 17 August 1865. Unmarried 1861-1864 Archivist of the Mining corporation at Buitenzorg (now Bogor) on the island of Java, D.E.I. 1842, 1842 1845,

Married secondly
, Mons, (Hainault), Belgium 29 April 1830, Anna Maria Hendrica, daughter of Lodewijk Karel van Dijk and Maria Anna Elisabeth Barre, born Nieuweschans, (Groningen), 25 November 1798, died Haarlem (North-Holland) 15, buried Heemstede, (North-Holland), 19 May 1853.
They had issue :
d. Lodewijk Carel Archibald, Born Brielle, (South-Holland), 6 June/July 1831, died Capetown, South Africa 26 October 1870. Unmarried Private teacher.
e. Robbert, Born December 10, 1832, Birthplace: Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands; Died February 07, 1897
f. Maria Cornelia Anna, Born Bergen op Zoom, 26 January 1839, died Nijmegen, (Guelders) ~ 8 May 1861. Unmarried.
g. Jan Daniel Josias, Born Bergen op Zoom, (North-Brabant), 19 February 1842, died Nijmegen, (Guelders), 4 January 1901. Married Antoinette Marguerite, born Amsterdam 4 May 1840, died Nijmegen, 24 April 1900. daughter of Jortathan Baak and Antoinette Marguerite van Barneveld. They had no issue.

Married thirdly
, Schoondijke, (Zeeland), 2 April 1855, Petronella Hendrica, daughter of Johannes van Dijk and Geertruy Kruseman, born Schoondijke, 15 August 1801, died Nijmegen (Guelders), 8 November 1897.

1. Memorandum over het regt op inlijving in den Nederlandschen Adel" ("The right of enlistment in the Dutch nObility"). Printed Nijmegen by H. C. A. Thieme, 2 April 1869.

Cornelius Marinus Douglas is a descendant of the Douglas of Friarshaw family.



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  • Possibly “The History of the family of Douglas” by Percy Douglas of The Netherlands,

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