West Indies Douglases


A collection of names connected with the West Indies


George Douglas, Antigua Written in paint on the document on the table, 'A Plan of old Road Estate the Island of Antigua' and 'Reappraisment of Sir George Douglas Estate 1789'
[Sir George Douglas of Springwood Park]




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Adam Reid Douglas; 26th Oct 1835 1 Enslaved £26 12s 2d Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale 197

Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister of St Kitts, and leader of the St Kitts Labour Party.

Colonel John Douglas (1682-1783) held the office of Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.) [St. Kitts].  He was a son of Walter Douglas of Baads.


Colonel Walter Douglas of Baads (1670-1739)  Governor-General of the Leeward Islands. He was a son of William Douglas of Baads.


Aretas Akers was born on the island of St Kitts in 1734, the eldest son of Edmund Akers, a man of English descent, who owned land on St Vincent. Akers acquired his own estates on St Kitts, and much later, inherited his father's estates on St Vincent. Akers added to his position of strength and influence in the islands through his marriage to Jean Douglas, the niece of the Governor of the Leeward Islands. He maintained his connections with Great Britain - having his children educated in Scotland and England. Jean Douglas died in 1768, soon after the birth of her seventh child - Akers did not remarry.

Aretas Akers-Douglas, 1st Viscount Chilston was descended from six generations of West Indies sugar planters and slave owners.

Alexander Douglas of Baads (1731-1787), a merchant on the St Kitts, who may have inherited part of Aretas Akers estate.


Alexander Douglas; An attorney? 1826 Joint owner of Dry Sugarworks, St David, Jamaica


Ann Rose Douglas; 29th Feb 1836 1 Enslaved awarded £64 0s 1d Trinidad


Benjamin Douglas was a maroon living in Moore Town. He is listed as Benjamin Douglas, age 40, Able in the 1831 Return of Maroons of Moore Town Establishment. In the same census, Benjamin Douglass [sic] is listed as owning one enslaved person, Robert Benjamin.


Catherine Douglas; owner of Point Hill, St John, Jamaica (1817-1826). Her executors c1829 included Robert Ross Douglas and John Quier Douglas

•  Robert Ross Douglas was born 1793, and died August 1838. He had a child by Margaret Dick. She was born Abt. 1803. It is not clear if they were married: Robert Dick Douglas, born October 1828.
He married Rebecca Caroline (Douglas). She was born Abt. 1811. They had a child: Sarah Caroline Douglas, born March 1836.


Charles Douglas, together with James Douglas, Robert Douglas, William Douglas, Mary Douglas and Elizabeth Douglas were awarded compensation 18th Apr 1836; 7 Enslaved, £102 12s 11d; St George, Jamaica


Charles Douglas, d1815, for whom Robert Burns had agreed to work in Jamaica. In his will dated 1815 he reportedly left his property to his niece Jean, 'Mrs Boswell', daughter of his brother Patrick Douglas of Garallan, Ayrshire.


Easton Douglas, politician


Mrs Eliza LaBalmondiere, née Douglas, widow aged 67 born Scotland 'Proprietor of an estate in the West Indies' was living in 1851 at Bray in Berkshire with her son-in-law John Jeane Coney and daughter Eliza Munro Coney born Bathwick Somerset aged 47. Her brother was Joseph Douglas who owned La Bonne Mere in British Guiana


Sir George Douglas is reported by Vere Langford Oliver to have inherited 'the Antiguan estate of Mrs McNamara.' Mrs McNamara was his father's cousin, and the daughter of Henry Douglas of Antigua


John St. Leger Douglas of Pall Mall, co. Middlesex, Esq.  (Son of Col Walter Douglas of Baads.)

Will dated 7 Dec. 1779. (559 Cornwallis.) All my plantations real & personal estate to my brother Lt Col. James Douglas & Alex' Douglas of Devonshire Sq., on trust. My dau. Mary Willett £6000. My dau. Charlotte £6000 at 21. Alex' Douglas £100. My said brother James £1000. Geo. Gavillear £100 & £20 a year for his services. Trustees to hold all my plantations in the Island of S' Christopher's for my son W" Douglas, remainder to my daus. ; in the latter event £4000 to my brother James. Trustees to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by Edward Wilmot, Richard Wiles, Mark Clay.


John St. Leger Douglas, Esq. – College.  1772 Hurricane Damage in the Basseterre Area Dwelling house, woura house, store and sick house levelled with the ground; roofs of the coopers shop and stable blown into a cane piece; part of the stone wall of the mule and cattle pen thrown down, the whole of which damage cannot be repaired for less than 500 l.


James Douglas Stoddart Douglas inherited 'slave-property' in Grenada  (possiblly Mirebeau or Merabeau, Estate) through his wife Margaret, adopted daughter of George Douglas of Chilston Park and Baads.


Walter Douglas, son of William, was Captain General of !be Leeward Islands. He was suspended from that office in 1716, and fined £500 and sentenced to five years imprisonment. A slab in St. John's Churchyard, Antigua, records the death, in 1713, of his youngest son, who was the "great grandson by his mother's side, to Anthony St. Leger of Ireland, twice Lord Chancellor". There were many of the Douglas family in the West Indies, mostly in the Island of St. Kitts. On 4th January, 1739, John Douglas granted a Deed of Gift to his brother, James George Douglas. The gift consisted of seven negroes in trust for his children, who were all infants. James George Douglas was the agent in this country for the island of St. Kitts until 1752. In 1756 Alexander Douglas was a member of the Assembly in St. Kitts. The plantation belonging to Walter Douglas was called Pensez-y-bien, and was 560 acres in size. Another plantation in the island of Tobago was called Calderhall, and another in Grenada, named Merabeau. The Douglas family were large landowners in the West Indies, and leading members of the community, much the same as the other members of the family in West Calder.


The Honourable Harry Douglas, MP in 2004: Minister of State: Ministry of Water and Housing, Jamaica.

