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Rev. Alexander Douglas Margaret Cowsar Douglas  

Alexander Douglas II, son of Alexander Douglas I and Mary Stapleton Douglas was born 27 October 1807 in Lancaster County, South Carolina. He married Margaret Tirzah Cowsar in 1835 in Lancaster County. They removed in 1837 to Talladega County, Alabama with other Cowsars and Douglases . He was converted to Methodism in the Great Revival and in 1843 in Alabama , he was licensed as a local Methodist preacher by the Fourth Quarterly Conference and named among the leading men in the Talladega Circuit during years 1833-1845. He arrived in Tyler, Texas by January of 1848 where he engaged in the real estate sale of newly created town lots of Tyler . He also operated the first livery stable, a hotel, several stage lines and carried the U.S. Mail. He engaged his two oldest son, James P. and John B. in these concerns.

Douglas and his family were among the charter members of the present Marvin Methodist Church. Originally operated under the name of Methodist Episcopal Church South. All-Faith Services were held at first in a log cabin on the town square; later in Adam's Blacksmith Shop, south of the square. The church was organized by Douglas and Sam Box.

Reverend Douglas died in 1853 only five years after his arrival in Tyler, but he left his mark on the town . His sons James P. John, Eli and Robert all served in the Civil War Mary Elizabeth , the only daughter to live to womanhood m. E.T. Broughton , also a Civil War hero. For more on this family see The Broughton -Douglas Families of East Texas by Mary Lee Barnes; also numerous stories in Tyler history.


Rev. Alexander Douglas

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Brother Douglas is no more. He was born in the State of South Carolina, Lancaster District, October 27, 1807, and embraced salvation by faith in his native place. In the great revival of "33 , and joined the M.E. Church, the church of his choice. Two years afterwards , he was united in holy matrimony to Miss Margaret T. Cowsar, daughter of James and Hannah Cowsar and in 1837 he emigrated to Alabama, where he was licensed to preach in 1845; moved to Texas in the spring of 1848 and in December same year ordained Deacon by Bishop Andrew and traveled an itinerary and then located in this place (Tyler) where he was taken sick August 4th and died of typhoid fever 19th inst. Aged 45 years , 9months and 23 days . Parson A. Douglas was a man of sanguinary temperament and more than ordinary zeal and was manifest in his preaching and exhortations , and many souls were converted and built up under his ministry. He was, however , the subject of severe trials, and passed through some fiery ordeals in the last few years. That he has been misrepresented and sometimes persecuted, none can doubt. That he did not bear his afflictions alluded to, with as much composure and faith in Christ as the church desired is what Brother Douglas often confessed and bemoaned with the deepest penitential sorrow. He was ardently loved by the members of the quarterly conference and Preacher in-charge. The writer visited him in company with Rev. B. H. Hamilton in his sickness and conversed about his prospects of the future he , he melted to tears and lamented his leanness, and promised if God spared him "to live a new life. A few days before his departure he remarked to Rev. Mr. Tunnel that "all was well" Rev. B West also visited but the writer does not recollect the conversation on the subject of religion between them. His friends are satisfied that is at rest, beyond the trials and changes of life. He was buried with Masonic honors. He leaves an afflicted wife, four sons and two daughters to mourn his loss. May the his children meet the expectations of a kind father and indulgent mother and be the "Salt of the earth and the light of the world: As he has brothers and sisters, and relatives in South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, etc. it is earnestly desired that the Nashville and Louisville Christian Advocate, Charleston Ch. Advocate and New Orleans Ch. advocate will please copy the above. T. O. Ellis Tyler Smith Co., Texas Aug 30 '53 (1853 )

Obituaries Died in Tyler on the 27 Inst. , Mrs. Margaret T. Douglas in her 48th year. She was born in Lancaster District, South Carolina, was married to Rev. Alexander Douglas in 1834, joined the Methodist E. Church same year; moved to Ala. in 1838; thence to Texas, and settled at Tyler in 1848. The deceased was one of the first settlers in Tyler. Her name stands registered as one of the chartered members of the Methodist church here. Left a widow years ago with her children to raise and educate, with but limited means , she deserves great credit for her prudence and economy. In the discharge of such responsible duties. For two years her three sons have been in the army and she has been left to struggle almost alone. But in all this a merciful God has sustained her; naturally meek and quiet in her disposition, she consequently said but little openly about her prospects for the future. A few hours before she died, the writer called to see her--finding her sinking rapidly, I asked her if it should be the will of god to take her, "whether she was ready to go! Her reply was "Oh, yes, yes." Thus passed away a good Christian, a worthy citizen, an affectionate mother, in every way a model woman. Heaven bless her children. J.W. Fields


