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Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno





Luigi Douglas-Scotti frederick_douglas_scotti Alfonso Douglas-Scotti Contessa Ippolita Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno
Luigi Douglas-Scotti
created count of Vigoleno
13 Oct 1856
Frederick Douglas-Scotti Alfonso Douglas-Scotti Contessa Ippolita Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno


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The Scotti family originates from Douglas King of Scotland, with a diploma thesis supported Emperor Sigismund in Cremona since 12 February 1414.

The first information about WILLIAM who fought with the army of Charlemagne against Desiderius, was in Piacenza married the only daughter of the Lord of the castle of Spettino becoming the founder of the "Scots". ALBERTO "the great" became Lord of Piacenza, held hostage by the Visconti died in Crema in 1310.

The son FRANCIS regained sovereignty in 1335, but by the Visconti obtained in exchange for the fief of Fiorenzuola. In the thirteenth century the house was divided into several branches, including that of John from which descended the Lords of Vigolino or Vigoleno. Many membersof the family distinguished themselves in positions in the civil, military and ecclesiastical including three cardinals, four bishops and San FULCO bishop of Piacenza and then of Pavia, where he died in 1229.

Vigoleno Castle
Vigleno Castle
By Count Francesco, who died in 1441, descended accounts Vigolino, he rebuilt the castle Vigolino destroyed by the mayor of Piacenza on the order of Galeazzo Visconti. ALBERTO nominated adviser and family of Emperor Sigismund, he was hit on January 12, 1414 della Signoria Castle Vigolino. The branch of Vigolino settled in Naples with the arrival of Giuseppe in the wake of the troops of King Charles VIII of Bourbon in 1734, who married the Countess Isabella Paolucci of Pisa which was born RAMIZIO married Josephine Poulet that generated in Naples Joseph, Count of Vigolino (5 February 1776) who married Dorothy Granalais, their union was born LOUIS (June 23, 1796 Naples - Naples 14 December 1880), approved by Royal Rescript of October 13, 1856 to use the title of Count of Vigolino - Historical note to Ciro La Rosa, " married Mary Josephine Carlier, with whom he had several children, including Ferdinand, Federico and Alfonso who embarked on a military career and how he participated in the defense of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies invasion of Piedmont in the country of the 1860/61, the mentioned Luigi began his military career as a real bodyguard in 1816, after a long military career in 1859 promoted field marshal did not shine for military ability nor courage in the military campaign of 1860/61, underestimated the Piedmontese troops, which had descended from the north without a declaration of war, in the clash of Macerone of October 20, 1860 where his troops, after a heroic resistance, they were overwhelmed by the enemy, taken prisoner with all his officers was placed under arrest by Cialdini, published a pamphlet in which apologized for having fought in the army of Naples, his native land! He obtained a pension from the government of Piedmont April 25 1861 . "

Ermanno Stradelli (Borgo Val di Taro, December 8, 1852 - Manaus, March 21, 1926) is an explorer, geographer and Italian photographer. Ermanno Stradelli was born into a family vieile notary of the town of Borgo Val di Taro currently in the province of Parma, then in the province of Piacenza. His father, Francesco Stradelli receives the title of nobility Count by Marie-Louise of Austria, Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla shortly before the birth of the eldest son Ermanno. His mother, Marianna Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno is an old countess Scottish ancestry. City Borgotaro, as it was called at the time, now Borgo Val di Taro is their place of residence. July 1, 1862 the second child born Angelo followed Alfonso Maria, 23 October 1865, which became a Jesuit. Ermanno Stradelli has four sisters: Bianca, married Count Alessandro Calciati Grotti, Antonietta, who married Count Giuseppe Fulgosi Cigale, both of Plaisance, Luisa, married the Marquis Luigi Mereghi, Jesi, and Gliceria, who married General General Francesco Santoro of Florence. Youth Ermanno Stradelli is detailed by the Brazilian historian Cascudo Camara: "Ermanno is lively, impetuous, impulsive, open. He completed his studies at the College of St. Catherine in Pisa. His favorite books are the stories that evoke the journey struggles, mysteries, physical prowess, the dangers of the jungle ...

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