'Sir James Douglas, the admiral on the Leeward Islands', who could be:
James Douglas (1703-1787), a naval officer - later Admiral - who served in the Caribbean in the 1760s and acquired plantation Weilburg in Essequibo by 1762, at a time when British colonists were encouraged to settle by governor Storm van’s Gravesande. In 1750, he had bought the estate of Bridge End near Kelso in Scotland, and renamed it Springwood Park. He was knighted in 1759 and went on to serve as the MP for Orkney and Shetland (1754-61 and 1761-68). Weilburg was managed first by a Thomas Grant, with Lachlan Maclean as attorney - Maclean being replaced in 1765 by James Douglas’s brother-in-law, William Brisbane of Ayr, and from 1767 by Robert Milne.


Lt Col Robert Douglas, a Scots soldier serving in the Dutch army, was second-in- command in the expedition which suppressed the Berbice slave rising of 1763. According to van’s Gravesande he was a brother of James Douglas (above) and, according to Netscher’s history of the Dutch in Guyana, he had married into a prominent Dutch family, de Brauw.


Dr Patrick Douglas was a friend of Robert Burns, the Bard, and invited him  (August 1786) to take a position as a bookkeeper on an estate in the town of Port Antonio, Jamaica, managed by his brother, Charles. Burns had negotiated a three-year contract at a wage of £30 a year, but failed to make the journey.

Douglas, John. Clergyman. Sh. 1732 to Antigua.


Douglas, Charles 17, b. 1714, Orkney, Indentured servant emigrated from London to  Jamaica December 1731


Douglas, Charles, pre 1782. sett. St. Kitts.

Col Charles Douglass died in Cartagena in 1741; Charles Douglass's Regiment of Marines was raised to serve in the West Indies

Issac James Douglas, son of Edward, was born in 1841 in Scotland. Known locally in St Ann's as 'Sarge' he was a shoe maker and planter. He died 19 Feb 1917 in Orange Vale, Alexandria, St Ann, Jamaica leaving an extended family by his wife Catherine Eliza Webb, b. 1851, Jamaica.  There is speculation he came to the West Indies an an indentured servant, as was the case with his son's father-in-law, or as an apprentice. More in the genealogy database.


Counsellor Jackson Douglas (1821-1884) had a son, possibly by Emily, or Emiline, Thomas Douglas, bc1865 in Clarendon, Jamaica


Douglas, James, son of George Douglas of Whiterigs, Aberdeenshire.  , Surgeon.  Settled St. Mary's Jamaica c 1754.  Died 1763

Among the immigrants from Scotland's educated professional and landed classes who went to Jamaica to make their fortunes and return to Scotland or London were James Douglas, a graduate of Glasgow and Oxford, a barrister at Middle temple, the customs collector of Jamaica from 1762;


Pts. John Douglas of Kellhead. Sh. pre 1762.  Sett. Jamaica.


Douglas, John.  Clergyman.  Sh. 1732 to Antigua.


John Douglas bn abt 1799, Scotland from Jamaica to Boston 1816 Naturalized Washington, DC 1828


Douglas, Robert. 15. b. 1706.  "A poor lad".  AberdeenIndentured servant for Jamaica, June 1721.


Douglas, Robert. d. 24 Oct. 1779 St. Kitts.


Rear Admiral Peter John Douglas R.N. was born 30 June, 1787 and served much of his naval career in the West Indies


Commander William Manners Wellington Douglas Son of Rear Admiral Peter John Douglas, also served time in the West Indies


Sir Charles Douglas, Bart, bc1728, d1789 knighted for his service in the West Indies


Captain John Erskine Douglas R.N. served 1799 West Indies station


David Douglass, actor, born in England about 1720; died in Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. in 1786.


Charles James Sholto Douglas (son of 4th Bt (or 3rd?) of Kelhead) m1.abt 1755 Basilia Dawes (dau of James Dawes of Rockspring, Jamaica)

Douglas Charles S., overseer, Konigsberg estate Parish of St Mary, Jamaica, 1878

Captain Andrew Douglas of Mains was involved in the slave trade of the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

The following are mentioned in a Jamaican Act of 1801: ' John Douglas, Sholto Douglas, Archibald Douglas, Robert Douglas, Edmund Douglas, Catherine Douglas, and Elizabeth Douglas, free quadroons and the reputed children of Peter Douglas of the parish of St John in the county of Middlesex to the same rights and privileges under certain restrictions' 7.12.1801

Henry Douglas, son of Henry Douglas of Friarshaw, baptised Edinburgh 1st April 1684 ; died 1753. He was a planter in Antigua, and married Mary ?, and left a daughter.

Mary, dan. and heiress of Henry Douglas, Esq. ; mar. 2ndly (settlement dated 19 Jan. 1763) Dr. Michael McNamara. Her will dated 26 March 1763 ; proved 26 Jan. 1778. He was of Great George Street, Westminster, in 1777; Ex'or to Robert Christian.

John Douglas jnr (1803-77) had three children in Guyana by a ‘free coloured’ woman Martha Ann Ritchie, who came there from Barbados, with her mother Rebecca, in the 1790s. One of the children, James, went on to become the first Governor of British Columbia & Vancouver Island and was knighted in 1883.

James Robert Douglas b. 4 Feb 1825; d. 8 Nov 1849, St Vincent, West Indies.

Maj Gen William Douglas married, in December 1885, Ellen Lytcott (a Lady of Grace of St John of Jerusalem (London Gazette of 5 Mar 1918)), daughter of Samuel Taylor, Crown Solicitor, Barbados.


Howard Douglas d. 11 Aug 1820, West Indies.


Douglas, Charles P. (1921-) of Ayr was Senior Lecturer at the Univ. of West Indies (1959-65).


Robert Douglas of Ardrossan, (1759- 1847), a grandson of William Douglas of Leith, had a fleet of sailing ships  importing tobacco from Virginia and visited West Indies regularly, one of his brothers was resident there  and Sir James Douglas, Gov. of Vancouver 1858  ( a cousin ) was born  in Demerara  British Guiana 5.6.1803 , his mother was a Miss Richie, a Creole lady of Demerara. Robert's brother Colin lived for some time at Demerara  while he was conducting his business there.


