Paul Douglas, killed 2006

Tributes have been paid to two British TV journalists who were killed by a car bomb in Iraq on Monday.

Camera operator Paul Douglas, 48 and soundman James Brolan, 42, died filming in Baghdad for US news network CBS. A colleague was left critically ill.

A colleague of Douglas said he was "one of those people you wanted around" when the situation got tough. CCBS London correspondent Mark Phillips said Douglas was "one of those people you wanted around when things got dicey". "He could charm his way through hostile country, he could defuse the belligerent tension at an armed roadblock," he added.

Brolan's family said he was the "best dad, the best husband and the best mate to be with in a tight spot".

CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier was also injured in Monday's attack.

The three journalists - embedded with the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division - were doing a Memorial Day story about what life is like for the troops in Baghdad when an explosives-packed car nearby suddenly blew up. Douglas, 48, and Brolan, 42, died at the scene of the explosion, which also killed a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi interpreter and wounded six U.S. soldiers.

Dozier, Douglas and Brolan had been riding in an armored humvee but at the time of the blast - in the Karada section of Baghdad - they were outside on the street, accompanying troops who had stopped to inspect a checkpoint manned by the Iraqi Army. They were wearing helmets, flak jackets and protective eyeglasses when the bomb went off.

Douglas, who was British, leaves a wife, Linda; two daughters, Kelly, 29, and Joanne, 26; and three grandchildren.

Brolan, who was also British, leaves a wife, Geraldine, and two children, Sam, 17, and Agatha, 12. The bodies of Douglas and Brolan are being flown to Kuwait where they will be met by their families, Martin reports.

Douglas, 48, had worked for CBS News in many countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Rwanda and Bosnia, since the early 1990s.

Wife: Linda
Children; Kelly, Joanne

The following contribution is made by Kelly = Paul Douglas the camerman killed in iraq in May, which you have mentioned on your home page was my dad. I am Kelly douglas the eldest of his two daughters. I would like to thank you for mentioning my dad I know he would have been very proud as he had the Douglas crest sealed into his ring which he was wearing at the time of his death, also he had the crest tattooed on his arm. My Dad was a great man who truly believed in the meaning of family, he married my mum when they were both 19 and would have been married 30 years next Jan, together they had myself and my younger sister Joanne and also three grandchildren Charlie, Georgia and Kai.



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