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The site of St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church has been a place of worship since the 14th century, with parts of the current building dating to the 15th century.

The Collegiate Church of St Nicholas Buccleuch, founded by Sir James Douglas in 1406 and completed in 1420 on the site of a former chapel, stands on High Street. It is now known as the St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church.

Some parts of the building were allowed to fall into decay following the Reformation and eventually the roof collapsed, and although some restoration work has been carried out the old section of the church is still unroofed.

The chancel was abandoned in 1590, walled off from the rest of the church, and is now ruinous. Sir James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton, and his wife Princess Joanna, daughter of James I, are buried in the choir and have stone effigies, dating from the early 16th century.

The nave and transepts date from 1854, when the inside of the church was greatly altered.

The Alms Collection House, adjacent to the main gate, is thought to be the only building of its kind: built specifically for the purpose of collecting alms.

St Nicholas Buccleuch Church remains one of the two Church of Scotland parish churches in Dalkeith, the other being St John's and King's Park Church. The Episcopal Church, St Mary's is on High Street, at the entrance to Dalkeith Country Park. St David's Church, on Eskbank Road, is the only Roman Catholic church in the town, it is a category A listed building and was built in 1854.

In 2005, John Charles Sholto Douglas, 21st Earl of Morton unveiled the newly-repaired Morton Monument at St Nicholas Buccleuch Church, Dalkeith. The 16th century figures had been carefully restored and looked magnificent. Morton said at the ceremony: “I think this has been a great achievement for all the people concerned in putting this together. It is a great achievement for the people of Dalkeith.”

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In the graveyard there is a memorial stone that bears the inscription:

(Translated from Latin)
In memory of Elizabeth Douglafs, wife of
John Douglafs who died 17 NOV 16?? after 16 years in prison
and also in memory of Marion Douglafs who died 11 Nov 1691(?)
after 8 years in prison.
And the memories of Isabelle, Christina(?), James, Isabella,
Agnes, and William Douglafs [all of which were the free children]
of William Douglafs, merchant of Dalkeith and Isobel Douglass his wife
[who rests/is buried in France(?)]
This monument is erected over [the member(?)] William Douglas AD 1700.

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