Gilbert Douglas, a West India merchant in Glasgow, had large plantations in the Island of St. Vincent


Two wills located at the Public Record Office in Jamaica:
1. Robert Douglas written Oct. 16, 1849 and probated July 31, 1852.
2. Charles Graham Douglas' will was probated Feb. 4. 1843. (see below)

Here is a brief summary of Robert Douglas' will.
He lived at Kelton Settlement, Trelawny, Jamaica.
Sister Elizabeth Steed of 377 8th Street New York USA
Sister Jane Blythe of Castle Douglas, County Kirkcudbright, UK called Scotland.
Brother James Douglas of Albany , USA.
All my estate and personal divided to them.
My father , John Douglas, my gold watch and if I die then to James Douglas to be kept in the family.

William Bernard and John Mackie of Trelawny
James Douglas, Executors.
Source: Register General's Office. Twickenham Park, Jamaica.

Note: His father, John, married as his first wife Mary Sargent, Robert's mother.

More Jamaican wills can he found here>>>


Charles Graham Douglas, (See above) of St. John (now St. Catherine), who died about the year 1823. He was a person of colour, and was apparently possessed of a good deal of property.

Major James Douglas was born in 1634. He was the son of Sir Archibald Douglas ('who lived at Dornock'). He died after 1663 at Jamaica. His last will was dated 1663. he had a son, Thomas Douglas+ b. 1660, d. 1717. 


Thomas Douglas was born in 1660. He was the son of Major James Douglas. He married Lady unknown Watson at Jamaica. He died in 1717. They had a son, Samuel Douglas, b. 1700


Samuel Douglas, b. circa 1720, son of the above Samuel, b. 1700, was a merchant at Kingston, Jamaica


Samuel Douglas, of Windsor Plantation, Jamaica, was the son of Nathaniel Douglas and Margaret Heron, and 1st cousin to Sir William Douglas of Castle Douglas


Samuel Douglas, a merchant in Jamaica, was admitted as a burgess and guildsbrother of Ayr on 4 April 1751

Samuel Douglas, merchant in Savannah, Georgia, loyalist in 1776, settled in Jamaica by 1782


In 1811, Douglas, Samuel, deceased, Windsor Castle, was recorded as having owned 171 slaves and 10 stock. He apparently started the Windsor Castle plantation. It appears to have been sold to John Crosman, owner of Change Hill, Decoy Pen and Hazard plantations. (See document below)


Theodora Douglas Nee Frater,late of Murray Mountain, St. Ann.  Died on January 22, 2014, leaving 7 children, 33 grand children, 80 great grand children, 32 great- great grand children


Campbell Douglas, born 12 March, 1781, to 1st marriage of William Douglas in 'Craignine', Minnigaff, Kirkcudbrightshire. William's brother was Samuel Douglas of 'Windsor Castle' plantation, Jamaica, who died Charleston, NC., 9 Jan., 1799. Both brothers were 1st cousins of Sir William Douglas of Castle Douglas. ?next generation?

Revd Aretas Akers (1824–1856) (father of Aretas Akers-Douglas), was descended from six generations of West Indies sugar planters and slave owners


Charles Douglas - brother of Dr Patrick Douglas of Garallan, whose Jamaican estate, near Port Antonio, he managed. He offered Burns the position of book-keeper when the poet meditated emigration.  See: Burns and the Douglas connection


Wm. Douglas, 3d Duke of H., and Anne, Duchess in her own right, arrived (?1711) as Governor. (?Jamaica)


Monumental inscriptions:

  • {Ab.) JOHN DOUGLAS, ESQR., OB. FEB. I2t'i, l8l2, AET. 47.
  • {Ab) RICHARD SPEAR, ESQ., SECRETARY TO REAR-ADMIRAL DOUGLAS, OB. 14 NOVR., 1815, AET. 27. (Probably John Erskine Douglas)
  • {Ab) LIEUT. JOHN DOUGLAS, 64th RECT., DIED OF FEVER, AT PORT ROYAL, 20th AUGT., 1834, AGED 31.  Unmarried. Son of Canon William Douglas


The following are all residents of Jamaica:

Lt. Col. Allan Garth Douglas, b1945
Daphne Rowena Douglas
Hon. Easton Wentworth Xavier Douglas
Ludlow Lawson Douglas, b1934
Joy Eleanor Douglas, b1959


George Alexander Douglas, of Kingston, Jamaica, died 23rd Oct 1927, brother of Major General Henry Edward Manning Douglas VC, sons of George Alexander Douglas, also of Kingston, Jamaica.


A database of Douglases of Bermuda, the family of two brothers, Robert and Eric Douglas of Bermuda formerly St Kitts & Nevis can be found here>>>.  Sadly, there are few dates attached to the names.


Eileen Douglas, seamstress, Trinidad


Effie Douglas, 24, mulatto, (Colonel Tyng (former owner)). Free woman on board the Grand Dutchess (sic) of Russia bound for St. John's; Stephen Holman, Master (Date not known) (Probably not West Indies)

Henry Douglas, presents his patent 3 Feb. 1711-12. Provost-Marshall of the Leeward Islands, replacing Mr Perrie

Commission for Henry Douglas as Provost Marshal of the Leeward Islands. St. James Court, December 15,1714, in the room of Afton (sic) Warner


 ??For- dated 30 Nov. 1752. M.L 66. M.I. at St. born in Edinburgh; Provost Marshal General of the Leeward Islands 1714; died Jan. 1715; died 22 and bur. 24 Merchant, eventual heir to his at St. John's. at St. John's 12 of London, John's.??


John Bouke Douglass of Antigua. Dispenser. Recorded 1808.


John Douglas, Provost Marshall of Grenada, 1836-1838


May...(6th ?) (1795) at Naples, after a long and painful illness, Sir James Douglas, bart, the British consul-general. His remains were interred in the evening of the 16th, in the English burying-ground, with the greatest decency. Lady Douglas, his second wife, with three daughters, are to inherit his property, which lies in St. Christopher's, in the West Indies.


...the estate in the parish of Old Road, Antigua late of Henry Douglas, Esq., and now of Sir George Douglas, Bart.,

Henry Douglas-Hamilton, living 1771. Stated to have owned large estates in Nevis called "Hamiltons."

