Alan Douglas

Alan Douglas was originally comprised of two Vancouver musicians - Rob Alan and Lee Douglas. Between 1980 and 1984 they wrote numerous songs, the vast majority of which were completely insane and unworthy of mention. However, six songs were worth attention and become the focal point of a recording spree at Ocean Sound Studios between 1982 and 1984. Since studio time at a quality 24 track studio cost in the region of $90 an hour, Rob and Lee traded time working on the construction of Ocean Sounds facilities for recording time.

Musically both had started off at opposite ends of the spectrum. Rob was into heavy metal and Lee was more inclined to jazz. In 1982/1983 their musical styles reached a convergence where both artists were working on the same page. Their bests works resulted - two examples of which can be found on the music section of this site. The following year led to a divergence in styles, where Rob was more into jazz and Lee was pounding out heavy metal. Also the rigors and stress of working regular jobs and working in the studio were proving to be too much. Shortly after the two agreed to go their separate ways.

In 1998 Rob once again started working on music. During the fourteen year sabbatical computer generated music had gone from the initial stages of midi to something that was truly workable.  Knowing absolutely nothing about midi or audio recording, Rob plunged headlong into a series of exploratory projects This ultimately rendered ten tunes over a two year period.

Their web site features some of the old work and some of the new work. It also provides some background on the artists and the tools that were used in the creative process.