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ArchibaldArchibald Douglass was born in Fort Madison, Iowa, April 28, 1859, the son of John H. Douglass, of Fort Madison, himself the son of Joseph Stevens and Almeda Ann Knapp, and Caroline A. Durfee, daughter of Joseph and Margaret Moore, of Tiverton, R. I. , and Athens Co. , Ohio. John was born in Fort Madison, June 20, 1836. Caroline was born in Marion, Ohio, January 10, 1838; died in St. Louis, Mo., May 21, 1892.

In 1872, his parents, John and Caroline, moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where his father was employed as a lumber merchant.

In 1896, Archibald Douglass arrived in Los Angeles and became president and treasurer of the Los Angeles Stoneware and Sewer Pipe Company, which had established a stoneware and sewer pipe manufacturing plant in 1891, until 1905.

By 1906, Douglass had taken over the company through stock acquisitions and he decided to reorganize it under a new company which he called the Douglass Clay Product Company. The new company was incorporated on December 18, 1907, with a capital stock of $250,000. The directors were Archibald Douglass, Benjamin Douglass, C.R. Manbert, Norman A. Bailie, and Benjamin Kirby, all of Los Angeles. Officers included Archibald Douglass as president and treasurer, Donald Barker as vice-president, and Edwin Bird as secretary. The office was at the Pacific Electric Building at 604 South Main Street in Los Angeles. F.A. Mann was the sales manager. The purpose was to manufacture all kinds of clay products, including sewer pipe, firebrick, pottery, glazed brick, terra cotta, stoneware, and glassware. The focus here will be on the bricks manufactured at this plant.

In 1910, the Pacific Sewer Pipe Company purchased the Douglass plant as part of their plan to consolidate several sewer pipe manufacturing plants in Southern California. This became Plant Number 4 of the Pacific Sewer Pipe Company, which continued to manufacture bricks, but under the PSP brand.

Archibald Douglass held the secretary position in the Pacific Sewer Pipe Company and its successor Pacific Clay Products Company until 1923. He also was vice-president of the Alsop Engineering and Construction Company and president of the Duryea-White Machinery Company in Los Angeles.

On April 26, 1883 in St. Louis, Mo., he married Frances Kaime, also of St. Louis, daughter of David Francis and Isabella Eaton and they raised two sons and a daughter all born in St. Louis, Mo.:
•Benjamin Kaime Douglas, born April 14, 1886.
•Francis Archibald Douglass, born August 7, 1887.
•Margaret Leigh Douglass, born July 20, 1889.

Archibald Douglass died in 1949 at the age of 90.

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