Betto Douglas, The case of

(Jan 1780?) At St. Christopher's, Robert Douglas, efq; governor of all his majesty's forts and.fortifications in that island. This gentleman's death was occasioned by a most extraordinary accident indeed; leaning against the paljisades which enclosed his court-yard, and being rather corpulent and heavy, the wood gave way. and he falling with great violence, occasioned a contusion of the spine, of which ne died in 24 hours, labouring under the most excruciating torture, but perfectly placid and resigned. He has left the bulk of his fortune (which is very considerable) to his brother, Capt. John Douglas, of his Majesty's ship the Terrible. (Note: Robert was not the Governor, but had some lesser post)


Lord Archibald Douglas-Hamilton 1673-1754 was Governor of Jamaica in 1714.


Alexander Josiah Douglas, messenger on the "Governor's Station," came from Jamaica in January 1909 to work on the Panama Canal. Douglas came to the Isthmus in 1909 with his mother to join his brother who was already working for the Canal.  He worked in Panama as clerk and watchman for a short time, then became an attendant at Ancon Hospital, where his brother was working. He first worked in the "private" wards where the nurses quarters are now located, then in the isolation wards, at that time located near the present site of the Governor's house at Balboa Heights. He remained there until 1918, then took over his present job as messenger for the Executive Department in the Administration Building.


Sir William (Randolph) Douglas, (b. Sept. 24, 1921, Barbados - d. Aug. 12, 2003, Pau, France), acting governor-general of Barbados (1976, 1984). He was chief justice in 1965-86 and ambassador to the United States in 1987-91. He was knighted in 1969.


Seven brothers migrated to Jamaica and settled in the parish of St. Ann and St. Elizabeth. The Eldest Brother, William 'Captain' Douglas settled in River Wood on land which he purchased from Lord Sutton Brown . He renamed the place Douglas Castle.  Amongst the (2012) The Douglas Castle Community Development Foundation Board Members are: Mrs. Patsy Douglas, Mr. Linchmore Douglas, Mr. Vessel Douglas nad Mr. Lenmore Douglas.


Christian, youngest daughter of Sir William Cunningham of Caprinton, married Sir John Douglas of Kelhead. Their son, James, was collector of customs for the island of Jamaica (Presumably this man>>>)


Thought to be an extract from the will of John Dickson:
I hereby give and bequeath thirty six acres of Land known as Cole Bottom being part of Samuels Cove joining on Haughton Tower Spring and Samuels Cove to Elizabeth Douglas and her two children James and Patrick To hold to them their heirs and assigns for ever and I hereby give and bequeath to each of them the said Elizabeth Douglas and her two children the sum of three hundred pounds the said sums to be paid to the said Elizabeth Douglas twelve months after my decease and to be paid to the said James and Patrick when of age the interest to be payable annually to them for their support and the said respective sums to be paid from my wharf and the negroes attached to it as hereinafter mentioned. I also devise that a house be put up to the value of three hundred pounds at the expence of Cousins Cove estate on said Land in such place as the said Elizabeth Douglas may point out …
Elizabeth Douglas may have been one of Dickson's mulatto mistress.

ALEXANDER DOUGLAS  (of Baads), licen. by Presb. of Biggar 14th June 1716; ord. to Skirling 29th April 1718; dep. 1719; reponed 1721; pres. by George I., and adin. 28th Oct. 1725; died 5th Sept. 1749. He marr. Isabella (died 4th June 1775), daugh. of Andrew Houston of Calder, and had issue-Sholto; Alexander, merchant in St Kitts; Jean (marr. Aretas B. Akers of St Kitts); Robert, planter in St Kitts; Isabella; Mary (marr. James Stoddart, min. of Kirkintilloch); Admiral John Leigh, R.N.

Trinidadian architect Tara Keens Douglas presented a series of carnival costumes made from folded paper and twisted rope as part of her ... (Living in Toronto)


Extract from Slavery, Family and Gentry Capitalism in the British Atlantic
... noteworthy parncipants in Demerara and Essequibo were members of the Douglas family. Sir James Douglas, MP for the Orkney and Shetland Islands, owned Weilburg plantation in Demerara from about I765. Clarke's relationship with the Douglas family paid a variety of dividends. Gedney Clarke Jr supplied Douglas' plantation with slaves and provisions, the gross value or his account being £5,588 during an eighteen-month period in 1766-7. In addition to the command held by James Douglas, another member of the family, Robert Douglas(1), was in 1760 appointed Commander-in-Chief on the Leeward Island station, and two years later, he attained the rank of Rear Admiral. Beyond their financial and military heft, the Douglases were also politically useful by virtue of their connections in Scotland and Holland. Admiral james Douglas' patron (and probably kinsman) was James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton, a leading member of me Scottish aristocracy. Through Robert Douglas, who had married into a prominent Dutch family, Gedney Clarke Sr and Jr gained an introduction to Count William Bentinck, the patron of Demerara at the Hague. In due course, the Clarkes lobbied Bentinck, seeking to be compensated by the Estates General for their defence of the colony in the amount of 41,060 guilders IS stuyvers.

Sir Thomas Monteath, (1788–1868), an army officer in the East India Company, was born on 25 November 1788 at Hanover, Jamaica, the son of Thomas Monteath of Kippen. He took the surname Douglas on 18 December 1850, on inheriting the estate of Douglas Support, which had been entailed to the descendants of his paternal grandmother by her sister Margaret, duchess of Douglas.


Lord William Robert Keith Douglas owned sugar plantation estates in Tobago which had formerly belonged to his father-in-law, Walter Irvine


Roman Catholic marriage in Jamaica
Stewart, Malcolm Nil [Neil?] m 10/12/1872 Catherine Douglas, both of Bellevue. Wit: Doctor William Cruise and Brother D. Reeys.

Hamley, John Emmanuel m 6/2/1869 Jane Pilkin, both of Kingston. Wit: James Christopher Lyon, Emily E. Douglas, Ursela Hamley, Henry George Pilkin, Catherine B. Phillips, Julia Douglas, John B. Douglas [sigs]. Min: JD.  

David Douglas and Pompey Douglas, labourers, were granted land at Stricken, Heuval, British Guiana c1840

Nathaniel Douglas of Bath, Westmoorland, Jamaa(sic) wrote to Thomas Jefferson on 18 September 1806 regarding loss of property/income.  Was he the father of Samuel Douglas, of Windsor Plantation?


