Liberale Scotti

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A plaque in via Mazzini remembers the Garibaldian Liberale Scotti

GROSSETO - His name was Liberale Scotti, and he was a Maremma patriot who, at the age of 14, left as a volunteer to join the troops of Giuseppe Garibaldi. In his memory this afternoon [12th September 2014] the mayor of Grosseto Emilio Bonifazi and the family, represented by Giuseppina Scotti, unveiled a plaque in memory of the patriot born in Grosseto in 1851.

Joining the troops of Garibaldi, he soon assumed the role of "corporal quartermaster" And in 1867 he participated in the battle of Mentana to free Rome. What this earned him the "medal of merit of the liberation of Rome".

In the plaque, placed in via Mazzini 119 right next to his home, he is remembered as a “Passionate figure of a Garibaldi patriot, a fighter in Farnese and Mentana, a witness of faith in the great ideals that made Italy. which shows the coats of arms of the city of Grosseto and of the Scotti family, was created with the patronage and support of the municipal administration in memory of a man from Grosseto who believed in freedom of thought, in the ideals of his homeland and his own history. , placing them before his own life.

On the occasion, the original red shirt of the Garibaldians and some relics preserved by the family were also exhibited.

• Grosseto is a city and commune in the central Italian region of Tuscany
• Liberal Scotti, born on 8/02/1908 in Grosseto, officer of the pluridecorato marina, was vice-questioner e
The political office of the Province of Grosseto from March 1, 1944
• Liberal Scotti, to have, as Vice Quaestor of Grosseto, organized and directed the political office of the province, coordinated both the propaganda work and the activity tending to obtain The enrollment of young people in the Republican fascist army, competition in organizing Rocks ... destinated by partacitor of anti-fascists.
• With the judgment of 18 December 1946 the special section of the Assise Court of Grosseto condemned Maestrini, Pucini, De Anna, Ciabatti, Scalone, Canto, Raciti and Gori to the death penalty by shooting; Ercolani and Scotti to the overall penalty of 30 years of imprisonment (of which 10 are condoned conditionally); Lorenzini Pompilio to the overall penalty of years of imprisonment (of which 8 years and 8 months Conditionally condoned)
• Liberal Scotti, former Vice Quaestor, resorts against the judgment at the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome,that on March 23, 1948 he canceled her for "fault of motivation regarding participation in the excidence of Monte Bottigli »and sent the judgment to the Court of Assise of Perugia, which on 18 February 1949 He condemned to 15 years imprisonment, of which 2/3 visitors. Scotti resorted in cassation also forThis judgment and on June 23, 1949 he saw by the Ministry of Grace and justice his application forConditional liberation. He was released on 7 November 1949.



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