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Index of first names

Douglas septs and name variations



Caffie, Cavers, Clendenin, Clendenine, Clendening, Clendenink, Clendennine, Clendenning, Clendennink, Clendining, Clendinnine, Clendinning, Clendinnink, Clenindin, Dawglas, Dawglass, Dawgless, Dawgliss, Dogles, Douglas, Douglase, Douglass, Dougles, Dougless, Douglis, Dougliss, Douglles, Dowglas, Draysdal, Draysdale, Draysdel, Draysdell, Draysdil, Draysdile, Draysdul, Draysdyle, Drisdal, Drisdale, Drisdele, Drisdelle, Drisdil, Drisdile, Drisdul, Drisdyle, Drisedal, Drisedale, Drisedil, Drisedile, Drisedul, Drisedyle, Dryfesdal, Dryfesdale, Dryfesdil, Dryfesdile, Dryfesdul, Dryfesdyle, Dryisdal, Dryisdale, Dryisdel, Dryisdell, Dryisdil, Dryisdile, Dryisdul, Dryisdyle, Drysdal, Drysdale, Drysdel, Drysdell, Drysdil, Drysdile, Drysdul, Drysdyle, Dubhghlas, Dueglas, Duglas, Duglass, Dugless, Dugliss, Dulglace, Dulglas, Dulglass, Dulgless, Dulgliss, Duueglas, Engladge, Englage, Engledge, Englege, Englidge, Englige, English, Englitch, Englys, Fforest, Fforrest, Foerster, Forest, Forester, Forrest, Forrester, Forresters, Forrestor, Forrestors, Forrests, Forrister, Forristers, Forster, Foster, Fosters, Fourest, Fourester, Gilhaffie, Gilhaffy, Gillpatrach, Gillpatrack, Gillpatrake, Gillpatrech, Gillpatreck, Gillpatrick, Gillpatrock, Gillpatrox, Gillpatryck, Gillpatryke, Gilpatrach, Gilpatrack, Gilpatrake, Gilpatrech, Gilpatreck, Gilpatrick, Gilpatrik, Gilpatritch, Gilpatrock, Gilpatrox, Gilpatryck, Gilpatryke, Girkpatrach, Girkpatrack, Girkpatrake, Girkpatrech, Girkpatreck, Girkpatrick, Girkpatrik, Girkpatrock, Girkpatrox, Girkpatryck, Girkpatryke, Glendan, Glendand, Glendane, Glendant, Glenden, Glendend, Glendenine, Glendening, Glendenink, Glendennine, Glendenning, Glendennink, Glendent, Glendin, Glendind, Glendinin, Glendinine, Glendining, Glendinink, Glendinnin, Glendinnine, Glendinning, Glendinnink, Glendint, Glendon, Glendonan, Glendonand, Glendonane, Glendonant, Glendonen, Glendonend, Glendonent, Glendonind, Glendonint, Glendonven, Glendonvene, Glendonvine, Glendonwan, Glendonwand, Glendonwane, Glendonwant, Glendonwen, Glendonwend, Glendonwent, Glendonwin, Glendonwind, Glendonwine, Glendonwint, Glendonwyn, Glendonwynd, Glendonwynn, Glendonyn, Glendonynd, Glendoun, Glendounn, Glendoven, Glendovene, Glendovine, Glendowan, Glendowand, Glendowane, Glendowant, Glendowen, Glendowend, Glendowent, Glendowin, Glendowind, Glendowine, Glendowint, Glendowyn, Glendowynd, Glendowyne, Glendowynn, Glendowynne, Glendyn, Glendynd, Glendynine, Glendyning, Glendynink, Hafey, Haffey, Haffie, Haffy, Hingladge, Hinglage, Hingledge, Hinglege, Hinglidge, Hinglige, Hinglish, Hinglitch, Ilhaffie, Ilhaffy, Inckle, Incles, Ingal, Ingale, Ingall, Ingalls, Ingals, Ingels, Inggal, Inggale, Inggall, Inggalls, Inggals, Inggels, Inggil, Inggile, Inggill, Inggills, Inggils, Inggod, Inggode, Inggoit, Inggold, Inggolds, Inggoll, Inggolls, Inggood, Inggoode, Inggoold, Inggould, Inggoyd, Inggude, Inggul, Inggull, Inggulls, Inggyle, Ingil, Ingile, Ingill, Ingills, Ingils, Ingladge, Inglage, Ingle, Ingledge, Inglege, Ingles, Inglidge, Inglige, Inglis, Inglish, Inglitch, Inglys, Ingode, Ingoit, Ingol, Ingold, Ingolds, Ingoll, Ingolls, Ingols, Ingood, Ingoode, Ingoold, Ingould, Ingoyd, Ingude, Ingul, Ingull, Ingulls, Inguls, Ingyle, Inkale, Inkall, Inkalls, Inkals, Inkels, Inkile, Inkill, Inkills, Inkils, Inkle, Inkode, Inkoit, Inkold, Inkolds, Inkoll, Inkolls, Inkood, Inkoode, Inkoold, Inkould, Inkoyd, Inkude, Inkull, Inkulls, Inkyle, Kilhaffie, Kilhaffy, Kilkpatrach, Kilkpatrack, Kilkpatrake, Kilkpatrech, Kilkpatreck, Kilkpatrick, Kilkpatrik, Kilkpatrock, Kilkpatrox, Kilkpatryck, Kilkpatryke, Killpatrach, Killpatrack, Killpatrake, Killpatrech, Killpatreck, Killpatrick, Killpatrik, Killpatrock, Killpatrox, Killpatryck, Killpatryke, Kilpartach, Kilpartack, Kilpartake, Kilpartech, Kilparteck, Kilpartick, Kilpartik, Kilpartitch, Kilpartock, Kilpartox, Kilpartyck, Kilpartyke, Kilpatrach, Kilpatrack, Kilpatrake, Kilpatrech, Kilpatreck, Kilpatrick, Kilpatrik, Kilpatritch, Kilpatrock, Kilpatrox, Kilpatryck, Kilpatryke, Kirckpatric, Kirckpatrox, Kirkpatrach, Kirkpatrack, Kirkpatrake, Kirkpatrech, Kirkpatreck, Kirkpatric, Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrik, Kirkpatrock, Kirkpatrox, Kirkpatryck, Kirkpatryke, Locherbee, Locherbie, Locherby, Lockerbee, Lockerbie, Lockerby, Lokerbee, Lokerbie, Lokerby, Lougherbee, Lougherbie, Lougherby, MacCaffee, MacCaffie, MacCaffy, MacDouglas, MacGilhaffie, MacGilhaffy, MacGuffock, MacHaffie, MacHaffy, MacIlhaffie, MacIlhaffy, MacKilhaffie, MacKilhaffy, Maghaffey, Maghaffie, Maghaffiy, Maghaffy, Maghalfie, Maghalfy, Mahaffey, Mahaffie, Mahaffiy, Mahaffy, Mahalfie, Mahalfy, McCaffee, McCaffie, McCaffy, McDouglas, McGilhaffie, McGilhaffy, McHaffie, McHaffy, McIlhaffie, McIlhaffy, McKilhaffie, McKilhaffy, Milhaffie, Milhaffy, Moorton, Mordand, Mordane, Mordend, Mordent, Mordind, Mordint, Mordyn, Mordynd, Moreton, Morreton, Mortan, Mortand, Mortane, Mortant, Morten, Mortend, Mortent, Mortind, Mortint, Morton, Mortyn, Mortynd, Mourton, Myrton, Sandelands, Sandilan, Sandiland, Sandilands, Sandilane, Sandilant, Sandilen, Sandilend, Sandilent, Sandilind, Sandilint, Sandilyn, Sandilynd, Sandlan, Sandland, Sandlane, Sandlant, Sandlen, Sandlend, Sandlent, Sandlind, Sandlint, Sandlyn, Sandlynd, Sandylands, Santelands, Santilan, Santiland, Santilands, Santilane, Santilant, Santilen, Santilend, Santilent, Santilind, Santilint, Santilyn, Santilynd, Santlan, Santland, Santlane, Santlant, Santlen, Santlend, Santlent, Santlind, Santlint, Santlyn, Santlynd, Santylands, Saundelands, Saundilan, Saundiland, Saundilands, Saundilane, Saundilant, Saundilen, Saundilend, Saundilent, Saundilind, Saundilint, Saundilyn, Saundilynd, Saundlan, Saundland, Saundlane, Saundlant, Saundlen, Saundlend, Saundlent, Saundlind, Saundlint, Saundlyn, Saundlynd, Saundylands, Sawndelands, Sawndilan, Sawndiland, Sawndilands, Sawndilane, Sawndilant, Sawndilen, Sawndilend, Sawndilent, Sawndilind, Sawndilint, Sawndilyn, Sawndilynd, Sawndlan, Sawndland, Sawndlane, Sawndlant, Sawndlen, Sawndlend, Sawndlent, Sawndlind, Sawndlint, Sawndlyn, Sawndlynd, Sawndylands, Ynglis, Ynglys, Yngull 

Some Gaelic documents spell the name: 'Dhubhghlas'.

I have yet to determine if the Jordanian/Palestinian family Daghlas, or Daghles, is a Douglas family.




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