Anna Charlotte Douglas, wife of Henry Lowndes, died St Thomas in the Vale, Jamaica, on 2 September 1853.  Comment: Anna was the daughter of Alexander Broadfoot and Margaret Douglas, daughter of William Douglas, WS. Why she is listed as Douglas is not known.


Col. Allan Douglas, Jamaican Defence Force, son of Allan M. W. Douglas, Attorney-at-Law

Campbell Douglas, Jamaica, married Agnes Marshall a merchant in Glasgow, in Hamilton on 1 July 1793.  Possibly the Campbell Douglas granted 300 acres in St Thomas East in 1777.  Their son, John, was 18th of Mains.

Charles James Sholto Douglas, born after 1710, son of Sir John Douglas of Kelhead, Dumfries-shire, and Christian Cunningham, Customs Office of Jamaica


Charles S. Douglas, overseer, Konigsberg estate, St Mary, Annotto Bay, Jamaica c1878


Charles Douglas 1, 2 and 3


  • Colin Douglas - Colin Douglas, one of the owners of the Glenbervie, drowned off quayhead at Demerara in February 1827 - Greenock Advertiser 10th April 1827

  • ``The attorney for Agnes Corse Torbet, the daughter and executrix of Colin Douglas senior, claimed unsuccessfully for the compensation on Plantation Belmont in British Guiana.
    ``He had a daughter Helen [1815-73], who married in Demerara but later came to Scotland.
    ``Probably the brother of Robert, (1759-1847) a shipbroker in London, but also referred to as 'of Ardrossan', (1759-1847) traded tobacco from Virginia and is said to have visited the West Indies regularly.


    Elizabeth, daughter of Rev George Douglas. a Parish minister of Kirkwall and then Tain, married (1802) a Demerara sugar merchant, Joseph Julian Labalmondiere.


    George Douglas, a gardener, disowned son of General Sir Neil Douglas, married the daughter of Dr David Aird of Antigua and his free woman of colour wife.


    George Alexander Douglas was Superintendent of the General Penitentiary on Jamaica.  He was the father of Major General Henry Edward Manning Douglas .


    Hugh Douglas of Douglas Hall was described as 'originally a native of Scotland' who 'had long carried on business in Demerara, from which he returned in November 1800 to Glasgow, where he resided for two or three months' before retuning to Demerara. His partnership of Hugh Douglas & Co in Demerara was dissolved in 1804.  Also in 1835: Died yesterday afternoon, much regretted Margaret, youngest daughter of Hugh Douglas, Esq., formerly of this colony [Guiana Chronicle Friday 26 June 1835].

    British Guiana claim no. 584 (Hope). David Alston, Slaves and Highlanders connects this man with Hugh Douglas of Demerara who was bankrupt in 1802, and with Hugh Douglas of Douglas Hall 'late of Demerara' who in 1817 married Agnes Peters in Glasgow and was at that time a merchant in Port Greenock. 


    Hugh, son of Hugh Douglas, Merchant Greenock, died at Demerara on the 11th January 1840 - Greenock Advertiser 25th February 1840
    James Douglas, formerly in Jamaica, then Wigton, 23 November 1826

    James Robert Douglas, born 1825, youngest son of Archibald Douglas, advocate, died Besquia, St Vincent, on 8 November 1849

    John Douglas, in Antigua 1713

    John Douglas, in St Kitts, father of James Douglas who matriculated at Glasgow University in 1748


    The Hampshire Chronicle, of Monday 13th April 1818 reported: "Married, at the Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Rear-Admiral Douglas, Commander-in-Chief of that station, to Mrs. White, eldest daughter of J. Griffiths, Esq., of Jamaica."


    Rear-Admiral Douglas may have fathered a child by one of his black slaves in Jamaica, Diana Prince. Certainly the boy was named John Erskine Douglas, his father was white, and conception took place when Douglas was in Jamaica. He was christened (with his mother) at St Andrew's parish in August 1817 - he'd been born on 17th October 1816.

    Robert Douglas, in St Kitts, 1776


    Robert Douglas, Jul 1816 - 16 Nov 1816 Governor of the British colony of Saint Lucia - or Commandant?


    Maj Gen Robert Douglas, served in West Indies 1793-1798; in the defence of Fort Matilda, Basseterre, and Guadaloupe (1815); Adjutant-General in the West Indies (Is this the same as the above Robert Douglas?)

    Robert Douglas, late in Jamaica, now Burntisland, Fife, husband of Janet Ross, 14 March 1848

    Robert Douglas, in Tobago, 1850


    Robert Douglas registered 82 enslaved people on an estate called Fyrish being Lot No. 3 on the Corantyne Coast as his own property in 1819. His death was reported at Edinburgh 05/04/1826

    Samuel Douglas merchant in Savannah, Georgia. Loyalist in 1776, settled in Jamaica by 1782


    Justice Kipling Douglas, Judge of the Grand Court in Cayman, brother of Professor Lawson Douglas

    W.R. Keith Douglas, a planter on Buccero Estate, Tobago, 1836.  His father-n-law was Walter Irvine.  Lord William was awarded a payment as a slave trader in the aftermath of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 with the Slave Compensation Act 1837

    Walter Irvine had been among the original grantees of land in Tobago under the 1764 Proclamation. Together with John Irvine, Walter Irvine was granted the Woodlands estate. In 1832 the estate's owners were shown as 'Douglas & Irvine'; the estate was still in cultivation in 1862.


    Charles (Bobby) Wood writes: Samuel H Douglas 1880-1977, my Mother one his children, and me all grew up in Troja, St. Catherine. There is Douglas family still living there, some of us went to Douglas Castle and met some there who knew of us inc. Samuel Douglas. We also looked the same, I remember that Grandpa had a brother came back from Cuba, was married to Miss May in Troja, but left her and moved to Douglas Castle.


