Associate Professor Rob Douglas

Assoc. Prof. Robert Douglas

Director of Studies, Forest Engineering

B.A.Sc. (C.E.)



School of Forestry

College of Engineering
University of Canterbury

Research Interests

  • transportation engineering
  • geotechnique applied to natural resource operations

Recent Publications

Douglas, R.A., and Cochrane, H. 2001. Where have all the culverts gone - a GIS-based approach to finding stream crossings. International Journal of Forest Engineering 12(2): 79-81.

Douglas, R.A., Woodward, W.D.H., and Woodside, A.R., 2000. Road contract stresses under tyres with low inflation pressure. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 27(6): 1248-1258.

Douglas, R.A. 1997. Unbound roads trafficked by heavily loaded tyres with low inflation pressure. (Invited paper) Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), Transport, 123(3):163-173 (paper 11377).

Douglas, R.A. 1997. Repeated-load behaviour of geosynthetic-built unbound roads. Canadian Geotechnical Journal 34(2):197-203

Douglas, R.A. 1997. Heavy load, low tyre pressure rutting of unbound granular pavements. ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, 123(5):357-363.


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