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Probably Châteauneuf-du-Faou (Breton: Kastell-Nevez-ar-Faou), a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.  It is located in the middle of Brittany, between Monts d'Arrée and Montagne Noire.


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  • ...a branch settled in Brittany by a younger member named Guillaume, who married Margueritte de Pratulocq Chasteauneuff, the heiress of the said house (?in 1440).
  • Jean Du Glas, seigneur de Pratulo et de Châteauneuf, married Marguerite de Keroulas and has a daughter Julie Jacquette Du Glas †1655 who married le 3 mai 1612 (jeudi), Spezet, Louis de Kerguz †1637.
  • John Douglas, Esquire, Lord of Chateauneuf, c1550
  • Jean du Glas, Sgr de Chateauneuf, was in 1570 Lieutenant of Chateaulin
  • Yvon le Glas, or du Glas, who had married Marie Clévédé and who appeared with her in 1427 among the nobles of the parish of Chateauneuf-du-Faou, on the territory of which he owned the lordship of Pontpol.
  • Guillaume du Glas, to whom the lineage dates back, owned around the middle of the 15th century the lordship of Pratulo, in the parish of Chàteauneuf-du Faou.
  • Guillaume du Glas, Sgr de Pratulo left a son, named Jean, who married Marie de Coetbihan and who continued the lineage. According to the French Chartrier and other modern works, this Jean du Glas would have served among the archers of the Scottish guard of King Louis XI and would have obtained from this prince letters of naturality given to Sorges, near Chinon, in February 1458.
  • Jean du Glas, Sgr de Châteauneuf, was lieutenant of Châteaulin in 1570; he left only one daughter, Catherine, heiress to the property of the du Glas family, who married Georges de Muzillac.
  • Among the other figures linked to the Brunault family, we find Charles du Vieuxchastel, lord of Kerguern in Plévin, the lawyer who defended the interests of Isabeau Keranflech in 1530. He appears to be the brother or first cousin of Louis du Vieuxchastel, lord of Pellahez in Spézet, and of Louise du Vieuxchastel, lady of Draon. Louise, from the Crann household, is the wife of Guillaume le Glas, lord of Pont-Pol in Châteauneuf-du-Faou, whose coat of arms is azure with a castle of three towers argent, masoned sable. Is, Jean, above, son of Guillaume and Louise?  Their daughter appears to have conveyed Chàteauneuf-du Faou to the  Muzillac family on her marriage to Georges (?in 1671).



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