The Douglas Family in Palestine

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Contributed: "I am American, but my father is Palestinian. I have never been there, and I do not speak fluent Arabic, but I feel a need to see the small town (Asira shamaleya, outside Nablus) where my family came from
My surname is Douglas and my first name is an Arabic one - Douglas isn't traditionally Palestinian but there are a lot of "Daghlas" family members in Asira).

From time to time, I have received requests for information about the source of the surname Daghlas.  On receiving the above message, I decided it was time to look deeper into the origins of the name. The following are my notes:

•  Hunger strike starting in mid-July 2016 Ohli Kedar Prison: Nidal Douglas – Nablus

•  Nidal Daghlas, the man in whose house Abu Hanoud was said to have sheltered, was wounded and arrested by the Israelis, who then flattened the building with bulldozers. Abu Hanoud's relatives called this an act of wanton revenge for the operation's failure. Israeli officials said Mr Daghlas was a terrorist, although he was living openly and earlier this year was released without charge after two months in detention.

•  ...wanted Mujhaid Abu Hannoud. Close to that complex there was a house of one of his relatives named Nidhal Daghles Abu Yassin.... The occupation troops wounded owner of the house Nidhal Daghles in the chest and feet and he could not get out of the house due to his severe injuries. Two hours later the enemy soldiers stormed the house and dragged Daghles out of it for more than 50 meters. They started torturing him, beating his wounds, to force him provide information on the Mujahid Abu Hannoud.

•  IOF units barged into another village near Nablus and attacked the home of Wael Daghles. Reliable sources in Burqa village said that the soldiers asked for Daghles’s son Tarek, who was summoned to the intelligence office but did not show up. (2011 report)

•  Ghassan Douglas (also spelled Daghlas) is a Palestinian official who is responsible for monitoring settlement activity in the northern West Bank. He has extensive knowledge and expertise on the issue of Israeli settlement in the West Bank, which is a controversial and highly disputed topic. The Israeli government has established a number of settlements in the West Bank, which are considered by many Palestinians and international organizations to be illegal under international law. Ghassan Douglas works to monitor and document settlement activity in the West Bank, and has been involved in efforts to oppose and resist settlement expansion in the region.

•  Bryce Douglas killed Palestine 1917
A replacement company of Punjabi Mohammedans from the 101st Grenadiers, commanded by Lieutenant B. Douglas, was attached to 58th Vaughan’s Rifles (Frontier Force) in Gaza and joined A’ Company (Captain R.B. Kitson) made up of two platoons Dogras and two platoons Yusafzais. Captain Kitson observed a Turkish counter-attack forming-up against the brigade, and so he forestalled it by immediately attacking the enemy himself. During the fierce fighting that followed both Captain Richard Buller Kitson and Lieutenant Bryce Douglas were killed along with 23 Grenadiers, additionally three Indian officers and 42 jawans (1) were wounded. The company had bought time for British mounted troops to appear, and the British operation succeeded. Reports indicated that after the sepoys who had been cut-off in El Kefr village surrendered, those that were Sikh and Hindu were killed by the villagers.

•  Ibrahim Douglas from Nablus | Facebook ????
•  Yasmin Douglas from Nablus | Facebook ????

•  Palestinian hospital official Qasim Daghlas

•  Ahmad Daghlas is a fashion photographer who often captures images of daily life in Ramallah on his Instagram. He posts beautiful images of cafes, nature, dance festivals and Palestinian cuisine.

•  Fares Daghlas has been appointed Director of Sales and Marketing at the Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai. He was most recently with the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai as Director of Sales.

•  Palestinian political prisoners killed as a result of torture at the hands of Israeli military interrogators: Majid Daghlas,

•  Abdul Hadi Daghlas aka Abu Taisir AMZ's relative - Al-Qaeda WMD expert Dead

•  Jordanian basketball legend Sam Daghlas
Osama Mohd Fathi Daghles, commonly known by the nickname Sam Daghles (born September 18, 1979), is a Chinese-born American-Jordanian professional basketball player of Palestinian origin.

•  Dema hisham Douglas (Dema Hesham Doughoz)

•  Campbell Douglas: My architect g-g-grandfather Campbell Douglas Born: 14 June 1828. Died: 14 April 1910 coincidentally designed the Scots Mission Hospital over there in Tiberius (1885). I wonder if he got up to anything else?

•  Through April 2002 four Palestinian women have become suicide bombers on....Ahlam Al-Tamimi (currently on the FBI's most wanted list) reportedly worked with Mohamed Daghles, a member of the Palestinian Authority security body, and the two are linked to at least ...

•  Muhammed Wali Daghles, a Hamas activist (a prisoner?) Aged 30 in 2001.
Comment: It appears Tamini was Mohamed's girlfriend, and that he recruited her into a team, Force 17, responsible for the bombing of Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, killing 15 civilians on 9th August 2001.

