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CDSNA is a charitable non-profit organization of Scottish descendants of the septs and allied families of the Family/Clan Douglas whose purpose is to foster and promote understanding and good fellowship among other Scottish descendants, to study and learn about our Scottish heritage, and to promote and increase our friendships with those of similar mind now residing in Scotland and the world.

Clan Douglas Society of North America has Regents representing our organization throughout the United States, our affiliates in Canada, and Australia by promoting Douglas heritage at many Scottish Festivals and Highland Games.


August 2009
Clan Gathering in Scotland
Sept 2016
Douglas strongholds
Bobby Douglas, kilted athlete
Gavin Douglas, poet
Bagpipes, weapon of war
Who should be chief? Part 1
Kirkpatricks - Spanish descent
  Dec 2016

Septs - Sterrett
Douglas DNA project
Who should be chief? Part 2
Highland Games reviews
Mar 2017
13th century manors in England
Septs - Galbraith
Lochleven Castle
Who should be chief? Part 3
  Jun 2017
13th c. Douglas Estates by Deborah Richmond Foulkes
Who do you think should be Chief of the House of Douglas? – Part 4
by Harold Edington
CDSNA Septs & Allied Families: Rutherford & Carruthers
Dec 2017
Scottish Border Tower Houses by Ian Douglas
  Sep 2017
The Douglas and the Warrior Soul by Deborah Richmond Foulkes
Remembering Wing Commander John Keith Douglas, RAAF by Andrew
Douglas, CDSA
Who do you think should be Chief of the House of Douglas? – Part 5 (final part) by Harold Edington
CDSNA Septs & Allied Families: Pringle, Soule/Soulis, and Troup
Mar 2018
Walking the John Muir Way Coast-to-Coast Across Scotland by The Reverend J. Edson Way
A Glen in Scotland: Discovering My Scottish Heritage at Culloden by Glen L.
The Great Military Strategist: James Lord Douglas by Deborah Richmond Foulkes
CDSNA Septs & Allied Families: Simms, Syme, Symington
Jun 2018
Douglas locations in Scotland
Obituary - Andrew Hillhouse
Septs - Lockhart, Lockery, Lockerby
  September 2018
Historical Documents - Validating Onsite Research
The Douglas Crest Debate
The Ballad of The Douglas Tragedy
Septs - Carmichael
March 2019
Terri Ventress - highland athlete
Outlaw King - film review
Capture of Roxburgh Castle
Septs - Maxwell, Kirkland
  June 2019
Douglas Archives
King David II Part 1
Hume Castle
Septs - Brown/Broun, Brownlee
September 2019
King David II Part 2
Monteath Douglas Mausoleum
Septs - Cavan & McKittrick
March 2020
Archibald the Grim
Aberdour Castle
Septs - Crockett and Glendinning
June 2020
Standoff at Tantallon Castle
- Birth of the Red Douglases
Tantallon Castle
Scotland and the Confederate States of America
Septs - Harkness, Ingles & Kilgore
  March 2021
A 'fals tratour'(?): A Life of William, 8th earl of Douglas
The French Earl of Douglas
The Heraldry of the
Douglases of Morton; A modified excerpt from Johnston’s 1907 “Heraldry of the Douglases”
The Black Douglas: Part 1 of the reprint of the 1913 book by D. C. Stedmon



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