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Professor James Archibald Douglas of Old Headington

The family in the title of his work comprises the four children of the late Professor James Archibald Douglas of Old Headington; Oxford and in retirement of Yarmouth; Isle of Wight The are me, the author James Robert Douglas, my brother Lieutenant Commander RN (retired) Donald Cameron Douglas(1), and my two sisters Diana Elizabeth (Mrs Edmund Jones) and Jean Mary (Mrs Farrup),

It is based initially on research carried out by our late Aunt Edith Muir Douglas, referred to hereafter as EMD, whose papers came to me on her death in 1963 and whose work I took over. Amongst the papers was the typed family tree showing our descent there via our FOX(2) (sic) [end of transcript]

James Douglas

Our great grandfather James Douglas, second son of John Douglas and Jane Camlin, was born at Stranraer on the 19th of April 1811. A month before his 16th birthday he was apprenticed by his father for a three year period to Robert Wilson, a Stranraer surgeon - aspiring surgeons did not go to medical school in those days. There is an unexplained gap following the successful completion of this first indenture, after which he apprenticed himself for two years to John Clayton Cooper, a surgeon in Bradford, Yorkshire. It is not known what took him to Yorkshire but it was the popular move for the Scots at that time: his two brothers and two of his sisters also emigrated to Yorkshire. He qualified LRCS Edinburgh and was licensed by the Society of Apothecaries of London in 1833. In 1841 he was in practice as a surgeon at 8 Rawson Place at Bradford by 1847 he was a general practitioner and surgeon to the Bradford Infirmary; by 1858 he had become one of the two consultants at the Infirmary and was also a Certified Factory Surgeon. In 1861 whe was in practice as a surgeon at 19 Houghton Place in partnership with David Kay and (unknown) Bernie. He had retired by 1867.

Iin 1841, in Edinburgh, he married Sarah Herbert Rodgers. They had eight children: Jane born 16th February 1843, Margaret born 26th March 1844, Sarah Patricia born 3rd September 1845, James Herbert born 29th September 1847, Robert Milligan born 28th March 1849, Elizabeth Jemima Clark born 17th October 1850, Claude born 23rd August 1852 and Edward Sholto born 31st March 1855.

In 1851 the family were living at 14 Drewton Street, Bradford [Document ends]

1.  Could Lt Cmdr Donald Douglas, above, be the father of this Donald Cameron Douglas?  No!  I think is is him.
2.  'FOX' refers to his Fox ancestors.  See the family tree for more.

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