The Douglas Family in Australia

Explore the pioneering spirit of early Douglas arrivals in Australia. From the Scotland to the Antipodes, uncover tales of resilience and adventure. Join us in tracing their journey through history, shaping the nation's legacy with courage and determination. Welcome to a portal of discovery.


Welcome to our digital gateway to the remarkable history of the early Douglas arrivals in Australia. Step back in time with us as we embark on a journey through the annals of Australian pioneering spirit, exploring the indelible mark left by the Douglas family on the vast and rugged landscape of this great continent.


Picture the scene: a distant era, when intrepid adventurers braved the perils of the unknown to forge new paths and build new lives in a land teeming with untapped potential. Among these courageous souls were the Douglases, whose stories of resilience, determination, and daring continue to resonate through the generations. From Scotland to the sun-drenched shores of the Antipodes, the Douglas clan navigated uncharted waters, seeking opportunity and adventure on the far side of the world.


Theirs is a saga of triumph over adversity, as they carved out homesteads from the wilderness, laboured in the fields, and contributed to the burgeoning tapestry of Australian society.


Through this portal, we invite you to uncover the tales of hardship and triumph, of love and loss, that echo through the corridors of time. Join us as we delve into the archives, sift through the dusty records, and piece together the mosaic of the Douglas family's journey to the land down under.


Whether you're a descendant tracing your roots, a history enthusiast captivated by tales of yesteryear, or simply a curious soul with a thirst for knowledge, we extend a warm welcome to you. Come, walk in the footsteps of the early Douglas arrivals in Australia, and discover the rich tapestry of their legacy that continues to shape our nation to this day.

  The Australian Section
The Douglas Archives seeks to preserve, protect and make widely known the enormous contribution that members of the Clan Douglas have made, and are still making, in politics, medicine, literature, music, sport, exploration and other forms of scientific endeavour, military campaigns and many other fields.

In this section, we focus on the Douglases  who emigrated to Australia, and their descendants.
  The Douglas Archives
This is a digital archive and so we are not able to preserve manuscripts, artefacts, buildings or other tangible assets. It is regretful that there is no international clan centre that is able to do this. However, we recognise that the great Douglas families, the Dukes of Buccleuch and Hamilton, and the Earls of Home and Morton, do much to protect their family heritage, and that the Museum in the town of Douglas, in Lanarkshire, also lays its part part.

In Australia, there and several places connected with the Douglases which contain family artefacts and art works that maintain the families heritage.
  A growing collection
The Douglas Archives are, at the time of writing, a collection of 12,500 files with 8,000 images containing material, some still un-edited, from a wide variety of sources. New material is included almost daily, though not necessarily published immediately. The result is a dynamic archive of biographies, anecdotes and historical material about the Douglas family.

Much of the material in the Australian section has been has been researched by the Clan Douglas Association of Australia - and more would be welcome!





  The following documents add to the story of the Douglas families in Australia.
•  Newsletters; 1987-2016

  Additional articles and family trees:

•  Early arrivals in Australia (list)
•  Douglas convicts shipped to Australia (list)
•  Early arrivals in Australia (list)
•  Douglas family of Kangaroo Point
•  The 'Death Ship'; the barque Douglas
•  Wilfrid Henry Douglas ("Wilf") (1917–2004); missionary
•  Black Douglas; Bushranger


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