Scottish immigrants Douglas Tennanth and his offspring

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Scottish immigrants Douglas Tennanth and his offspring      


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By Lidia Mihovilovic - translated from the original Spanish article

The European immigration representative of the Old Continent was present in this Patagonian region, when still the primitive towns camped for their space in search of food.

Some of the factors that produced immigration were: gold mining, trade, logging and livestock.

This brought the attention of the British settled in the Falkland Islands, especially the Scots for livestock, who - possessors of expert hands for sheep breeding and climatic conditions similar to those of their country - soon settled.

Already in 1876 Governor Dublé Almeyda on the occasion of his trip to the aforementioned archipelago, for the purchase of 300 sheep, invited them to settle in Punta Arenas, as did Carlos Moyano in 1888 of the province of Santa Cruz in Argentina.

This produced a remarkable immigration immigration wave. There was also a mail schooner that helped this immigration.

One of these representatives was Thomas Douglas who arrived at our beaches in 1880 accompanied by his wife Annie Tennanth. His first activity was livestock.

Pledge of Magellan, acquired a property on Talca Street (now Armando Sanhueza) that has since been in the hands of his descendants.

His wife Annie, presumably the first nurse by profession in this region, trained at the Florence Hightingal school (philanthropic nurse who helped reduce the cause of many diseases), followed in the footsteps of this benefactor.

Annie worked with doctor Thomas Fenton and dedicated the rest of her existence to the service of those in need. It is especially remembered for the tragedy of the Dottorel, a British ship that exploded in the bay in 1881 healing the wounded whose dead companions rest in the Municipal Cemetery. He served his services until the year of his death in 1933 at 83 years of age.

The family trunk founded by Thomas Douglas and Annie Tennanth, both natives of Scotland was numerous, consisted of: Thomas (born in Scotland), Williams, Margaret, Walter, Jessae, Mary Annie in the Falklands, Johnn and Annie in Punta Arenas. The latter, later based in Canada.

The Douglas-Tennanth marriage had a lot of offspring and these have been established in both Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia, dedicated to various activities, both social economic, especially livestock. Both reflect the pioneer past when Magellan began to populate. They were: the Douglas-Ojeda, Douglas-Tolentino, Wever-Douglas, Nielsen-Douglas and Douglas-Mc Lean.

Here in Punta Arenas, Thomas Douglas Ojeda is remembered: who was a grandson and a meritorious athlete of Club Olimpia in the branch of athletics; Between the great-grandchildren, Alfredo and Oscar Douglas Dobson stand out, the former being an excellent sportsman of the Progreso Club, while the latter participated in racing competitions in Ford T.


One source states that Thomas was the son of Walter Douglas, born in 1808 in Scotland, and died May 15, 1875 (67) at Braemore, Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland
and his wife
Margaret Marshall, born January 16, 1816 in Ribigill, (Scottish Highlands) and died June 18, 1879 (63) in Lairg. She was the daughter of William Marshall and Janet Eliot.

Thomas DOUGLAS; b. 1846 Dumfriesshire, Scotland; c.1880 emigrated to Falklands [Malvinas]; 1885 immigrated to Magallanes; d. 1898; bur. Punta Arenas
Ann ["Annie"] Easton TENNANT, b. 1850 Scotland; from Newcastle-on-Tyne?; apparently, the first qualified nurse to practice in Magallanes; d. 1933

1. Thomas Jr., b. Scotland
2. William, b. Falklands [Malvinas]
3. Margaret, b. Falklands [Malvinas]
4. Walter, b. Falklands [Malvinas], did not marry; d. 1938, Chile Chico
5. Jessie Olivia, b. Falklands [Malvinas]
6. Mary Ann, b. Falklands [Malvinas]
7. John M., b. 1887 Punta Arenas (twin of Annie)
8. Annie Jamieson, b. 1887 Punta Arenas (twin of John); m. William Thomas GARNHAM; d. 1949, Ipswich
9. James Magellan, bapt. 1890

Thomas, age 28, and Annie, age 19, departed London 11 January 1873 on board the Humbleton.  The Humbleton, a 420 British barque under Captain Sorensen, arrived at Stanley 28 March 1873 with 11 passengers and cargo for the Falkland Islands Company Ltd and cleared for Darwin for a cargo of wool.

Thomas, age 52, died 9 November 1898 and is buried in the Municipal Cemetery, Punta Arenas.

•  Tennant, not Tennanth

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Sources for this article include:
  • The Southern Press, Punta Arenas, Chile

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