    George Douglas, Mirabeau Estate, St Andrews Parish, Grenada, 352 acres, sugar,
    G. Douglas, Retreat Estate, St Andrews Parish, Grenada, 242 acres, provisions and coffee


    Will of Alexander Douglas of Baads, Mid Lothian and of Finsbury Square merchant proved 27/10/1797. Under the will, he left to his son George his estate of Miraubeou [sic] in Grenada (subject to his wife's annuity of £450 p.a.), his estate in Tobago called Calder Hall, and 400 acres at Bloody Bay in Tobago. To his son Robert he left his share in the leased Lamberts or Middle Island estate on St Kitts and £7000, to his daughter Isabella Houstoun he left £4000 and to his sister Isabella the wife of Sir James Douglas HM Consul at Naples he left an annuity of £200 p.a. He left £50,000 in trust, £10,000 to be laid out on land in England and £40,000 in Scotland. The estate of Baads was left in entail.


    Index of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo is compiled and maintained by Tikwis Begbie

    DOUGLAS or COWAN, Cecilia Eliza, Born: ABT 1812 Married CAMERON, David: 4 JUN 1838, in town
    DOUGLAS, Agnes Eldert, Married TORBET, John
    DOUGLAS, Alexander, Born: ABT 1801
    DOUGLAS, Blair, Died: 26 SEP 1881
    DOUGLAS, Catherine Elizabeth, Married ROSS, George Balfour Mackenzie Esq: 18 MAR 1862, St. Patrick's, Berbice. She was daughter of Sholto Douglas, below.
    DOUGLAS, Colin Snr., Died: 27 FEB 1827, Demerara
    DOUGLAS, D., Died: 2 APR 1810
    DOUGLAS, Elizabeth Munro, Born: ABT 1783 Married LABALMONDIERE, Joseph Julian Esq.: 22 JUL 1801 Died: 1866, Mayfair LND. She was daughter of Rev. George Douglas, of Tain.
    DOUGLAS, George, Born: Ireland Married ALLSUP, Catherine C.: 11 AUG 1826, Banns of Matrimony
    DOUGLAS, Helen, Born: ABT 1815, Demerara Married COX, William Esq. Married DALLAS, William Esq.: 1 DEC 1856, New Amsterdam Died: 11 MAR 1873, Glasgow LAN
    DOUGLAS, Helen, Born: ABT 1873, Demarara Died: AFT 1901
    DOUGLAS, Hugh, Died: 11 JAN 1840, Demarara
    DOUGLAS, Hugh Esq.
    DOUGLAS, James, Born: 14 AUG 1803, Mahaica Died: 1877
    DOUGLAS, James, Born: ABT 1867, British Guiana Died: AFT 1891
    DOUGLAS, James, Born: ABT 1834 Died: 14 JAN 1866, Brooklyn New York USA
    DOUGLAS, John, Married RITCHIE, Martha Ann Died: 31 OCT 1842, Mahaica Village
    DOUGLAS, Margaret, Died: 25 JUN 1835
    DOUGLAS, Mary, Married TURNER, W.Y. M.D. C.M: 11 MAR 1879, Marine Villa, Kingston
    DOUGLAS, Mary, Born: ABT 1821, British Guiana Died: AFT 1851
    DOUGLAS, Mary
    DOUGLAS, Norval, Born: ABT 1840 Died: 9 JUL 1845, Pln. Philadelphia
    DOUGLAS, Robert, Born: Scotland Married CRAIG, Mary Harbin: 23 AUG 1816, Banns of Matrimony Died: 26 APR 1826, Edinburgh MLN SCT
    DOUGLAS, Robert Gordon, Born: ABT 1841 Died: 15 DEC 1846, Pln. Skeldon
    DOUGLAS, Sholto, Born: Demerary Married GORDON, Janet: 10 APR 1829, Banns of Matrimony Died: 1 SEP 1848, Berbice
    DOUGLAS, Thomas, Born: ABT 1790 Died: 20 JAN 1846, Lacy-Town
    DOUGLAS, William


    Nancy, a Congo, says she belongs to a woman of colour,  Sally Douglas, St Jago Clarendon

    Peter Douglass, Burnswick Estate, 1813


    Robert Douglas registered 82 enslaved people on an estate called Fyrish being Lot No. 3 on the Corantyne Coast as his own property in 1819.

    Extracts from  Jamaica Parish Registers
    William Douglas, Labourer, died May 1848. Burial: May 31, 1848, St. Ann's Bay church yard, St. Ann

    William Douglas , Labourer, was born 1775, and died 'For want of medical aid' July 28, 1840 in Trelawny

    William Douglas was born 1794, and died September 1869. Residence: 1794, Davis Cove Burial: September 08, 1869, Green Island, Hanover, church yard

    William Douglas was born 1800. Baptism: July 15, 1838, Clarendon Residence: 1838, Rose Hill

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1803. He met Elizabeth Williams. She was born Abt. 1803. Race/nationality/color: Coloured. Residence: 1828, Luke Lane, Kingston They had a son, William Douglas, born Bef. April 13, 1828. Baptism: April 13, 1828, Kingston

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1810. He married Lucky (Douglas) October 11, 1835 in Wales, Manchester She was born Abt. 1810.

    William Douglas was born 1811, and died August 1831. Burial: August 02, 1831, St. Catherine Race/nationality/color: Brown. Residence: 1831, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

    William Douglas, a Planter, was born Abt. 1814. He married Jane Thomas April 28, 1839 in Clarendon She was born Abt. 1814. Residence: 1839, Clarendon. They had a daughter, Mary Ann Smith Douglas, born October 15, 1841 in Amity Hall, Clarendon. Note: Mary Ann Smith Douglas is listed under "Smith" in the Jamaica Parish Register Index

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1814. He married Sarah Johnson July 06, 1839 in Vere She was born Abt. 1814.

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1815. He married C. Gordon July 25, 1840 in the Baptist Church, Salter's Hill, St. James. She was born Abt. 1815.

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1815. He married Macharia Jackson May 30, 1840 in Westmoreland. She was born Abt. 1815. Residence: 1840, Westmoreland

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1815. He married Penella Hodges December 26, 1840 in Westmoreland. She was born Abt. 1815. Residence: 1840, Westmoreland

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1815. He married Mary Ann Taylor July 05, 1840 in Clarendon. She was born Abt. 1815. Residence: 1840, Clarendon

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1815. He married Kitty White December 21, 1840 in Clarendon. She was born Abt. 1815. Residence: 1840, Clarendon

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1818. He married Janet Williams April 01, 1843 in Clarendon. She was born Abt. 1818.

