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Immigrant monument On October 8, 2011 an impressive monument to honour Scottish Immigration to America was unveiled on Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, by His Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell, 13th Duke of Argyll and The 28th MacCailein Mor, chief of Clan Campbell.

This monument came into fruition by the generosity of many members of the Society, by contributions from other St. Andrew’s Societies and their members, from clan societies and foundations, and from several firms in Scotland. His Grace said that the National Monument to Scottish Immigration stood for immigration from the mother country of Scots who brought their skills, talents, and energy not just to America but to many countries around the world. Though it represents a Highlander family arriving in Philadelphia in the mid-18th century full of hope for a new life in the New World, it also commemorates all of the Scots and Scots-Irish who have come to America in the past, now, and in the future. The duke took the idea further, saying it suitably represents brave, hardy, inventive Scots who carried Western culture to lands all around the globe and helped make their homeland one of the most important and revered nations in modern history.




  • Douglas, Adam, settled Carlisle, Pennsylvania, ca 1765. Son Brig Gen Ephraim, 1750-1833.
  • Douglas, Alexander, 22 Husbandman, Scotland from London to Carolina on the "Briton"  A. Urquhart, November 1774
  • Alexander Douglas, Royalist soldier captured at battle of Dunbar 1650. transported to New England on the "Unity" employed at Lynn Ironworks, MA
  • Douglas, Alexander, clergyman. Edu. Edinburgh Uni. sh. 1750. sett. St. James, South Carolina
  • Douglas, Alexander, 52, B. 1723, Labourer, Perth, from Leith to Philadelphia May 1774 on the "Friendship", T. Jann.
  • Douglas, Alexander. 46. Farmer.  Born in Scotland. Wife Catherine 46, born in North Carolina:  Hugh, aged 14; Mary aged 11; Archibald, aged 9; Sarah, aged 11. Mentions also Nancy Poston, aged 55, born in North Carolina.  Chesterfield County, South, Carolina.
  • Douglas, Angus:  Born in Scotland during 1759.  Died in Richmond County, North Carolina during 1819.
  • Douglas, Anthony. aged 42.  Merchant.  Born in Scotland - Kershaw county, South, Carolina
  • Douglas, Archibald.  Scottish Highlander.  Settled in New Hanover and Bladen Counties, North Carolina.  Allocated land grants during June 1740.
  • Douglas, Campbell.  born in Kirkcudbrightshire during 1782.  Grocer in Charleston, North Carolina.  Nat. 19 October 1813, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, Campbell.  aged 69.  an accountant.  Born in Scotland.  Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, Charles 17, b. 1714, Orkney, Indentured servant from London to  Jamaica December 1731
  • Douglas, Charles, Covenanter, tr. August 1685 from Leith to East New Jersey in "Henry & Francis." (See William Douglas)
  • Charles Joseph Douglas, (4) ('mute et Seigneur de Montreal, a prisoner after Culloden (1746)
  • Douglas, Charles, pre 1782. sett. St. Kits.
  • Douglass, Colin - wife and child, from Inverness-shire to Nova Scotia on the "Hector, July 1773.  Settled  Middle River, Nova Scotia
  • Colin Douglas with children; Alexander under 2 yrs old; Margaret between 2 - 8 yrs old. Emigrated from Loch Rone, Rossshire to Pictou, Nova Scotia 1773 (Same as above?)
  • Douglas, Daniel. Born in Scotland ca 1735.  Married Effie McLean.  Died in Richmond County, North Carolina in 1816.
  • Douglas, Daniel, 32, Labourer, Cragganfearn, Logerait, Perthshire from Greenock to N.Y., 4 September 1817 on the "William", Purinton.
  • Douglas, Domini, 8, b1732
  • Douglas, Lt Col Edward, b 1690, He served a term as High Sheriff and two terms as a Burgess at Jamestown.
  • Douglas, George, Soldier.  D. 1699 Darien, Edin. Pr. 1707.
