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Coat of arms of 4th Earl of Douglas
The coat of arms of the 4th Earl of Douglas is one of over 5,500 images in the Douglas Archives.

The Douglas Archives are, at the time of writing, a collection of more than 12,000 files containing material, some still un-edited, from a wide variety of sources. New material is included almost daily, though not necessarily published immediately. The result is a dynamic archive of biographies, anecdotes and historical material about the Douglas family.

Some of this is open to challenge, and, because it is often un-verified, must all be taken 'as seen', and so any researcher using the material is strongly advised to double-check  its accuracy.

Discussion, corrections or contributions through our Community Network, or by using our Contribution form is welcome.

Finding your way around the Douglas Archives may be a little confusing!  In addition to the Community Network, There are two main sections: the historical section and the genealogy database.

Whilst some, brief, biographies can be found in the genealogical database, most are in the historical section.  Many biographies contain links to other family members, battles in which the person may have fought, or places they are connected with. Keeping all these links live (there are more than 76,000 of them) is difficult, so if you come across a broken link, please do let us know. The historical section contains recent history as well!  Recent events involving family members is included as we come across it.

The genealogy database contains records of almost 188,000 people, who either are close members of the Douglas family, or are linked by marriage to them. There are a lot more 'cousins' than there are Douglases!

Our lists include many variations on 'Douglas' as we include the wider Douglas family.


Much of the content of this website is a collection of materials gathered from a variety of sources, and some of that remains unedited.

The webmaster does not intend to claim authorship of materials gathered from and by others, but gives credit to the originators for their work, some of which is subject to copyright.


Please see our terms and conditions for use of the site, and also read our cookie and privacy policies to see how we use and protect data collected about you, or your computer.


The answers to some frequently asked questions about the genealogy database can be found on our FAQ page.


Keep in touch by using our Community Network.




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The content of this website is a collection of materials gathered from a variety of sources, some of it unedited.

The webmaster does not intend to claim authorship, but gives credit to the originators for their work.

As work progresses, some of the content may be re-written and presented in a unique format, to which we would then be able to claim ownership.

Discussion and contributions from those more knowledgeable is welcome.

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