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Elijah Putnam Douglas (1838-1899), son of Elisha and Navy Davis he was born on 12th November 1838 in Marion, Mississippi, USA. He was a Baptist Minister, living on his farm in Lincoln County near Wesson, Mississippi.

For two years following his 21st birthday, he taught school and read medicine, planning to become a doctor.

When the Civil War began, in 1861, he enlisted and went with his regiment, the Twelfth Mississippi, to Virginia, serving with Lee's Army throughout the War, and took part in nearly every engagement in which they participated. He was wounded several times, once on Look Out Mountain in the "Battle Above the Clouds," and at the Battle of Fort Gregg, just a few days before the surrender, he received a wound which was almost fatal.

Following the war, he taught school for many years. His teaching, together with his farm, largely supported his family, while he preached to new and struggling churches until his death in 1898. His work, like that of his father, was largely missionary work.

He took a leading part in the battle to abolish the saloons from Mississippi, and felt so strongly the cause of temperance, that he voted the prohibition party for many years prior to his death. He lived in the period of debates, between the leaders of church groups, on their beliefs. The Clarke-Douglas Debate, on "What is a New Testament Church?" which was published in book form attracted wide spread attention at that time.

He died on 22nd May 1899 at his home in Lincoln County and is buried in the Davis Family Cemetery, near his home.

He married Elizabeth Davis. Elijah and Elizabeth had six children:

Henry Elisha Douglas b. January 29, 1870
George Theophilus Douglas b. April 25, 1872
Edgar Theodore Douglas b. July 4, 1874
Emma Olivia Douglas b. September 28, 1876
Elijah Putnam Douglas, Jr. b. October 28, 1878
William Eugene Douglas b. May 30, 1881

After Elizabeth's death, he married Adaline Conn.

Death of Rev. E. P. Douglass

It becomes our melancholy duty to this issue of The Leader to make the above sad announcement, death having come to this true and good man and his home in this county on Monday night about 8 o'clock, after nearly 4 months of suffering. The funeral took place at the family residence yesterday afternoon and was largely attended bgy sorrowing relatives and friends. The ceremony at the residence was solemnly conducted by Rev. R. J. Bonne, and feeling tributes were paid to the life and character of the dead by Revs. J. J. Green, I. H. Anding and R. H. Purser, his brethren in the ministry, and by B. T. Hobbs. After these services the body was turned over to representatives of the Wesson Masonic Lodge, headed by Capt. A. T. Woodin, and buried in the family grave-yard near by in accordance with the beautiful and impressive Masonic ritual.

The occasion was one of the saddest we have ever witnessed. Every friend and relative in that mournful audience seemed to be silently asking, "When shall we look upon his like again?" with no one to answer.

In the next issue of The Leader we will publish an extended sketch of the life and character of this faithful and beloved servant of God. Meantime we tender to his heart-broken family and kindred our profoundest sympathy and condolence.

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Sources for this article include:

• The John Douglas family of Mississippi. Author, Edgar Lamar Douglas

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