  • Douglas, George. To New England before 1730. m. Athelanah ? , Grandson Alexander
  • Douglas, George. To New York City before 1830. son Georhe of Douglas Farms. M. Wall St Church, New York, 26 Apr 1837 Eliza Graham Maxwell (Also an immigrant?)
  • Douglas, George, born c 1685 Scotland.  Sold by James Trent in Burlington N. J. 21 July 1697
  • Douglas, George, 18, b. 1703.  Scholar, Linton, Pebbles-shire, Teviotdale.  Indentured Servant for Virginia, February 1721 from London to Virginia.
  • Douglas (Duglas), Isabella - Born c 1682 Scotland. Imported servant indentured 14 December 1698, Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • Douglas, James, Born in Galloway during 1772.  mariner.  Nat. 10 December 1804, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, James c1722-1766. Son of James Douglas of Mains, Dumbartonshire and Rebecca Wallace. matriculated Glasgow University 1737. Settled Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia bef 1 Oct 1754 when married Catherine, dau of George Brent, Woodstock, Virginia. Children: 1. Col Archibald, British Army, died Glasgow 17 Jan 1804, 2. Margaret, unmarried, 3. Catherine, died without issue. He D. 18 Nov 1766, Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia.
  • Douglas, James.  born in the Lothians during 1776.  Turner.  Nat. 16 October 1805, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, James Kennedy.  Born in Scotland.  Nat. 14 May 1804, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, James - a Scottish indentured servant, from Liverpool to Virginia, December 1698 on the "Globe".
  • Douglas, James, son of George Douglas of Whiterigs, Aberdeenshire.  , Surgeon.  Settled St. Mary's Jamaica c 1754.  Died 1763
  • Douglas, James, merchant; res. Carlisle Cumberland, pts. Dr. James Douglas, pre 1781, sett. St. John Middlesex, Jamaica.
  • Douglas, James. B. 1732.  Customs collector. Ed. Glasgow & Oxford Unis. Pts. John Douglas of Kellhead. Sh. pre 1762.  Sett. Jamaica.
  • Douglas, James - 67, b. 1718,  labourer and wife Janet Neish, 54 with child James, 8.  New Abbey, Galloway.  From Dumfries to Prince Edward Island.  May 1775 on the "Lovely Nelly" W. Sheridan
  • Douglas, James, carpenter.  Res. Edinburgh. sh. 14 July 1698 from Leith to Darien in "St. Andrew".  Married Katherine Waterstone.  Children James and Christian. Edin. pr. 1707.
  • Douglas, James settled Madison Township, Columbiana county, Ohio before 1812. Farmer.
  • James Douglas, brother of the Duchess of Douglas died on 18 Nov 1767 at Dumfries, Prince William Co., VA
  • Douglas, Jane. To Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, bef 1766. M. Henry Downs (1708-1778) (3)
  • Douglas, John.  Aged 60.  Carpenter.  Born in Scotland.  Marion County, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, John.  Clergyman.  Sh. 1732 to Antigua.
  • Douglas, John.  Born near Edinburgh during 1773.  Cabinetmaker.  Nat. 24 September 1802.  Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, John:  Born in Scotland.  emigrated to America during 1788.  Settled in South Carolina during 1790.  Nat. 4 November 1806.  Marlborough, South Carolina.
  • Douglas, John 25, Labourer, Kirkbean, Galloway.  From Dumfries to Prince Edward Island, May 1775 on the "Lovely Nelly." Related to William, below?
  • Douglas, John - Labourer, Dundee, Angus.  From Kirkcaldy to Brunswick, North Carolina.  June 1775 on the "Jamaica Packet".  T. Smith
  • Douglas, John, 20, b. 1755.  Gardener. Scotland.  From Newcastle to Georgia September 1775 on the "Georgia Packet."
  • Douglas, John, Born c 1799 in Scotland.  From the Island of Jamaica to Boston 1816.  Naturalized U. S. Citizen, Washington D. C. 1828.
  • Douglas, John.  Born in Edinburgh.  Nat. 29 December 1799.  South Carolina.
  • Douglas, John.  Aged 50.  Coachbuilder.  Born in Scotland.  Wife, Rachel, aged 50.  Born in North Carolina.  Elizabeth, aged 19, born in Marion County, South Carolina.
