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The armorial for Robert Douglas, Baillie of Musselburgh, 1673.
Ar. a heart crowned gu. betw. three mullets az.

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Notes on Douglas residents in Musselburgh

Bailies (magistrates) & Town Treasurers of the Burgh of Musselburgh

1678/79 Robert Douglas yr
1679/80 Robert Douglas
1704/05 Richard Douglas
1705/06 Richard Douglas Robert Douglas yr
1740/41 Charles Douglas

Douglas, Bessie, spouse to Alexander Preston, in Musselburgh 30 July 1595

Thomas Borlands portioner of Kings-Stables; and Violet Broune, his relict, thereafter spouse to Robert Douglas younger, late baillie of Mh 17 Jul 1697

"19th October, 1705.

Sbdebunt. (??)

Richard Douglas, baillie. Robert Vemor.
Patrick Heriot, old thesr. Robert Smart.
James Ramage. Thomas Tod.
Alexander Edgelie. Thomas Mitchell.
Thomas Wilkie. James Brown.
Robert Douglas, yr. baillie.

22d June, 1713. — The Councill appoynts the present Baylies and thesaurer, Baylie Ainslie, Baylie Mitchell, John Douglas, and John Sampson,

17 May 1697
Bobert Douglas, elder, late baillie, and Robert   (?Robert)
Douglas, the present thesaurer of the said burgh,  (?treasurer)

18 Oct. 1715
John Douglas

in September 1746, a number of
them detaurred to the oath, and on the 29th December, nine of them absolutely, and, under protest, refused to conform. These were — William Hay, "Bailie William Hog, treasurer, Charles Douglas,

8 Aprile 1706 — The Counsell approves of Baillie Richard Douglas his labouring of the lands in the Breadmeadows, and sowing the same for the tonnes use, and ordaines the thesaurer to pay him the soume of 40**^- 16*- for the pryce of the seed and drink to the servants."

26 Oct. 1687
Baillie Douglas, elder

18 Dec. 1699.—
therefor they appoynt Baillie Douglas, Baillie Yemor, and B. Douglass to waitt upon the Major,

19 Feb. 1700.— The Counsell appoynts a petition to be drawn, to be given to Major- General Bamsay, for craving assistance for the guard from the adjacent quarters, and appoynts Baillie Smart and Bichard Douglas to present the same to him.''

8 Nov. 1726." — James Buchanan, paymaster to Major Erskine's troop oiXhay Dragoons, accused of pressing with his own hands Bailie Douglas horses, and threatening to break his head.

3 Aprile 1699. — This day the Counsell mett, and, considering the cans of the poor, who ar in a starving condition, and that there is a sowme of money in the Kirk sessions hand for supplying the poor of the buigh in such a calaniitie as this at present ; ^they therefor impower Baillie Vemor, Bichard Douglas, or Charles Wilsone to ... speak with he Rev. Mr Howieson, miiuBter of the parish.

12 Feb. 1706.— an accompt of the roup of Charles Wilson's comes, and his broun staig, as follows :
Imprimis, sold to Patrick Herriot, yo^ a stack of oats for 68"^* 10" Scots. Item, to Kichard Douglas, baillie, a stack of pease for 4"^ money forsd.

In 1603 (13th April), Bobert Douglass had " inquisitio quarundem terrarum Inyeresk."

Sacred to the memory of Mabia, widow of the Hoil Colonel James Stuart ; died 30th July 1830. Also Henbt and Melnoth, children of the late John Campbell, Esq., Bengal Civil Service ; died 6th Nov. 1835. Jambs Stuabt, Esq., captain R.N., died 17th Nov. 1838. Mabia Stuart, spinster, died 15th Feb. 1843. Mabgabbt, widow of Archibald Douglas,
Esq., died 24th April 1847.

To the memory of Edward, aged di years ; and William, aged 5$ years, who both died in March 1834, sons at William Douglas, Portobello.
Also of Annh Bbuok Allbv, hia grand-child, and daughter of J. It. Bailley,* Musselburgh, who died 18th August 1852, aged on/b year and ten months.

Hero lys Yiolbt Douglas, spouse to James Ramage, ship-master in Fisherrow, and after his death, spouse to John Samson, wright in Musselburgh, ....

ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS, M.A. (Edinburgh, 28th July 1627); schoolmaster of Musselburgh; licen. by Presb. of Dalkeith 27th Oct. 1631; min. of Bara 
1643; trans. and adm. 23rd Sept. 1646; pres. by Charles I. 30th Oct. following; died 1658, aged about 51. He marr. Helen Mawer, who survived him, 
and had issue - Helen (marr. William Ogilvie, merchant, Edinburgh) (Privy Seal Reg. Eng., ii., 214). She was alive and had many children, 1697 
(ibid.).-[Reg. Sec. Sig. and Old Dec., i.]

Eizabeth Douglas (b 1681) daughter of Robert Douglas, Baillie in Musselburgh. His father and grandfather were also named Robert.


Sources for this article include:

• History of the Regality of Musselburgh : with numerous extracts from the town records

Research notes

This armorial is for Lt Col Robert Douglas, C.B., son of Robert Douglas, recorded in the Lyon Office in 1829.  The similarity of the design of the heart with that of Baillie Robert Douglas's arms is notable.

Could this be  'Lt Col Hon Robert Douglas, of Portobello, himself the son of Robert Douglas of Strathendry and Susan Balfour'?

Clephane, Andrew (1780 -1838)
Andrew Clephane was the sixth and youngest son of George Clephane, of Carslogie. Educated at Edinburgh University, he distinguished himself by passing all the examinations with credit. Admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1801, he was appointed Advocate Depute in 1813, Sheriff of Peebles 1816 19, and of Fife in 1819, in room of John Anstruther of Airth deceased, a post he held until his own death in 1838. He was also connected with the management of the Fife and Newhaven ferries. He married, 18 August 1817, Anna Maria, second daughter of Lt. Col. Robert Douglas of the 58th of Foot, and left a son, Lieutenant Colonel Clephane of the 79th Highlanders.

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