Douglas of Lethcamrach

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Lethcamrach, also known as Ledcameroch, Lochcamroch, Laidcamroch

•  There is some evidence that James Douglas of Lethcamrach is also known as James, 3rd Laird of Mains, with his son, William the 4th laird.  However, William, 4th of Mains married Elizabeth Houston (see below).

•  A lease of the lands of Furlinbrek and Finnard, in the county of Dumbarton, was granted to Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss by James Douglas of Lethcamrach. After the death of the granter, the Lords Auditors, on the 11th Februarv 1489, decreed that William of Doucdas of Lethcamrach, as heir to the deceased James of Douglas, his father, should warrant and keep to Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss the lease of these lands for all the terms to come, contained in the letter of lease produced before the Lords, and admitted by the said William.  But these lands neither James Douglas, nor his son William, it appears, had a right to lease. They had been occupied and manured for six years past by Walter Buchanan of that Ilk, who had received a lease of them from Simon Makclere of Finnard. A litigation arose in consequence between the parties whose claims were conflicting. Humphrey Colquhoun pursued an action before the Lords of Council against Walter Buchanan of that Ilk and the said William of Douglas, for the wrongous occupation and manuring of the lands of Finnard and Furlinbrek by the former for seven years past. When this action was brought before the Lords of Council, on 11th March 1490, Walter Buchanan In the Instructions by Edward IV., ordered to be given for a ship(1) belonging to King of England, to his Ambassador in " the Lard of Lus," which had been cap Scotland, in the British Museum (Vesp. tured by Lord Grey of England.
— [Pinkerton, under the year 1475), redress was 2 Acta Dominorum Auditorum, p. 132. Caligula, xvi. folio 118, as quoted by Pinkerton's History of Scotland, vol. i. p. 284.]

•  Feorlinbreck and Finart would seem to have been disposed of before 1490 as it is stated that, in that year, these estates were the subject of litigation between Walter Buchanan, 14th of that Ilk and William Douglas of Lethcamarach.

Douglas apparantly also aquired Portincaple as in 1502, all these properties were sold by him to Sir John Colquhoun 11th of Luss.

•  William Douglas of Ledcameroch married Margaret Lauche
Margaret Lauche married, firstly, Robert Noble of Ferme and Stuckendow, son of Robert Noble. She married, secondly, William Douglas of Ledcameroch.
Her married name became Noble. Her married name became Douglas. Robert Noble held the office of Baillie of Dumbarton in 1486, succeeding his father, who has held the office in 1449.
Child of Margaret Lauche and Robert Noble of Ferme and Stuckendow; Robert Noble of Ferme

•  Willelmo Douglas de Lochcamroch, Jacobo Douglas, Archibaldo Douglas, Roberto Douglas fratri suo,
• the presence of these witnesses, Robert Douglas, W. Dowglas to my sons, Patrick Douglas, Stephen Thomas Dowglas and Gilbert, chaplain, with divers others.

1.  When King James the Fourth, after the suppression of the rebellion raised against him by the Earl of Lennox and others, and the surrender to him of the Castle of Dumbarton, made Dumbarton one of the west coast stations for the navy, which he sedulously employed himself in collecting and strengthening, mention is made of a ship which he purchased from the Laird of Luss, and which was repaired and equipped in Dumbarton.

In the Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland connected with Dumbartonshire is the following entry : — " 1489, December 3. To the Larde of Laucht [Luss] for the schip boycht fra him to the Kingis vse, i c xxx u ."

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•    The History of Dumbartonshire, civil, ecclesiastical, and territorial. by Joseph Irving

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