  • John Douglas bn abt 1799, Scotland from Jamaica to Boston 1816 Naturalized Washington, DC 1828
  • John Douglas, bn abt 1796 at Castle Stewart , Wigtownshire. Emigrated from Scotland to America. died on 2 Nov 1832. Bur at Monacacy cemt. Montgomery Co., Md. See discussion
  • Douglas, John C., b. parish of Dunfermline, Co. of Fife, Scotland, age 46, migr. from Greenock, merchant - 1 June 1827 Naturalized New York.
  • Douglas, John 1723-1796 Settled Charlotte, North Carolina, M. 1744 Catherine Marion daughter Nancy
  • Douglas, Margaret, indentured servant. Res. Netherthornwhat, Dumfriesshire. transported May 1767
  • Douglas, Mary, born c. 1799, daughter of Lord Selkirk.  to Belfast, Prince Edward Island,, 1806 with Thomas Halliday, a Scottish stonemason.  Married Halliday.  Died October 1859.  Buried at Belfast, Prince Edward Island.
  • Douglas, Patrick.  35, b. 1740, Mason.  Perthshire.  From Greenock to New York May 1775 on the "Monimia.  E. Morrison.
  • Douglas, Patrick, schoolmaster, clandestine marriage.  res. Mortlach Banff. tr. July 1750
  • Douglas, Peter. Pts. Archibald Douglas of Dornick. sh. pre 1771. sett. St. Thomas in the Vale, Middlesex, Jamaica.
  • Douglas, Randal. Arrived in Virginia c1700. By his wife Elizabeth, he had John Douglas born 1701 NorthumberlandVirginia, Randal Douglass born 1703 and Thomas Douglas born 1706. All three were out into servantude at one point (sic).
  • Douglas, Robert son of William D. and Anne Mattle (below). To Connecticut before 1668
  • Douglas, Rev Robert. Emigrated before 1830
  • Douglas, Robert, 1814-1861. from Johnstone , Renfrewshire. son of William D. and Janet Walker. To New York. Physician.
  • Douglas, Robert. 15. b. 1706.  "A poor lad".  Aberdeen.  Indentured servant for Jamaica, June 1721.
  • Douglas, Robert. Dumfries.  From Whitehaven to Prince Edward Island.  May 1775 on the "Lovely Nelly.  W. Sheridan.
  • Douglas, Robert. d. 24 Oct. 1779 St. Kitts.
  • Douglas, Thomas, tr. 17 Dec 1685 fr. Leith
  • Douglas, Thomas.  Tinker, thief.  Res. Bannockburn, Stirlingshire. Tr. 1754.
  • Douglas, Thomas, Emigrated from Scotland to America bef 1755 baker in Fredricksburg, VA
  • Douglas, William, 1750 Jedburgh Scotland, Emigrated to New Kent County, Virginia
  • Douglas, William.  Covenanter. res. Bridge of Ken. tr. Aug. 1685 from Leith to East New Jersey in "Henry and Francis".
  • Douglas, William, clergyman, pre 1749. Sett. St. James Northam, Goochland County, Virginia.  M. Nicholas Hunter
  • Douglas, William, aged 21.  B. 1754.  Labourer.  Kirkbean.  Galloway.  From Dumfries to Prince Edward Island, May 1775 on the "Lovely Nelly".  W. Sheridan. Related to John, above?
  • Douglas, William.  Born Dunfermline.  Merchant in New York.  Drowned January 8, 1839.
  • William Douglass, bn abt 1691 at Gifford, East Lothian. Medical student in Edinburgh, Leyden and Paris. Emigrated to Boston in 1718. Physician and Author. Died on 21 Oct 1752
  • William Douglas, bn in Scotland 1610. Emigrated from Scotland to America in 1640. Town clerk of New London. Mar. Ann Mattle. father of Robert (above), bn 1639.
  • Douglas, William Died 3 Jun 1783. Son of Hugh D, of Garrallan, Ayrshire, and Catherine Hume. To Virginia before 1760, settled Loudon County, 1770. Landowner and magistrate. Married 1. Elizabeth Offutt, widow of Thomas Stephen Lewis. Married 2. Sarah Chilton Issue 1. Hugh 2. Bird 3. Katherine
  • William John Douglas, 19 Feb 1842, North Ireland, emigrated to America before Feb 1869
  • Douglas, William 1796-1840, from Morebattle, Roxburghshire. Settled Dehli, New York 1829. M. Margaret Robson (probably also an immigrant.)
  • Douglas, William, probably from Newton Stewart, Wigtonshire. settled Camden, South Carolina, 1824 (related to James Kennedy Douglas, above?).
  • William Douglas M.D., early subscriber to the Scots Charitable Society, Boston



