Battle of Stirling Bridge

11th September 1297  

One of the rebellious Scots who refused to submit to the laws of Edward I (Longshanks) was the legendary William Wallace, a commoner. He showed his opposition to English rule by raiding small English garrisons, soon gathering a large number of followers, who were willing to defend Scotland against English tyranny. 

When King Edward heard about Wallace, he sent a large army to eliminate the troublesome rebels. When Scots heard that the English King was sending an army to fight Wallace, Scots came by the thousands from the Highlands to intercept the advancing army. 

The Scots heavily (heavily) defeated the English in 1297 at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, and most of Scotland returned to the Scots.


A report by The Battlefield Trust is available to download:

pdfStirling Bridge text

pdfStirling Bridge battlefield OS Explorer map