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1820. He married Diana Grier July 02, 1845 in the Wesleyan Methodist church, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. She was born Abt. 1820.

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1821. He married Jane (Douglas). She was born Abt. 1821. They had a son, William Mitchell Douglas, born December 25, 1846. Baptism: June 13, 1847, Vere

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1824. He married Morgianna (Douglas). She was born Abt. 1824. They had a daughter, Jane Douglas, born September 14, 1849. Baptism: January 13, 1850, Westmoreland. Residence: 1850, Bethly Hall

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1825. He met Elizabeth Davis. She was born Abt. 1825. In 1850, he was a Private in the 1st West India Regiment stationed at Military barracks, Spanish Town, St. Catherine. They had a son, William Douglas, born September 25, 1850. Baptism: May 28, 1851, St. Catherine

    William Douglas was born 1826, and died August 1829, aged 3. Burial: August 25, 1829, St. James Race/nationality/color: Colored. Residence: 1829, Montego Bay, St. James

    William Douglas, 'domestic', was born Abt. 1827. He married Susan Johnson June 25, 1852 in St Ann. She was born Abt. 1827. Residence: 1852, St. Ann; Residence (2): 1854, Dalrymple Park. They had a daughter, Helen Louisa Douglas, born April 09, 1853. Baptism: February 19, 1854, St Ann. Residence: 1854, Dalrymple Park

    William Douglas was born 1827. Baptism: February 19, 1837, Clarendon. Residence: 1837, Main Savanna

    William Douglas, a planter, was born Abt. 1830. He married Diana Simpson August 08, 1855 in Clarendon. She was born Abt. 1830. Residence: 1855, Clarendon. They had a daughter, Rose Ann Douglas, born June 06, 1855. Baptism: December 04, 1857, Braehead, Clarendon

    William Douglas was born 1831, and died December 1847, aged 16. Burial: December 26, 1847, Croft Hill, Clarendon. Residence: 1847, Arthur's Seat

    William Douglas, a Policeman, was born Abt. 1832. He married Sarah (Douglas). She was born Abt. 1832. Residence: 1859, Garden Hill, St. John. They had a daughter, Catherine Douglas, born July 19, 1859. Baptism: July 25, 1859, St. John . She married James Gallimore Hayden, a planter, December 27, 1876 in Walton, St. Ann. Residence: 1876, Moneague District, St. Ann

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1832. He married Frances Palmer January 06, 1857 in Clarendon. She was born Abt. 1832. Residence: 1857, Clarendon; Residence (2): 1864, Cross. They had a son and two daughters:
    Paulina Douglas, born 1857. Baptism: September 23, 1864, Clarendon. Possibly died 1864
    Charles Abraham Douglas, born May 24, 1860. Baptism: November 23, 1864, Clarendon
    Sarah W. Douglas, born Bef. November 27, 1864. Baptism: November 27, 1864, Clarendon

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1833. He married Eliza Ferguson March 18, 1858 in Westmoreland (Source: B0051 Jamaica Parish Register Marriages VIa, VIb, VIII 1841-1871, VIb, p. 98 #19.). She was born Abt. 1833. Residence: 1858, Hanover. They had a daughter, Alice Elizabeth Douglas, born January 01, 1863. Baptism: August 09, 1863, Blackheath, Westmoreland

    William Douglas was born 1833. Baptism: January 07, 1838, Clarendon. Residence: 1838, Old Plantations

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1835. He married Eliza Bryce December 15, 1860 in Clarendon (Source: B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864, V, p. 436 #36.). She was born Abt. 1835. Residence: 1860, Clarendon; Residence (2): 1865, Suttons; Residence (3): 1868, Chapelton, Clarendon. They ad a son and a daughter:
    Alvida Douglas, born Bef. December 31, 1865. Baptism: December 31, 1865, St. Elizabeth
    Emily Douglas, born October 20, 1867. Baptism: April 16, 1868, Clarendon (

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1836. He married Catherine (Douglas). She was born Abt. 1836. They had a daughter, Joanna Douglas, born June 21, 1861. Baptism: December 19, 1866, St. Elizabeth

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1836. He married Frances James January 09, 1861 in Clarendon. She was born Abt. 1836. Residence: 1861, Clarendon

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1838. He met Elizabeth Darby. She was born Abt. 1838. They had a son, Josiah Douglas, born November 10, 1863. Baptism: August 06, 1864, Vere

    William Douglas was born Abt. 1842. He married Jane (Douglas). She was born Abt. 1842. Thy had a daughter, Catherine Douglas, born June 1865. Baptism: August 1867, Manchester

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1844. He met Jane Armstrong. She was born Abt. 1844. Residence: 1869, Juan de Bolas. They had a son, Josias Douglas, born January 17, 1869. Baptism: December 10, 1869, St. Catherine

    William Douglas was born 1844. Baptism: February 1848, St. Elizabeth and possibly died in 1848.

    William Douglas was born April 19, 1846.Baptism: 1846, Clarendon.

    William Douglas was born 1848, and died June 1854. Burial: June 01, 1854, Mt. Olive, Clarendon. Residence: 1854, Mount Olive

    William Douglas was born December 24, 1851. Baptism: June 13, 1852, Clarendon. Residence: 1852, Roswells

    William Douglas was born June 16, 1855. Baptism: December 25, 1855, Clarendon Residence: 1855, Belleview

    William Douglas, a Labourer, was born Abt. 1857. He married Jane Hamilton. She was born Abt. 1857. Other facts: Signed by X. They had a daughter, Priscilla Douglas, born August 05, 1882 in Concord, St. Ann

    William Campbell Douglas was born Abt. 1835. He met Ellen Louisa Jones. She was born Abt. 1835. Occupation: Bet. 1856 - 1860, Shopkeeper. Residence: Bet. 1856 - 1860, Gibbs Town. They had a daughter and a son:
     •  Elizabeth Almirah Douglas, born June 29, 1856. Baptism: December 14, 1856, Vere
     •  James Mitchell Douglas, born October 25, 1860. Baptism: December 21, 1860, Vere

    William Francis Douglas was born 1853. Baptism: April 07, 1854, Vere. Probably died in 1854. Residence: 1854, Banks

    William Henry Douglas was born August 15, 1850. Baptism: December 25, 1851, St. Johns


    Major Douglas, Grange Estate, Hanover (St Mary, 1811)


    Mr Douglas, Kingston  owned Sukey, a Congo


    Douglas, a Brunam, says his master's name is Mr Longman.