Globe, ship, Alexander Dowglase, master, from Dublin;arr. Aug. at Boston (N. L. Aug. 12-19, 1717). Sundry servants to serve for four to nine years. Governor Shute reported fourteen male servants from Dublin. 
Possibly the vessel on which The four Douglass Brothers - are said to have chartered for themselves and immediate friends, and to have brought with them from their old home whatever promised to make life more comfortable in the new world. This included China and glassware, linens, and bedding,household utensils, and much good furniture, solid mahogany and walnut upholstered in leather, most of which has become scattered thru time, but some of it still prized as heirlooms. One of these things known as the "Douglass Clock", [we] saw recently in the home of Miss Margaret Douglas Wilson Latta, No. 3902 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. It is a large eight-day grandfather's clock, with fine works and very heavy brass weights, thought to be of Frenchmanufacture, that was brought from Scotland by Archibald Douglass nearly 200 years ago. How long it was in the family before they emigrated to America is not known. But it has ticked away the lives of half a dozen generations on this side of the sea, and is doing its work for the seventh."




Sources for this list include:

•   The Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625 to 1825 by David Dobson, et al


(1) 'Sold' - does anyone know what this means?  Was he a slave? Could he have been a Covenanter? Was he an indentured servant?

(2) This does not tie in with my records of the Earl of Selkirk.

(3) Sometimes referred to as Lady Jane Douglas.  No parents have been identified.

4.  "The Mississippi Bubble," the great French colonization scheme, financed and exploited in Paris (1717-1720), by John Law of Lauriston, an Edinburgh jeweller, with its tragical collapse, sent many Scots into French Canada, exiles of the Jacobite rebellion of 1715. These Scots settled chiefly in the St. Lawrence valley, intermarried with the French settlers and left a lasting impress upon the language and people of French Canada. We find a Charles Joseph Douglas, ('mute et Seigneur de Montreal, a prisoner after Culloden; and Chevalier Johnstone, also a refugee after Culloden, mentions a French post at Sillery in command of another Douglas. .Johnstone was the son of an Edinburgh merchant, a captain in the army of Prince Charles Edward Stewart, who escaped to Holland, entered the service of France, and sailed from Roche fort in 174* with other Scottish exiles as [?] troops for Cape Breton Island.

His diaries of the sieges of Louisbourg and Quebec are most interesting and valuable. How thoroughly these early Scots were absorbed, and yet how native traditions persisted is cited by John .Murray Gibbon, who remarks that French Canadian villages, where little or no English is spoken, on gala occasions have been known to turn out in kilts led by bagpipes; he also refers to the astonishment of the early Highland soldiers and settlers at being addressed with Gaelic words by the Canadian French.




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