•  Atef Daghlas - author of The suffering of the Palestinian patient under the Israeli occupation

•  Mahmoud Daghlas, TIMA Producer - Worked As A Cameraman, as a filming trainer & Editor&SNG Operator&Technical Director But now a Producer

•  Mahmoud Daghlas, a senior in electrical engineering (2014)

•  Nour Daghlas, born in Nablus, college student. ... who attends Birzeit University in the West Bank, (2016)

•  Abdul Hadi Daghlas, known as Abu Taisir, was a Jordanian man and a relative of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was Zarqawi's top lieutenant in Iraq.
He travelled to the Khurmal camp in Iraqi Kurdistan from Tehran, Iran. The Central Intelligence Agency traced his satellite phone and located him.
On the second day of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, more than 40 American cruise missiles hit the town of Khurmal in Iraqi Kurdistan. Abdul Hadi Daghlas was among the dead. (Wikipedia) also known as Abu 'Ubayda. He had earlier been arrested by the Jordanian security forcesin 1999. Was possibly based at Herat Military Training Camp.
Al-Zarqawi had made of Kurdistan a stepping stone for his operations in Iraq.
In August 2001, he held a meeting with his close aides, Khalid al-‘Arouri and Abdal-Hadi Daghlas, to establish training camps for them in Kurdistan to recruit more Arab-Afghans. A dispute between Al-Shami and Al-Zarqawi prompted the latter to bring Abd al-Hadi Daghlas (one of his confidants) from Afghanistan to Kurdistan to directly oversee the training camps there.

•  Haya Daghlas, engineer - see:

•  Loay Tawfiq Daghlas Director of Arab Bank Beitunia branch, Ramallah.
In 2004, Daghlas graduated from Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at AAU to receive an accounting BA.
In 2005, he began working at Arab Bank Tulkarm branch and then went to Ramallah working in the same institution. He held several positions including Deputy Director of Al-Manar branch. Now, Mr. Douglas is working as director of Arab Bank Beitunia branch, Ramallah.

•  "The center has no intention of caving in to the pressure and change its name, the head of Burqa village council, Sami Daghlas, said... He said the name Dalal Mughrabi was chosen by the villagers to commemorate a Palestinian hero (emphasis added, Ed.) who sacrificed herself for her country and therefore they have no intention to change its name regardless of the price." (2017)  Sami Daghlas aged 58 in 2017.

•  From Burqa – a village near Jenin – Heba Daghlas, 30,

•  Dr Murad M. Daghles is a member of the Corporate practice group at Allen & Overy. He advises national and international corporations on complex national and cross-border M&A transactions as well as on German corporate, take-over and related capital market law and corporate governance matters. Dr Murad M. Daghles also specialises in corporate litigation matters, i.e. post M&A disputes, disputes between shareholders, and respresents companies or members of management boards in legal disputes in relation to management affairs and executive compensation. Dr Murad M. Daghles completed his doctorate on legal questions of Islam in Germany.

•  Ahmed SNU writes that he has discovered a Douglas connection though his DNA.

•  In Oct 1977, The Glasgow Herald reported that Mr James Charleson Douglas, 20 Back Road. Dailly, an 83-year old Ayrshire man, who was married on March 2, 1928 was granted a divorce from Mrs Janet Douglas, address unknown. At the time of the marriage, Mr Douglas was serving with the Palestine police. They lived together for a year.

•  Even though Osama Jamil Daghlas is only 16 years old (September 2017), this did not prevent a group of 20 grown Israeli settlers from attempting to lynch him. He was playing with his cousin Salah in the open fields near his village of Burqa, north of Nablus, when a group of 20 settlers attacked them. According to his father, Jamil, a shepherd found him unconscious with his clothes torn.

•  The soldiers assaulted many nonviolent protesters, before abducting Dr. Sami Daghlas, and journalist Ja’far Eshteyya, and took them to an unknown destination. (May 2017)

•  Sami Daglas Works at Palestinian Medical Relief Society; Studied at Al-Najah University

•  Ahmad Daghlas is a 31-year-old photographer and graphic designer who lives and works in Ramalah. (May 2014)

•  Possibly a list of those involved in court cases - I stress that this is unconfirmed: Ahmad Daghlas · Alaa Daghlas · Amal Daghlas · Ayman Daghlas · Bashar Daghlas · Basher Daghlas · Fajer Daghlas · Khadijeh Daghlas · Mahannad Daghlas · Mohannad Daghlas · Mustafa Daghlas · Osama Daghlas · Rasha Daghlas · Sabah Daghlas · Sami Daghlas · Sarah Daghlas.

•  Anwar Douglas elected vice president of Arab engineers; his nephew is Ghassan Daghlas, of Nablus; Former Director at Delta Petroleum Products Trading Co.

•  Abdalhadi Deghles, Lecturer at Al Istiqlal University; Studied Environmental Engineering at Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Davutpaşa

•  Contributed:  "Daghlas' main geographical region is Burqa. All the Daghlas I've known (and I know A LOT) originate from Burqa and either live in UAE/ Iraq/ Jordan/ Egypt/ UK/ USA/ Chile/ Venezuela".

Abdel Hamid Mahmoud Daghlas' Palace was built c 1890 by the former Sheikh of Nisf Jubeil and 4 other villages. Abdel Hamid, although the ruler of more than 3 villages, have chosen his palace to be in Nisf Jubeil for its strategic location, water source, and more importantly its mixed population. Nisf Jubeil was the only village that had a huge diversity of religious affiliations, and a mix of residents from various families.

•  'Omar Muhammad Sa'id Daghlas, res. 'Asireh a-Shmliyyah, Nablus Dist., age 25, bachelor, student, has a security record. (Residents of the West Bank Deported Under Temporary Deportation Order for 24 Months, Signed by OC Central Command Dani Yatom on December 16, 1992.)

Notable Palestinians

Bassam Ghassan Daghlas Dr Sami Daglas Abdalhadi Deghles

1.  Jawan - A junior soldier, especially an infantryman




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Any contributions will be gratefully accepted These notes are just the beginning. Help to link the above people and unravel to origins of this branch of our family would be welcome.


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