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 Philip William Douglas   

Captain Philip William Douglas was born on 27th June 1883 at his grandmother's house, Chalvey Park, Slough, seventh and youngest son of Sir Robert and Lady Douglas. Educated Dulwich Preparatory School and H.M.S. Britannia.


His service career was as follows:

1897-8 Britannia - passed in 1st and out 3rd.

1898-01 - H.M.S. Centurion. China - Midshipman - 16th birthday while on way out to join ship. June and July, 1900. Served with Naval Brigade, N. China during the Boxer Rebellion and took part in 7th Peking Relief Force operations at Timsin and capture of Pice Yank Arsenal. (Clasp to China Medal) 'A promising young officer', Captain J.W.Jellicoe.

1901-1902. Oct.8 1901 to April 14 1908. Midshipman Prince George. (Capt. B. Montgomerie A-C Clarke). April 15-17 Act.sub.-Lt. Prince George. Capt. A.C. Clarke.

1902-03 Subs. Courses (April 1 to 20th - H.M.S. Duke of Wellington (on loan, Capt. W. Hamilton). H.M.S. Excellent. Act. Sub-Lt. Feb. 4 March 31, 1902. Capt. Pendergast.

April 1 to June 17, 1903, Act. Sub. Lt. H.M.S. Excellent. 1903-05 - H.M.S. Bulwark. Sub-Lieut. March 8 - Dec 23, 1903. Lieut. 24 Dec. 1903 - Jan 2nd, 1905. Capt. E.J. Hamilton Jan.2 - Feb. 6, 1903. Lt., Capt. J. Hamilton Feb.7 - Feb.9, 1905 - Lt. Capt. Phillpott. Feb.14- 2 March. H.M.S. Victory on leave R.N. Barracks, Capt. Grant. 1906 - March 15- 24 H.M.S. Excellent. Lieut. Capt. Hamilton.

1906-07 R.N. College - details not given.

1907-08 H.M.S. Wildfire - details not given.

1908- July 1 - Aug 24. H.M.S. Pembroke. Lt .G . Capt. Bradfield.

1908-9 - H.M.S. Victorious. Lt. "Zealous Officer who pays great attention to his duties."

1909-11 H.M.S. Formidable. Details not given

1911-13 H.M.S. Dreadnought. Lieut G. "Energy and ability of a high degree, and bas shown marked capacity as Gunnery Officer". Capt. Freemantle. "A hardworking efficient and extremely capable Gunnery Lt." Capt. Nicholson.

1913-14 March 15-0ct.20 1913 - Lieut. H.M.S. Victory. "Born for duty to H.M.S. Audacious", Paton, Commander.

1914 Lt. Commander - H.M.S. Audacious (sunk)-(H.M.S Victory) "Vivid for Warspite" Capt. Paton. R.A. Victory Div.2.

1914-15 Lt. Commander(G), H.M.S. Vivid (Warspite). Capt. Hutchinson - R.A. Vivid, Div.2.

1915 Lieut. Commander H.M.S. Warspite. April 5 - June 30.

1915-16 H.M.S. Warspite. Commander (G). April 5 1915 - Dec. 18 1916. Battle of Jutland (Order of St. Catherine of Russia 3rd. class) "Zeal, loyalty and ability". Capt. Phillpots.

1916-1918 H.M.S. Warspite, Commander. A very capable and trustworthy officer. Capt. Bartolome.

1918-19 Admiralty, Commander.

1919-20 H.M.S. Victory. Commander In command of 'Repulse' Refit.

1921 H.M.S. Repulse - Jan 1 -July 24 Commander. "Has conducted himself according to the best traditions of the Service. Has brought the ship to a high state of efficiency through his untiring energy and great ability". Capt. A.D. Pound.

1921 Promoted Captain, June 30, 1921.

1922 Retired under "Geddes Axe", on account of deafness incurred at on deck at Jutland.


1939 WAR - Joint Chief Organiser A.R.P. for Bicester. 1939-40.

1940-44 Home Guard Commander, Bicester area with rank of Major.


Retired on account of ill health.



Married 1928 Dulcie, younger daughter of Ludford Docker and Marie, his wife. They had two sons:

1. John Philip, born 1929, married Diana Mary Shepperton Davies, elder daughter of the Rev. J .A.B. Davies and Phyllis, his wife. 1 Son, James John William, 1 daughter, Katherine Mary Charlton.

2. Philip Sholto Douglas, born 1933, married Isobel Rosemary, younger daughter of Professor Alan Stammers and Doctor Lois, his wife. one son, Philip Robert Archibald, one daughter, Anna Margaret Rosemary. Served 15/19H (Active Service - Malaya).


Captain Philip William Douglas died September 4, 1949. He was buried at Alveston, Nr Stratford-upon- Avon, Warwickshire.

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