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This entry is a stub
Or Brigford, or Bridgford

1st. Gavin Douglas of Bridgeford, sixth son of No. 139. He also had Anquhytie and Easter Barras. He died before 1st October 1616. He married Elizabeth Keith, and had : —

2nd. Robert Douglas of Bridgeford, died before 1670, and left a son : —

3rd. Robert Douglas of Bridgeford, married Margaret Gray. He was retoured to his father 15th May 1683. He had a son : —

4th and last James Douglas, who died s.p. before 7th October 1737, when his sister Marjory was retoured to him.


Arms recorded in Lyon Office, 1672-77. — 1. Azure, a lion rampant argent.
2. Or, a lion rampant gules, surmounted by a baton sable. 3. Argent, three
piles gules. 4. Or, a fess chequy azure and argent, surmounted by a bend
sable charged with three buckles of the first. En surtout, Argent, a man's
heart crowned gules, on a chief azure three mullets of the first. All within
a bordure indented or. Crest : A dexter hand grasping a sword erect

MOTTO : "Petit ardua virtus"


 • This family is descended from Gavin Raquarrell Douglas (d. bef October 1, 1616) (son of William, 9th earl of Angus) who married Elizabeth Keith
JOHN ARBUTHNOT, 6th Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Known as "the Rich Lord". Born 1703. Died 20 April 1791. Married first, contract dated 16 April 1740, MARJORIE DOUGLAS, daughter of Robert Douglas of Bridgeford.

He married second, August 1749, JEAN ARBUTHNOT (died 18 March 1786) In 1492 Alexander Rnit possessed lands in Rait.

• David of Diuumagaa .ic(|uiicd Ilallgrccn, and had a charter 147 1, which was confirmed in 1478. This property gave a designation to his descendants, till it was sold in 1724 by William Rait of Hallgreen, who married Isobel, sister and heir of James Douglas of Bridgeford.
• Robert Douglas of Bridgford, whose father Gavin Douglas was son of William, Earl of Angus married in 1688 Isabel Horn... Robert Douglas and Isabel Horn had sasine on those (?) lands in 1702, and the other daughter, Agnes, married, after 1696, John Douglas of Tilquhillie. (Isabel Horn had a sister Agnes, and two brothers, John and James)


The Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707
Parliamentary Register - At Edinburgh 22 August 1670

Ratification in favour of Robert Douglas of Bridgford
Our sovereign lord, with advice and consent of his majesty's estates of parliament, has ratified and approved and, by this act, ratifies and approves the charter, under the great seal, made and granted by his majesty to and in favour of Robert Douglas of Brigford, and the male heirs lawfully procreated or to be procreated between him and Margaret Gray, his spouse, which failing the said Robert Douglas, his heirs and assignees whatsoever, the said heirs as well as male as female bearing the surname and arms of Douglas, heritably and irredeemably, of all and sundry the lands and others particularly underwritten, namely, all and whole the town and lands of Brigford, with the pendicle thereof, called Hoghillock, with the tower, fortalice, manor place, yards and orchards thereof; all and whole the town and lands of Eastertoun of Barras, with the croft called Bishopcroft, and tails of Vanthank, by the meiths and marches thereof, as the same were sometime possessed by John Erskine and Thomas Erskine, his eldest lawful son; all and whole the lands of Sillyflat; all and whole the equal half of the corn mill of Barras, with the equal half of all and sundry houses, biggings, tofts, crofts, mill, stream of the said mill, multures, sequels and sucken and pertinents thereof; all and whole that part of the mill-lands of the said mill of Barras, with the meadow lying at the eastside of the said mill or mill dam, and lying contiguous to the said lands of Brigford, as the same were sometime occupied and possessed by John Malison, and were divided by meiths and marches on the other side of the said mill, and lying on the west side of the said mill stream; all and whole the just equal half of the community and marsh of Barras, as well of peats as of turves, as the same marsh is divided by the special bounds and marches between the late Mr Gavin Douglas, grandfather to the said Robert Douglas, and the late Mr John Douglas, brother to the said late Mr Gavin, conforming to the contract of division passed between them thereon, with houses, biggings, outsets, parts, pendicles and pertinents of the said whole lands and others particularly above-mentioned, all lying within the barony of Brigford and sheriffdom of Kincardine, which whole lands and others above-written were by a charter granted by King James VI, of blessed memory, under his majesty's great seal of the date, 24 July 1615, in favour of the said late Mr Gavin Douglas and Elizabeth Keith, his spouse, and their heirs therein mentioned, united, erected, created and incorporated in a whole and free barony, to be called the barony of Brigford, ordaining the tower, fortalice and manor place of Brigford to be the principal messuage thereof, and a sasine to be taken there to stand and be a sufficient sasine for the foresaid whole lands, mill and others above-written, together with the new gift and grant made and given by his majesty, with consent foresaid, to the said Robert Douglas and his foresaids of the said lands, barony and others above-written, united and erected in a free barony, in manner foresaid, to be held of his majesty and his successors in fee heritage and free barony for ever, for yearly payment to his majesty, and his successors, of the rights and services used and wont and contained in the said Robert Douglas's infeftments and securities of the said lands. And likewise, his majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, has ratified and approved and, by this act, ratifies and approves the alteration and change made by his majesty, with consent foresaid, of the holding of the said lands and barony from a simple ward to a taxed ward holding, and the grant given by his majesty to the said Robert Douglas that whenever the said lands and barony should fall in his majesty's hands, by reason of ward and non-entry, that then and as often, he should bruik and possess the said lands and whole rents and duties thereof, and to remove and input tenants therein, and the gift, assignation and disposition made by his majesty to the said Robert Douglas and his foresaids of the said ward and non-entry of the said lands and barony, and with relief and marriage of the heirs and whole profits thereof, whensoever the same shall happen, for yearly payment to his majesty, during the time of the said ward and non-entry, of the sum of £120 money of this realm, at two terms in the year Whitsunday [May/June] and Martinmas [11 November] by equal portions, with the like sum of £120 for relief of the said lands when the same shall happen, with the sum of £240 money foresaid for the marriage of the heir or heirs of the said lands; and likewise, the liberty, licence and power given to the said heirs and successors of the said Robert Douglas to obtain themselves entered, retoured, infeft and seised in the said lands and barony, as heirs to their predecessors, at any time in their minority, notwithstanding they are not of perfect age of twenty-one years, and the dispensation granted by his majesty thereon, in manner at length specified in the said charter, as the same of the date 11 February last by past, at more length bears, together with the precept under the quarter seal and instrument of sasine following thereupon, in all and sundry the heads, points, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditions thereof, and after the forms and tenors of the same in all points. And our said sovereign lord, with advice and consent foresaid, wills, grants, decrees and ordains that this present ratification of the foresaid charter, precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon, is and shall be as valid and sufficient and of as great force, strength and effect to the said Robert Douglas, and his foresaids, as if the said charter, precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon were all at length word for word inserted and engrossed herein, notwithstanding the same be not so done; with the which our said sovereign lord has dispensed and, by this act, dispenses for ever, excepting from this present ratification the clause, if any is in the present charter ratified, namely, that it shall be lawful to convey without hazard of recognition and likewise the tax and relief of the relief if it shall appear that the relief formerly due did exceed the relief as it is taxed.

Family tree for Glenbervie, Bridgeford and Barras

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