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This article is extracted from Catton's English Peerage of 1790, without corrections.


Duke of Brandon coat of armsDOUGLAS HAMILTON, duke of Brandon in the county of Suffolk, and baron Dutton in the county of Chefter ; duke of Hamilton, marquis of Hamilton, Clydefdale and Douglas, earl of Angus, Arran and Lanerk, baron Macanfliire, Polmont, Abernethy and Aberbrothic in the kingdom of Scotland ; and duke of Chattelherault in the kingdom of France; knight of the thiftle, hereditary keeper of Holyrood Houfe, keeper of the palace of Linlithgow and callle of Blacknefs, and a captain in the army.

This nobleman was born 24 July 1756. He fucceeded to the title upon the death of his brother 7 July 1769, and was appointed 25 November 1777 keeper of his majefty's palace of Linlithgow and caftle of Blacknefs in the kingdom of Scotland. Upon his grace's petition to the houfe of peers it was adjudged 6 June 1782, that he had a right to fit in that houfe as duke of Brandon notwithflanding the former determination of the houfe to the contrary, and he received fiammons to parliament accordingly.

The duke of Hamilton married 5 April 1778 Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Burrel of Beckenham in the county of Kent efquire, and fifter to lir Peter Burrel knight, deputy lord great chamberlain of England.

The dukes of Brandon are faid to be defcended from Bernard, chief counfellor, and fecond in command to Rollo firft duke of Normandy.

Roger de Beaumont, fourth in defcent from Bernard, came over to England with William the conqueror, and his poflerity were fuccefiively created earls of Warwick, Leicefter, Worcefler and Bedford. Robert de Beaumont, fourth earl of Leicefter, was father to William, who took the furname of Hambleton or Hamilton from a manor of that name in the county of Buckingham, and by fome genealogifts is faid to have died without iffue, but by Douglas in his peerage of Scotland is reprefented as having removed into that kingdom in the year 1 21 5, and been die anceftor of the prefent illuftrious family of Hamilton, as v/ell as of the earls of Haddington, and barons Belhaven in the kingdom of Scotland, and the earls of Clanbraffil in the kingdom of Ireland, Sir James Hamilton, created baron Hamilton by James the firft king of Scots, was father to James, fecond lord Hamilton, who married in the year 1474 Mary, daughter to king James the fecond. James, third lord Hamilton, his fon, was by king James the fourth created earl of the ifle of Arran.

James, fecond earl of Arran, his fon, was by Henry the fecond king of France created duke of Chattelherault in the county of Poitou, and in the year 1543 was declared by the ftates of the kingdom of Scotland, governor to Maiy their young queen, and regent of the kingdom during her minority, as well as next heir to the crown failing her iffue. He fuffered both imprifonment and forfeiture for his faithful adherence to that princefs, and died 22 January 1573. He was anceftor by a younger fon to the earls of Abercorn.

John, third earl of Arran, his fon, was by James the fixth, king of Scots, created marquis of Hamilton, being the firft perfon who bore the appellation of marquis in ikst kingdom, James, fecond marquis of Hamilton, his fon, was by that prince 16 June 1619 created baron of Ennerfdale in the county of Cumberland, and earl of Cambridge.

James, third marquis of Hamilton, his fon, was by king Charles the firft created duke of Hamilton, and for his faithful adherence to that prince was beheaded 9 March 1649.

William, fecond duke of Hamilton, his brother, had been created earl of Lanerk and baron Macanfhire and Polmont in the kingdom of Scotland. He was killed fighting for the caufe of king Charles the fecond at the battle of Worcefter 3 September 1651.

Anne, duchefs of Hamilton, daughter of James firfl duke of Hamilton, married William Douglas marquis cf Douglas, who by king Charles the fecond was created duke of Hamilton. He had a principal fliare in the revolution in 1688, and was twice lord commiffioner to reprefent the king in the parliament of Scotland, as well as lord prefident of the privy council of that kingdom. He had iffue, i. James, fourth duke of Hamilton.
2. Charles, created earl of Selkirk. 3. John, created earl of Ruglen.
4. George, created earl of Orkney. 5. Bafil, anceflor to the prefent earl of Selkirk.

The duke of Hamilton died 18 April 1694, James, fifth duke of Hamilton, bore during the life time of his father the appellation of earl of Arran. He attached himfelf to the caufe of king James the fecond, and, being prefent at a meeting of the peers of Scotland then in London, ftrenuoufly diifuaded them from placing the crown upon the head of the prince of Orange. He was twice fent to the Tower upon fufpicion of holding correfpondence with the court of Saint Gerraains. He was at the requeft of his mother lo Auguft 1698 created duke of Hamilton, with precedency in the fame manner as if he had fucceeded to the title by her death. He flrenuoufly ogpofed the projed of the union, and was 1708, upon a rumour of the intended invafion of the fon of king James the fecond, arrefted and brought prifoner to London. Three years after this, he was created baron of Button in the county of Chefter and duke of Brandon in the county of Suffolk ; but his confequent right to a feat in the houfe of peers M'as not allowed, that affembly refolving that no peer of Scotland was capable of being created a peer of Great Britain. His f-race was 29 Auguft 1712 conftituted mafter general of the office of ordnance, and in the following year arabaffador extraordinary to the court of France J but, before he fet out, he was engaged in a duel with Charles lord Mohun 1 5 November, in which both the parties were killed upon the fpot. General Macartney, lord Mohun's fecond, abfconded; but, being 13 June 171 6 tried in the court of King's Bench upon fufpicion of th« murder of the duke of Hamilton, he was acquitted.

James, fecond duke of Brandon, his fon, married, firft, Anne, daughter to John fourth earl of Dundonald in the kingdom of Scotland ; by which lady, who died 14 Auguft 1724, he had iffue James, third duke of Brandon. He married, fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter and heirefs of Edward Spencer of Rendlefliam in the county of Suffolk efquire ; by which lady, who died 9 Marcli 1771, lis had iffue, i. Archibald, born 27 July 1740, and married 25 May 1765 to Harriet, daughter of Alexander feventh earl of Galloway in the kingdom of Scotland ; by which lady he has iffue a fon, born 20 Odober 1775. 2. Spencer, born June 1742. He was appointed 20 November 1783 one of the gentlemen of the bedchamber to
the prince of Wales.

James, third duke of Brandon, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Gunning efquire i by which lady, who married fecondly John duke of Argyle, and who is in her own right baronefs Hamilton in Great Britain, he had iflue, i. James George, fourth duke of Brandon. 2. Douglas, prefent and fifth duke of Brandon. 3. Elizabeth, born 26 January 1753, and married to Edward Smith earl of Derby. His grace died 19 January 1758.

Baron Dutton of Dutton in the county of Chefter, and duke of Brandon in the county of Suffolk 10 September 1711.

Hamilton in the county of Lanerk, and Kinniel in the county of Sterling in Scotland.






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