Descendants of Alexander Douglas II

1 Alexander Douglas II b: October 27, 1807 in Lancaster Co., SC d: August19, 1853 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX; buried Oakwood Cemetery . +Margaret Tirzah Cowsar b: 1810 in Lancaster, SC m: 1835 d: September 1862 in Tyler, Texas; buried Oakwood Cemetery.
.. 2 James Postell Douglas b: January 07, 1836 in Lancaster Co., SC d: November 27, 1901; Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX ...... +Sallie Susan White b: 1844 in Griffin, GA m: March 16, 1863 d: August 22, 1872 ; Elkins Cemetery, near Old Omen, Tx
...... 3 Beckham L. Douglas b: January 31, 1865 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
...... 3 Blumer Gustus Douglas b: July 13, 1867 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d:September 04, 1884 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
...... 3 Winona Estelle Douglas b: 1869 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX .......... +Lawrence William Wells
.......... 4 Lawrence William Wells, Jr.
.......... 4 H. D. Wells
. ......... 4 A. L. Wells
.............. +A. L. Wimmer
...... 3 Mary Ellen Douglas b: August 03, 1872 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d: June 04, 1952 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
.. *2nd Wife of James Postell Douglas: ...... +Alice Earle Smith b: June 03, 1852 in "Whitehouse" plantation, near Corinth, Mississippi m: July 07, 1874 in Tyler, Texas d: June 28, 1955 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
...... 3 Florence Douglas b: May 12, 1875 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d: 1876;bur. in Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX
...... 3 Earl Cowsar Douglas, Sr. b: March 11, 1877 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d: August 31, 1959 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
.......... +Mary Gladys Buford b: September 15, 1883 d: October 18, 1968;bur. in Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX
.......... 4 Earl Cowsar Douglas, Jr.
.......... 4 James Buford Douglas
...... 3 James Postell Douglas, Jr. b: December 27, 1878 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d: October 17, 1880 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
...... 3 Lucia Rutherford Douglas b: December 16, 1880 in Tyler, Smith Co.,TX d: August 18, 1964;bur. in Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX
...... 3 Marc Fleishel Douglas b: October 11, 1885 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d: January 07, 1890 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
...... 3 Alice Earle Douglas b: November 16, 1888 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX d: April 07, 1979 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX
.. 2 Robert L. Douglas b: 1838 in Alabama; died in Austin, Texas
.. 2 Mary Elizabeth Douglas b: March 27, 1840 in Talladega, Alabama d: January 29, 1918 in Athens, Tx;bur in Oakwoood Cemetery. Tyler, Texas. ...... +Edward Thomas Broughton II b: 1834 in Monroe Co., AL m: June 05, 1856 d: February 1874 in Sherman, TX
3 Sargent Prentiss Broughton b: May 03, 1857 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX .......... Sarah Brosius ..... . 3 Margaret Tommie Broughton b: June 24, 1861 in Kaufman, TX d:September 28, 1946 in Athens, TX .......... +Robert Lee Gauntt m: June 13, 1888
…….. 4. Edward Broughton Gauntt b. 22 March 1890 Athens , Tx. ;d. 1990 ; m. Lindsay Hart 18 Nov. 1913;d. 1960
……. 4. John Douglas Gauntt b. 16 January 1892;m Minnie Morgan ; d. dec. 24, 1979; Minnie d. 24 May 1978.

..... 4. Robert Milton Gauntt b. 20 Jan 1894; d. 16 Sept. 1936; never married

. ......... 4 Mary Lee Gauntt b: February 20, 1896 in Athens, TX d: May 19,1973 in Athens, TX .............. +Kenneth Greer Anderson ………… ........... 4. Martha Owen Gauntt b. 30 December 1899 ; m Clarence Antle 1921;died 1975 Longview, Tx. Clarence d 1964

........... 4 Salena Gauntt b. 14 March 1901 ;d. 1993 .............. + Reagan Scroggins (All the Gauntts buried in Old Cemetery Athens, Tx. Gauntt Plot)

.... 3 Salena Broughton b: in Kaufman, TX .......... +W. D. Bell

.. 3 James Postell Broughton b: November 24, 1865 .......... +Emma Donley

4. Donley Broughton

4. Linda Broughton m. Charles White, Sr.

4. Emily Broughton m. Charles Bush

...... 3 John Broughton b: November 24, 1865 in Sherman, TX

...... 3 Edward Thomas Broughton III b: December 27, 1868

...... 3 Pinkney Broughton b: August 29, 1871; . . 2 John B. Douglas b: November 26, 1843 in Talladega, Alabama d: June 11, 1893; bur. in Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX ...... +Mittie Wiggins b: February 19, 1850 m: September 03, 1867 d: October 14, 1868 ;bur. in Marsh-Wiggins Cemetery .. *2nd Wife of John B. Douglas: ...... +Ketua "Kate" Walker b: 1845 m: March 12, 1872 d: 1912;bur. in Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, TX

...... 3 Alexander S. Douglas b: Abt. 1878 d: 1930

.. 2 Eli Ebeneezer Douglas b: February 14, 1845 ...... +Malissa Darby b: 1855 d: August 15, 1930 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt Co.,, Texas

...... 3 James Douglas b: in Grand Saline, Van Zandt Co., Texas d: Bef. 1934 .......... +wife m: in Enid, Oklahoma

...... 3 John Douglas b: in Granbury, Hood Co., Texas d: in Grand Saline,Van Zandt Co., Texas .......... +Lizzie

...... 3 Robert A. Douglas b: in Grand Saline, Texas d: in Dallas, Texas .......... +wife m: in Dallas Co., Texas

...... 3 Elley Douglas b: in Lindale, Smith Co., Texas d: in Plano, Collins Co., TX .......... +Rufus Angel m: December 1914

.. *2nd Wife of Eli Ebeneezer Douglas: ...... +Emma Padgett m: April 17, 1873

...... 3 Ella Douglas b: April 17, 1875 d: August 25, 1949 .......... +Joseph Adolphus Ray b: January 23, 1868

...... 3 Ethel Douglas b: Abt. 1879 in Grand Saline, Texas d: in Dallas, Texas

...... 3 Mary Douglas b: September 15, 1881 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt Co. Texas d: March 28, 1942 in Dallas, Texas .......... +Thomas Van Zandt m: March 03, 1902 in Granbury, Hood Co., Texas .. 2 Hannah Selena Douglas b: July 07, 1847 d: April 02, 1858 in Tyler,Texas

________________________________________________________________________ Died in Smith County, 22nd September, 1863

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