Patrick Graf Douglas von Reischach

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Patrick Graf Douglas of Reischach deceased

Graf Douglas born Berlijn-Tempelhof 9-2-1938, died Wenen 27-11-2010

Schlossherr von Schlatt unter Krähen died 72 years

Hegau (swb). Patrick Graf Douglas of Reischach is dead. The 72-year-old owner of Schloss Schlatt died on 27 November 2010 in Vienna, the funeral is on Wednesday 15 December at Schloss Langenstein in Orsingen-Nenzingen. The nobleman had been the managing director of Wiesenthal GmbH in Vienna. This Mercedes-Benz sales subsidiary is also a member of the Südstern-Bölle car dealership.

Born on February 9, 1938, he was adopted by Freiherr Eitel-Egg von Reischach in 1955, and after his death in 1957 he inherited the Hohenkrähen castle, Schloss Schlatt under crows, and further possession in Schlatt and Duchtlingen, Dr. Franz Götz The nobility. The original inheritance of Reischach's estate had been the son of Eitel-Eggs, Freiherr Wolfhart von Reischach, but he died in 1945 in a Russian prison of war.

Count Patrick Douglas-Reichenbach, a cousin of the lord of the castle of Langenstein, Count Axel Douglas, completed his apprenticeship as a graduate merchant and earned a "profitable professional position in order to be able to finance the upcoming construction measures at Schloss Schlatt and the redevelopment of the castle park" Franz Götz in the singing yearbook 2008. »The professional position of Graf Patrick Douglas-Reischach as Managing Director of the Mercedes-Benz sales company Wiesenthal GmbH in Vienna enabled him to create and set up his second residence in the Hegau as he imagined it Has".

Vienna remained after the retirement the main dwelling place of the noble, his wife Countess Helga and his four children. From the first marriage the Count had the daughter Christina(1) born in 1973 and the son Robin, born in 1978. The second marriage was the birth of the twins Benedict and Christopher, who were born in 1985. As a residence for the twins and his second wife, the Count acquired the Nellenburg high above Stockach a few years ago. The popular guest house, which is located there, has to be closed because of these plans.

Franz Götz mentions another construction: "In several well - thought - out, costly construction measures, which have been going on for many years, the castle in Schlatt was completely redesigned inside and outside between 1966 and 1991 Possible to come ".

He married Jagsthausen 30-9-1967 (divorced 2003) Alexandra Margarete Helene of Berlichingen, born Ludwigslust, 25.01.1941, daughter of Wolf-Götz, Freiherr von Berlichingen, born 31/08/1906 and Olga, Baroness von Stackelberg, born 8/08/1908

1.  Grafin Christina Desirée Douglas was born 10th July 1973 in Vienna, Austria. She married Prince Carl-Christian Erbprinz zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich. They have three children.




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