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Medical and science
Professor Sir Donald Douglas
Surgeon Andrew Douglas RN
Charles 'Chuck' Douglas 1923 - 1998 Astrologer
William Douglass c16691 - 1752
Silas Hamilton Douglas 1816 -
Andrew Douglas 1772-1827 Physician to the Forces

Alexander Stuart Douglas, 1921-1977
Claude Douglas, 1852-1945
Donald MacLeod Douglas, 1911-1993
Dr Carstairs Douglas, 1866-
Dr Charles Edward Douglas, d1943
Dr Francis John Douglas, 1873-1962
Dr George Douglas, 1809-1864
Dr James Douglas, 1675-1742
Dr James Douglas, b1956
Dr James Douglas, d1897
Dr James Douglass, d1859
Dr James Frederick Douglas, b1938
Dr John Douglass, 1795-1870
Dr KM Douglas, living 1929
Dr Lewis S. Douglass, 1853-1922
Dr Norman Douglas, 1865-1898
Dr Patrick Douglas of Garallan, d. 1819
Dr William Douglas, 1845-1929
Dr William K. Douglas
Dr. Alexander Douglasse, living 1640
Frank L. Douglas
Fullerton Johnson Douglas, 1875 - ?
J.S. Douglass, 1801 - ?
James S. Douglas, 3 generations
James Sholto Cameron Douglas, 1879-1931
John Douglas, surgeon, d1743
John Monroe Douglas, d2006
John Webb Douglas, b1852
Ludlow Lawson Douglas, b1934
Prof Lawson Douglas, living 1996
Prof Robert Matheson Douglas, b1936
Professor Charles P.Douglas, living 1965
Rev James Struthers Douglas, 1817-1884
Richard 'Dixie' Douglas, 1860-1994
Royal College of Surgeons England
Sir Alexander Douglas, 1738-1812
Surgeon Andrew Douglas, c1735-1836
Texas Physicians
Virginia Douglas, b1927
William Campbell Douglass II
William Campbell Douglass III
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Dr William Douglas M.D.R.U.I., M.K.C.S.Eug., F.R.G.S c1900 Looked after Alfred Stern, a lunatic, in Brandfold, Goudhurst, Kent