Fannie M. (McAfee) Douglas


Twenty-nine years ago, there came to Corsicana, a family of Missourians named McAFEE. They had lived a short time in Ellis, then in Dallas County, and now came to make Corsicana their home. The family consisted of five persons--the husband, D. M. [Douglas McMurray McAFEE], the wife Mrs. Lucy E., and the three children, Fannie, Charley and Allie.

Soon after their arrival they reported for duty at the Methodist Church, handing in their certificates. Fannie had been but recently converted and had joined the Church at Whiterock Camp-grounds in Dallas County. She was born in Shelby County, Missouri September 5, 1857 and at the time she joined the Corsicana Church, she was about 13 years old. Here she grew to womanhood and on September 5, 1876 she was happily married to James H. DOUGLAS. She was then exactly 19 years old.

On the 26th of January, 1901 she passed away from earth. The following day one of the largest funeral processions ever seen in Corsicana, followed the casket to its resting place. Her husband and twelve children survive her. One, only a week old. Seven of these children are boys, five, girls. All except the two youngest have been received into the Church. These simple statements tell much, but they do not complete the story.

Those who visited her home and found it a model of neatness and order and her children models of politeness and proprietary said; "What a mother she must be."
When every Sunday morning, her husband was seen promptly at the opening of the Sunday School, with the children who were old enough, well dressed, well behaved, and lessons all learned, many said; "How can Fannie DOUGLAS accomplish so much?" When the hour of public worship came, and she walked up the aisle and took the seat beside the group, looking cheerful and happy, (no artificial smiles) involuntarily we said; "Fannie DOUGLAS is a great woman."
Now that she has passed through the gates of immortality, our hearts believe that among the sacramental hosts in heaven, there are none holier or happier than she. The motherless ones, and the husband and father, almost comfortless, linger here; but here, with an everlasting band of kindred saints at God's right hand, the noble wife, the godly Mother, the saintly Christian, rests. She belonged to no clubs. She wrote no books, but she has left volumes of heart-written literature, which, like the epistles of the beloved Disciple, are an everlasting repetition of the new Commandment, Love.

(Written by Fannie's son, Horace Bishop Douglas)


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