    Barbados events

    Edward Douglas, probate 3 May 1659

    Edward Douglas, a militiaman in Barbados, 1679

    John Douglas, a servant, referred to in Peter Hay's will, probate 1654

    Nathan Douglas, a militiaman in Barbados, 1679

    William Douglas, married Rachel Thomas, in Christchurch, Barbados, on 4 April 1669; a militiaman in Barbados, 1680

    William Douglas, married Mary Whiteney, in St Michael's, Barbados, on 10 April 1725



    •  Edith Matilda Eliza, daughter of Robert Douglas and Eliza Bell, trader, residence Kingston, born 4/16/1886, baptized 9/15/1886 by Thomas M. Geddes
    •  Ethel Adina, daughter of Thomas Daly Douglas and Evelina his wife, coach maker, residence Kingston, born 2/24/1887, baptized 3/14/1887 by Thomas M. Geddes
    •  Geraldine Amanda, daughter of John Douglas and Leante Ibbott, seaman, born 3/14/1890, baptized 4/22/1890,



    Antigua plantation owners:

    Walter Douglas 1672 #190 Brookes
    Ensign John Douglas 1718 #190 Brookes
    Henry Douglas, Esq 1747 #193c Douglas's
    Henry Douglas 1763 #193c Douglas's
    James Douglas 1737 #190 Brookes
    Sir James Douglas, Bart 1788 #193c Douglas's
    Sir George Douglas 1805 #193c Douglas's
      1817 #193c Cades Bay

    Bishop Douglas 'of Centario-Delegate of the Holy See for Saint Domingo' was on 8 March 1794 appointed Chaplain to the Irish Brigade

    Kingston, May 30, 1811.


    Plantation, situate in the parish of Portland, consisting of a considerable quantity of full bearing Coffee, and 30 Acres, lately planted, and abounds with Provisions. This property is distant from Port-Antonio harbour about seven miles, the greatest part of it a carriage road. There are on the premises a comfortable Dwelling-House, with outoffices, and a set of works, with barbiques capable of taking off a large crop. With this property will be sold 100 SLAVES, most of them prime creoles;also the STOCK and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.

    Time will be given for the greatest part of the purchase-money, on giving approved security. For particulars application to be made to Charles Douglas, Esq. the proprietor, in Portland; or, in this city, to Dr. Alexander Clachar.


    The ATTORNEY-GENERAL ex rel. MURPHY & al. vs.
    POLLOCK & al.

    IN Pursuance of the Final Decree of this Honourable Court, made in the above Cause the 1st day of August instant, I do hereby give notice, That I will, on Monday the 20th day of January next ensuing the date hereof, between the hours of 11 and 12 of the clock in the forenoon, at the Tavern commonly called the Cross-Keys, in the town of St. Jago de la Vega, set up to sale, and actually cause to be sold, to the highest and best bidder or bidders, and upon the best terms that can be gotten for the same, the Lands comprising the Plantation or Settlement called WINDSOR CASTLE, in the pleadings mentioned, situate, lying, and being, in the parish of St. Mary, either together or in parcels, and the Slaves, and the offsprings of the females of them, together or in families, and all other the estate of the Testator, Samuel Douglas, dec. in the Pleadings named, in such manner as shall appear to be most advantageous for carrying into effect the said Testator's Will.

    And whereas I am directed by the said Final Decree (after applying the first of the proceeds of the sales in manner therein mentioned) to apply and appropriate the remainder of the monies to arise from the said sales, and the means in the said Decree mentioned, in payment and satisfaction of the Debts and Legacies of the said Testator remaining unpaid (if any), for which debts and legacies application shall be made within six months, I do therefore hereby give public notice thereof to the said Creditors and Legatees of the said Samuel Douglas, to make application to me, at my Office, in the town of St. Jago de la Vega, on or before the 24th day of February next ensuing the date hereof.

    Given under my hand, this 24th day of August,
    1811. J. J. VIDAL, M. C. C.
    18th Century Journals - May Kingston 1811 18th Century Journals - Kingston August 1811


    The chart below refers to patents on Jamaica. Source: Jamaican government archives



    William Douglas, Commander of 'H. M. S. Falmouth'
    In his celebrated work entitled 'The History of Freemasonry', Robert Gould tells us that, in 1737, a mere twenty years after the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge, one William Douglas, Commander of 'H. M. S. Falmouth', was appointed Provincial Grand Master for 'the Coast of Africa and the Islands of America'. This vague description has been the subject of much speculation, but it is generally felt by most students of Masonic history, that the term 'the Islands of America', applied to none other than the islands of the West Indies. It has been said that Freemasonry was 'introduced' into Jamaica in 1738 with the establishment of the Mother Lodge No. 182 (so named in 1776) which was warranted in that year, but, as can be gleaned from the above, this is highly speculative, and it may be far more accurate to describe that Lodge as being the first Lodge warranted to work on Jamaican soil.


    Loyalists who fled from America in 1783

    Robert Douglas is said to have been a loyalist who fled to Jamaica. Elsewhere, it is stated that Samuel Douglas fled, most likely from South Carolina, in 1783 and received an allotment of land in the parish of Saint Elizabeth.



    1. This seems wrong. In 1760 James Douglas was appointed to the Dublin as commodore and commander-in-chief on the Leeward Islands station.


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  • The Jamaican Family Search website

  • Out of place (Guyana)

    • Death At Demerara, on the 27th February, Colin Douglas, Esq. Caledonian Mercury 23 April 1827
    • Death At Edinburgh, on the 5th instant, Robert Douglas, Esq., of Better Hope Plantation, Demerara, eldest son of the late Rev. George Douglas, of Tain, in the county of Ross, N.B. Morning Chronicle (London) 12 April 1826. He was brother of DOUGLAS, Elizabeth Munro, above.


    Sources include:
    •   Jamaica Parish Registers

    •  History of Antigua, 1894: Vere Langford Olivier

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