J. Yellowlees Douglas





J. Yellowlees Douglas has been researching and writing on hypertext for more than seven years, focusing on the applicability of literary theory, narratology and aesthetics to hypertext environments.

Much of her work examines hypertext reading as a form of performance, the effect of hypertext's displacement of closure on the act of reading and how hypertexts can be designed to satisfy both conventional and highly unconventional narrative reading strategies. As a Research Fellow at the Brunel University (London) Centre for Research into Innovation, Culture and Technology, she spent a year researching the uses of hypertext and the social construction of digital technologies.

Formerly Director of the Program in Professional Writing at Lehman College, The City University of new York, she is now Director of the Center for Written and Oral Communication at the University of Florida, where she is also an Assistant Professor of English. Her critical work on hypertext has appeared in journals and collections in the US, UK and Australia.

Her short story, "I Have Said Nothing", appears in the Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext 1(2).